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His Devotion  by Reewrites27
His Devotion by Reet
Abhimaan Singhania- CEO of Singhania group of companies. A person of whom even the devil is scared of, his name is enough to scare anyone. his own family is scared of hi...
Unsportsmanlike Conduct by artypeasant
Unsportsmanlike Conductby artypeasant
Moss Kettler has always been overshadowed by his younger brothers, Shane and Eli. After graduating college with a degree in accounting, Moss resigns himself to a life of...
The Boxer and the Badboy by whyme_bookworm
The Boxer and the Badboyby *.*
#1st in werewolf #1st in confessions and fighter #1st in humor #5th in romance Hayley Hood is a 17 year old girl who has gone through so many things in her life. Always...
Raising a Hero by LoweFantasy
Raising a Heroby T.S. Lowe
She had only wanted to have a working marriage and a happy family. Despite that, her husband leaves her for another woman after the loss of their unborn child, and just...
His Mute Omega [Lost Mates Book 2] by Chick_ennugget
His Mute Omega [Lost Mates Book 2]by Chickennugget
Amara Alma was born without the ability to speak or hear, so her whole life has been a struggle even as a werewolf. In a world where wolves rule the human world and find...
ඇහි පිල්ලම් යට (TaeKook) by Oreo_Bambi
ඇහි පිල්ලම් යට (TaeKook)by BAMBI🎈
ඔයාගෙ මතක මගේ මූණට හිනාවක් ගේන්නෙ මගේ කඳුලු වලට හේතුවත් ඔයාම නේද කියල මට අමතක කරවලා..ජීවිතේ කොච්චර අසාධාරණද.. මම ඔයාව දැනගන හිටියට වඩා වැඩි කාලයක් මට ඔයාව මතක තියාගන ඉන්...
A Bride for 100 Days by BellaOtter
A Bride for 100 Daysby Bella
#Wattpad Featured (Scott Family) "This is one of the best stories I've ever read!!!" Jeb came home and found a runaway bride at a moment when he really neede...
Mr and Mrs Nemesis✔️ by ForeverAimee_
Mr and Mrs Nemesis✔️by Aimée
Charlotte Osborne and Elijah Hendrix have been arch nemesis since nappy days. Worms in your lunchtime sandwich seems a fitting retaliation when a boy pulls your pigtails...
Maneater by sheistanikamarie
Maneaterby sheistanikamarie
Megan's story! Megan is a porn star who doesn't believe in love. What happens when love comes not knocking ....but breaking the damn door down! Preview...... "And c...
❝ ɱყ ƒσ૨εѵε૨ αɱเɠσ ❞ by Park_Jeyu
❝ ɱყ ƒσ૨εѵε૨ αɱเɠσ ❞by Park Jeyu
" උඹ මොකද්ද දැන් කියන්නෙ ආආ හොඳම යාළුවා වෙච්ච නිසාද උඹ මට මෙහෙම කරන්නෙ ?? " " මේ අහපන් බන්, ප්ලීස් මාව පොඩ්ඩක් තේරුම්ගන්න බලපන්. " _______________...
The Crown Prince of the Three Realms by NadiaMarvel
The Crown Prince of the Three SlyFoxMedia
Hualian adopting our baby boy Wei Wuixan. Very much inspired so shootout to those others that I binged for the fun of it.😭😊
My Twin Brother is the Harem Protagonist? (Male Reader) by WellThisIsPointless
My Twin Brother is the Harem Darkxtex
The Protagonist is as generic as ever. He is kind, good-looking, and doesn't get attention from girls until he gets to highschool. But we aren't the Protagonist. The Pro...
The Chairman's Assitant by WissuandYas
The Chairman's Assitantby WissuandYas
'Needs a lot of editing' We break the kiss hurriedly and look in the door's direction to see Andrea. "Oh my god, sorry. I didn't know you were eating her face, Gabr...
Funny texts by TheLadyandTheFox
Funny textsby Anna Greenwoods
Unlimited funny jokes guaranteed to make your day! Credits to whoever made these jokes.
Meant To Be by Hash_Browniez
Meant To Beby Hash_Browniez
When Naina Mittal walks into the pristine Headquarters of The Maurya Group, one of the world's largest conglomerates, to meet the CEO AKA the most admired billionaire ba...
AASL by xeii01
AASLby lex
Sometimes is hard in the real life huh? Join into the story about how bad my life went to the world of one piece. This story is about Arabella who was once obsessed with...
just for him. ~ Notti Osama  by ur_mother3
just for him. ~ Notti Osama by<3
when the quite girl meet the loud boy will they fall in love without any problems.
[ C O M P L E T E ] What would you do if your planet ceased to exist after a nap? Once upon a time, there was a princess... Scrap that. Once upon a time, there was a he...
The Apartment by WindandRain22
The Apartmentby WindandRain22
Love can appear in the most unexpected of ways. Like a pizza, for example. In order for Rayleigh Brooks to pay for her freshman year of college, she and her best friend...
THE P.A Camila/You by fiestyfirefly
THE P.A Camila/Youby Feisty Firefly
Camila/You story. Camila Cabello is in need of a Personal Assistant. Y/N has been in the P.A business for 6 years but has never had a full time P.A role for a celebrity...