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Slender Brothers x Reader Oneshots (Book 1)  by brokensamurai
Slender Brothers x Reader brokensamurai
Oneshots with all of your favorite Slenderman brothers! This is strictly xReader. If you would like to request a different pairing please check out my other Slender Brot...
100 Marvel One Shots✔️ by susiephalange
100 Marvel One Shots✔️by susie ♡
There's just something about superheroes that makes you want to be in the story with them. Well, in this book, you can! In here, you get to read about your life in the M...
Slender Brothers x Reader Oneshots (Book 2) by brokensamurai
Slender Brothers x Reader brokensamurai
Oneshots with all of your favorite Slenderman brothers! This is strictly xReader. If you would like to request a different pairing please check out my other Slender Brot...
Voltron One Shots by FallenKen
Voltron One Shotsby GalraKen
Just read the title you bench Cover made by the lovely @Aliyagaming
Klance COMICS!! by PhantasticAlly606
Klance COMICS!!by Ally
Keith X Lance, the most loved and hated ship from Voltron (don't see why you'd hate it). Staring our favourite emo, mulleted, gay child Keith, and our cool, ninja, sharp...
ʀ6 x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ sᴍᴜᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ ᴏɴᴇ sʜᴏᴛs  by Hanau__sami
ʀ6 x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ sᴍᴜᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ ᴏɴᴇ sʜᴏ Your smut author
"good girl." A book of Smuts, half Smuts, and short fluffs, mostly girl reader x male op- however had began to turn more into gender neutral besides the Smut...
Voltron's Mechanic (Keith x OC) by vonsphinx
Voltron's Mechanic (Keith x OC)by Angel of Death
Voltron Legendary Defender Fanfic She arrived on the planet - the one she was named after - as a prisoner, but she left as someone who would help save the universe. Aris...
SUNSHINE [Frank Castle] by west_of_westeros
SUNSHINE [Frank Castle]by Khaleesi 👑
[ In which a broken assassin falls for a homicidal war vet. ] BOOK ONE IN THE / AN ODE TO UNAPOLOGETICALLY STRONG WOMEN/SERIES
The White Paladin (Shiro X Reader [OC]) by PastelPorcelainDino
The White Paladin (Shiro X The White Paladin
"The white lion," Allura started. "Is the lion with the closest bond towards the black lion. Both the lions and the paladins must be in perfect sync so th...
Enders by MP13Girl
Endersby McKenna
After three long months, Team VAKAD is finally back together, and Violet finally knows the secret behind all the strange occurrences happening to her. But she isn't the...
Hey, Brother? {a Voltron fanfic} by silverbun
Hey, Brother? {a Voltron fanfic}by BLEP
Kiera was lost... Okay, maybe that wasn't entirely true but she had lost something. She spent most of her time flying around the universe and stealing things, looking f...
Avengers + denfenders + Spider-Man people watch (read??) fanfics I like by LunarMoonlightWolf
Avengers + denfenders + Existing-Anonymous-Human Pota...
This is Tom holland Spider-Man unless I say it isn't and if it isn't you can chose the one you like. I DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO ANY FANFIC NOR THE CHARACTERS!!! I will...
Voltron: Klance Sick and Hurt Fics by itsgonnabemay5
Voltron: Klance Sick and Hurt Ficsby itsgonnabemay5
I love Keith from Voltron and I ship Klance. This is a sickfic book about Keith getting hurt or sick and Lance taking care of him. I do not own any of these characters.
Voltron- beyond the stars by bangtanandvoltron
Voltron- beyond the starsby rei!
Luna, a shy pilot in the Garrison, is no other than Lance's cousin, the local joker. She cautiously tags along with Lance and his best friend Hunk while sneaking out one...
Offenders by MP13Girl
Offendersby McKenna
The members of Team VAKAD of the Defensive Affairs Unit are completely opposite of each other, and it took them quite a while to finally get along. There's Aiden, the eg...
Keith x Reader by Dragonhybrid0112
Keith x Readerby Cas/Cassy Lynn/Casey Lane
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except for the small parts of the plot that I make up. Okay, everyone knows that the heart of the Voltron lions are rocks, right? If not, you d...
Purpose ▹ Marvel by wavyonce
Purpose ▹ Marvelby ㅤ
❝what is your purpose in this life, miss badu?❞ [marvel universe] [iron man - civil war]
When Stars Align (Shiro x Reader)[Voltron - Legendary Defender] by RollerCoasterWords
When Stars Align (Shiro x Reader)[ RollerCoasterWords
A Shiro fic for all your Voltron trash needs. Please appreciate my garbage story. Cover art creds to SolKorra on DeviantArt. If you're searching for that good as hell Vo...
The Paladin Queen (OC-Voltron Legendary Defender) by TheWhitePaladdin
The Paladin Queen (OC-Voltron TheWhitePaladin
I had everything I had ever wanted. I perfect life as a princess and loving parents, I could not ask for more. All that was taken from me when Zarkon turned dark and plu...
Voltron Klance fanfiction : Unstoppable by Shirospacedaddy
Voltron Klance fanfiction : Shirospacedaddy
Keith and Lance are rivals. Little by little they'll start falling for each other. But whatever falls, crash. Will their bond be strong enough to survive the crash? Or w...