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Shy- (Harry Potter Love story) by random_nerd34
Shy- (Harry Potter Love story)by Jada
{COMPLETE} Leah Green is the shyest witch of her age. That is until she meets an infamous boy with a famous lightning bolt scar. As the two friends grow up will they gro...
Keeping Up With the Avengers by Mrs--Marvel
Keeping Up With the Avengersby That_One_Fangirl
Here are some interviews given to the Avengers! For better experience, visit my Tumblr page @keeping-up-with-avenging! Questions are allowed to be asked for the cast! To...
Paimon Ask your Questions! by Doctmar123
Paimon Ask your Questions!by Rider Anime Lover
Hello! If you wondering why I am here? Well I am for Doct's spin off book of Dimension Dragonic Knight! You can ask Paimon a questions to our heroes!
Ask Glitchtale Studios by _TheSoulOfObsession_
Ask Glitchtale Studiosby Loralie Winterway
ask Glitchtale and see how they really are
Ask Crossu And Nootmarr by XGalacticXK12X
Ask Crossu And Nootmarrby 💙
《Allowed》 -Asks -Shippy Asks -Dares -Shippy Dares -Questions 《Not allowed》 -Asking Author Personal Questions(i.e: Where do you live?). -Being mean or hateful towar...
Sofia the first : big sister by Fairydaughter13455
Sofia the first : big sisterby Fairydaughter13455
Sofia and her older sister are moving in to the royal place and they have a few surprises in store for them I don't own Sofia the first it belongs to Disney
my sexuality doesn't matter  by zin3882
my sexuality doesn't matter by zinakalash
kai is inlove with his childhood friend alvaro , he sees him being beaten by some guys ,he tries to help him by fighting the bully , little did he know the bully is the...
*Oliver's Smile (Oliver Sykes Fan-Fic) Slow Edits by amillionthings
*Oliver's Smile (Oliver Sykes amillionthings
"Don't go, I can't do this on my own..." As Brodie and her best friend prepare for a trip to England, she never expects to find love, and when she does, she ne...
I Won't Dwell On Heaven's Calling (Black Veil Brides) by givemeallyourpoison
I Won't Dwell On Heaven's Aimee >w<
Hayley Black is fortunate enough to have a career in photography. She takes pictures of bands and musicians for a living. Will touring with Black Veil Brides and Asking...
Say What!? Ronnie Radke is my Brother in-law by AegyoSoCuteJarvia21
Say What!? Ronnie Radke is my Jarvia Klipka
"Carlie, Can you come down. Your sister has something to tell us." yelled to me from the stairs "Yeah, hold on i'm coming" I called from my room. I j...
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all my fault gorillaz x reader by Rhinestoneeyes23
all my fault gorillaz x readerby Rhinestoneeyes23
after your long term best friend Russell invites you over to meet his band mates they grow to like you and ask you to move in , after the band find out how you know Russ...
Beautiful Noise (Black Veil Brides Fanfic) - COMPLETED by Chlolou72
Beautiful Noise (Black Veil Chloe Louise
When 17 year old Emilee meets unknown punk rock band Black Veil Brides, she has no idea who they are!! But she soon learns they'll play a huge part in her life. When she...
One Shots (One Direction) by BelWatson
One Shots (One Direction)by Bel Watson
Collection of one shots about One Direction.
Breathless (Asking Alexandria, Cameron Liddell) by asking_littleowl
Breathless (Asking Alexandria, Anon
What if your perfect life suddenly became not so perfect? Meet Parker Call. At eighteen years old she is just a normal girl living in a small town in Nebraska. Parker li...
The Rockstar's Daughter by Jess_Ralston
The Rockstar's Daughterby Jess
Lzzy Sixx is the god-daughter of famous bass player Nikki Sixx. She's an assistant at his studio and a kick ass bass player in her own right. When Lzzy gets fired from h...
Life Can Do Terrible Things // Ben Bruce by HayleySarahBruce
Life Can Do Terrible Things // Hayley Maddison
Ben and Issy met one night in a night club, both were heartbroken and battling their sadness with alcohol. He was a rockstar, she was a girl trying to follow her dreams...
Ask Little Nightmares by Kylie329
Ask Little Nightmaresby Kylie329
Ask any kind of question for these characters, Six Seven The lady Cooks ( or them separately) Janitor Nomes