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Dare To Love || BTS J.JK by JkoalaFics
Dare To Love || BTS J.JKby JKoalaFics
"I only gave you a dare to make her fall in love, how come you actually ended up falling in love with her Jungkook?" ~~Classic Jungkook X Reader imagine. Enjoy!
Ask and Dare the Sans! by gaymoonvibes
Ask and Dare the Sans!by Luna~Leon
Hey Guys! This is my first book on Wattpad! This will also include my AU, EclipseTale. I'll have a chapter for it in my book. So you can ask the sans in it. Also the mai...
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I dare you ~ Mason Mount by spicym1m
I dare you ~ Mason Mountby Her✨
Amelia was a fan of football growing up. She wanted to be an actor and footballer, she was told she could only choose 1 and there was no way she could balance both but s...
It Started with a Dare  by Cosmicvice01
It Started with a Dare by Cosmicvice01
READ AT OWN RISK One other version available. ×××××× It started with a dare. It ended with something so much more serious. Braelyn Sawyer was the girl who kept to hersel...
Player vs. Player (in current edit) by ChiChi123
Player vs. Player (in current edit)by Please, call me Bobert
At age 16, Alex's heart was broken severely by the only boy she felt loved her. Now she's back and he left an everlasting change. She's dropped the glasses and books and...
Harry Potter Truth or Dare by lightningwolf12
Harry Potter Truth or Dareby L♥i♥g♥h♥t♥n♥i♥n♥g
The characters of Harry Potter are playing truth or dare With ducks! That is pretty much it. Note: The books/movies do not belong to me and belong to their rightful owne...
As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
Imperfectly Dangerous(COMPLETED)(✔️) by strawberrytrifles
Imperfectly Dangerous(COMPLETED)(✔...by 💕Emma Eunice💕
A R💗mance N💖vella Do you know why you're told to never get drunk? It's because you wake up and discover you made choices you never would have made if you were sober...
When the Bad Boy Isn't Bad by taylor8wut
When the Bad Boy Isn't Badby taylor8wut
Truth or dare? ... Everyone knows the feeling of helplessness when asked this question, they all know that something humiliating and cruel follows, no matter which choic...
My dark Professor by Zaynismybae17
My dark Professorby FatimaTunkara
"I am a sick sick man, Lily. I can't stop." He whispers. "Infect me. I want to be sick too. If being sick makes me have you. Then poison me." ~~~~...
Ask or Dare Lady Athena by marvelleous_
Ask or Dare Lady Athenaby elle
Ask or dare the wonderful and wise Lady Athena anything and she will definitely do it! Elle: Ain't that right, mom? Athena: *tied up to a chair with magic-proof rope* So...
Hot Cappuccino Boy - BxB (COMPLETE) by hotbarista
Hot Cappuccino Boy - BxB (COMPLETE)by hotbarista
What do you do when Mr. Tall Long drink of water, I-know-I'm-irresistible with my smirk and my bedroom eyes walks in the coffee shop you're working in and starts flirtin...
Lumièrè || C. Diggory by Royce_Caine
Lumièrè || C. Diggoryby They_Envy_Royce
In a world where magic weaves its own destinies, Aurelia Dior, a young witch from the illustrious Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, finds herself at the heart of an enchanti...
the dare - c.yj & c.sb by ssmme_
the dare - c.yj & c.sbby ems 🤍
"go on a date with me." "no." :: where yeonjun is dared to convince soobin to go on a date with him. but it ends up being a little more tricker than...
Ask or Dare- Rescue Bots Academy  by Dangergirl64
Ask or Dare- Rescue Bots Academy by Danger™
Wings of Fire Truth or Dare by tesle4
Wings of Fire Truth or Dareby Bright Warrior
A new dragon is in town. A ShadowWing who has the power to reach into the world of WATTPAD COMMENTS and give dares to everyone's favorite WOF characters. If you think of...
Accidental shoplift-date. (Tyler x Aaron Z) by Alejandro_LeDreamer
Accidental shoplift-date. (Tyler x...by Alejandro Gustavo
Full reader discretion. I can assure you this book is merely a product of my boredom and also my love for the Turning Red movie's Tyler x Aaron Z ship. "It's been f...
I Choose You | ✓ by darlingkarlee
I Choose You | ✓by Karlee ❁
❝ I should've listened to my heart. No matter how hard I've tried to push you away, everything leads back to you. My thoughts, the way my heart flutters rapidly and the...
Bad Influence (Rafe Cameron) by whorror_whore
Bad Influence (Rafe Cameron)by whorror_whore
Claire is a seventeen year old girl who has to move to Outer Banks after her parents die in a boating accident. She stays with her cousin, Topper, and lives life as a ko...
Eeveelution Squad Truth Or Dare by LCPlayz
Eeveelution Squad Truth Or Dareby LCPlayz
"Flame": If you're reading this (Flame: H3LP M3), by giving us dares or ask us anything, but nothing too crazy. Thank you to @Hersheyisinsane for the cover. ES...