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Spaceman | Fred Weasley  by meliamarch
Spaceman | Fred Weasley by Melia
Evangeline Longbottom was a quiet and gentle soul. She never spoke out, never asked questions. That was until he decided to come along. Fred Weasley X Fem!OC On Hold :( ...
I Love Plants {a Neville Longbottom story} by Kyalongbottom
I Love Plants {a Neville 💕Kya Reddings💕
When a girl becomes an Orphan, the Malfoys take her in but are quickly disappointed in her choice of friends and the house she ends up in. Neville Longbottom however, s...
Neville. My Neville. by Cyla124
Neville. My Cyla124
Neville x reader. There is smut in this story. The reader is a Hufflepuff.
Thorn | Neville Longbottom by lizzature
Thorn | Neville Longbottomby Lizz
Briar was just trying to survive her schooling at Hogwarts with the constant trouble her fellow students seemed to start, but the Ministry of Magic was determined to he...
After a War by BobDylan567
After a Warby Lillian
After the war Harry decided to take Headmaster Mcgonagall's offer on being a full time DADA teacher. There are some changes to Hogwarts for the new year. Who is still al...
The Other Blonde ||Luna's Sister by BitchIAintChoChang
The Other Blonde ||Luna's Sisterby Emily Weasley
Luna Lovegood. Some say she is crazy, loony even, but I say that she is unique, though I might be a bit biased, she is my sister. Having Luna as my younger sister means...
 Harry potter Oneshots~ by rryukish
Harry potter Oneshots~by Priscila~
!REQUESTS CLOSED! Here's some Harry potter oneshots!~ You can request smuts or fluff ❤💕
Amelie Leveridge and Severus Snape by Adele015
Amelie Leveridge and Severus Snapeby Adele015
Amelie Leveridge was orphaned at 3 years old. After spending the next 8 years of her life going from orphanage to orphanage, she runs away, spending 4 years living rough...
Hate myself (Neville Longbottom x reader) by Spinnology
Hate myself (Neville Longbottom Spinnology
NOTICE: I REALLY hate the writing in this story, so please don't read it if you want a good fanfiction. It's honestly embarrassing. ty! (this fanfic begins fourth year...
love in a photograph (a drarry/hp Instagram) by SaveThePineapples
love in a photograph (a drarry/ huh?
Read/watch how the Golden Trio, the Bronzen trio and your favourite group of Slytherins return for their last year at Hogwarts. What mischief will they get up to? (This...
Neville Longbottom ~ Smut & Fluff Imagines by miliplier
Neville Longbottom ~ Smut & mills
This is just a book of imagines for neville lovers. Requests for stories are open When making a request try to have a plot in mind. I will let you know if a story is gen...
She's always kind (Neville X Reader story) by KJCustard
She's always kind (Neville X KJCustard
Neville Longbottom was always considered clumsy, anxious and shy, especially by his grandmother. However, no matter how many ups and downs came his way, she was always i...
Make Them Gold ⋆ Neville Longbottom (1) by nevillesIongbottom
Make Them Gold ⋆ Neville 𓆏
Abby Potter, The Chosen One's Blind Sister [Complete] by ohabbyrose
Abby Potter, The Chosen One's Abby Rose
Harry Potter was left with a scar the night Voldemort lost his power. His year younger sister, Abby, was left with a scar and blindness . She has never been able to see...
SMILE » n. longbottom by calypsora
SMILE » n. longbottomby ˗ˏˋ valora ˎˊ˗
When a story tells of a girl with lungs full of liquid and a boy with a heart full of courage, only time can tell of the events that are to come. STARTED: 03.21.17 COMPL...
Marriage Law (d.m) by madilynevening
Marriage Law (d.m)by madilynevening
Madelyn Jones is a quiet half-blood Gryffindor girl going into her 8th year at Hogwarts with all of her friends, including the golden trio. When the second wizarding war...
I own you. by AaprilMalfoy
I own April Malfoy <3
This is gonna be a smutty enemies to lovers story. y/n y/l/n is caring yet also a sensitive young girl who has a dark relationship with a boy at Hogwarts. Malfoy. they...
The Potions Master's Daughter (Book One) by pagesofmyheart
The Potions Master's Daughter ( —kayla
Jessica Wallwirt has lived with her mother for the past 11 years until one day her mother snaps and sends her to live with her father, none other than the cruel potions...
Harry Potter Imagines by TheMoonlightSheWolf
Harry Potter Imaginesby Mione
Harry Potter imagines Highest rank #193 in Fanfiction Requests are closed.