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Inazuma Eleven/Go!/Ares/Orion Pills by inazumania
Inazuma Eleven/Go!/Ares/Orion Pillsby ⚡️ Saetta ⚡️
INAZUMA ELEVEN HUMOUR + FOTO Pessima idea, ma ci proverò😂😂 Contiene foto imbarazzanti dei nostri Inazumiani preferiti e delle battute 😂 CONTIENE: parolacce
The Chairman's Vengeance by AVoid42
The Chairman's Vengeanceby AVoid .
Someone dies from something... oh no! Can they figure out their feelings in this complicated web of relationships? Cursing - a little Smut - no Smut implied - in jokes F...
hospital-san x deku fanfic 🤪 by s0daaa
hospital-san x deku fanfic 🤪by kio / sev / sevvi
**THIS IS A JOKE. DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.** Deku was an ordinary teenage boy with ordinary teenage friends, except they have a little added ✨ s p i c e ✨. deku break...
i have too many kpop memes by be_JOYful09
i have too many kpop memesby be_JOYful09
you're welcome Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures. Credits to those who made these memes.
Confessions 🌚 | Confesiones 🌝 by camilastories02
Confessions 🌚 | Confesiones 🌝by 𝐶𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑎 🖤💍
I will be writing things that had happened to me or other people, they will be in English and Spanish. So if you want me to write a story about you texted me on snap. 𝙳...
Mine Book of the Random by Delusion02
Mine Book of the Randomby Delusion02
As the title implies; random stuff that went through my brain and ended up here.
Marvel Stuff by Troy145797
Marvel Stuffby Troy Ross Moran
Just a random book of nonsense about Marvel. Well more accurately about Scarlet America (My OTP) with some hints of Nat'Challa (My secondary OTP) Will include pictures...
mha memes by unwantedgalaxy14
mha memesby littleuseless14
memes memes memes memes memes memes etc.
The Weird Saga Of Pepper ✔ by pepperpizzas
The Weird Saga Of Pepper ✔by 🌺Ⓟⓔⓟⓟⓔⓡ🌺
I usually have interesting stories to tell that have happened to me or to someone close to me. Here's the place where I show myself... good and bad things as well as my...
The inner machi-min...m...stuff I think about! by YES_wait_NO
The inner machi-min...m...stuff Kanna N.
Writing here when I don't have the motivation to write in my other project(s). This is just a bunch of random blurbs. I still hope you can enjoy...maybe.
Just a bunch of scenarios and jokes of Servamp thats in my mind
One Direction Inside Jokes and Other Random Stuff by hi-hello_hi
One Direction Inside Jokes and hi-hello_hi
Incase you did not read the title... This is basically a bunch of One direction inside jokes and random things That mostly only directioners know ObViOuSlY I started th...
big book of hamilton memes by me_is_quackson
big book of hamilton memesby tom holland's wife
*THESE ARE NOT MINE, I FOUND THEM ON THE INTERNET* I have (too) many Hamilton memes on my phone. The order of these memes are going to be random, by the way. *one great...
Beyblade burst ask or dare(Requests open) by neptunehitec
Beyblade burst ask or dare( Phyde
I don't own the beyblade characters but I decided to make my first book it may be bad but please support me through the book please I also have OC's so please don't get...
HAR HAR! by cpagency
HAR HAR!by Covers Publishing Agency
A comic full corny jokes that will make you go har har!
Hey Stranger [Book 2] by Binod69
Hey Stranger [Book 2]by 𝑹𝒂𝒊𝒛𝒆𝒍
I kept fooling around with people from the internet ;-;
What Roblox Games Teach You Part 2 by emmahatesdora
What Roblox Games Teach You Part 2by emmahatesdora
Guys this is jokes so please don't take this seriously
My Chibi Rose: RWBY Chibi Season 1-3: Fem OC X Ruby Rose by DevilishMan87
My Chibi Rose: RWBY Chibi Season Devilish Man 87
Who wants all the normal grimmy and serious RWBY that sometimes make jokes now when we can follow the adventures of our favorite Hunters in Training at Beacon. Except th...
My drunk characters by embershylynx
My drunk charactersby ember_shylynx
this is just short stories about drunk characters, some are mine, others are from random animes I watched. there will most likely be some bnha sprinkled in, I will be ad...