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Y/n, a NightWing-IceWing hybrid, is a mindreader and seer, just like her best friend Moonwatcher. This is the story of how they attended Jade Mountain Academy, saved th...
Healed by Sandshadow9
Healedby Sand
Flame has a lot of issues and has been sent away to the healing center in the Sky Kingdom to deal with them. The last dragons he expected, or wanted, to see there were U...
Wings of Fire; Funny Scripts by Pikachick15
Wings of Fire; Funny Scriptsby Dream SMP Pog
Are you a fan of Wings of Fire, or at least read the book? If you know Wings of Fire and read the books, you will get these funny scripts! :) (P.S: I got all the script...
WOF OC Creator by WaterElementalGirl
WOF OC Creatorby Water Elemental Girl
Basically the title, but I have a twist from the ordinary: be sure to check it out! Cover art from the wiki I, of course, am not Tui T. Sutherland, and I did not write W...
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Sea by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Seaby MindlessTyper
Adventure, that was what Robin loved most. She loved the thrill of exploring someplace new and untouched. So when she's already seen every nook and cranny of Pyrrha, she...
EXTREME Character Generator: Wings of Fire Edition by Hkrainwing
EXTREME Character Generator: HK
Each one of you shall get a wings of fire character This will generate very detailed wings of fire OCs, tag me if you want to see MORE detail (Which I would happily obl...
Wings of Fire; Crowns of Betrayal by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; Crowns of Betrayalby MindlessTyper
This book is being rewritten to be up to date with my current writing style. Since it is being rewritten, it is best to only look at the most recent comments as to not s...
For your daily Sunkat (and other ship) needs by Sandywarriors
For your daily Sunkat (and other Sandywarriors
The adventures of the DoD's and Jade winglet's dragonets
Wings of Change - a WoF Jade mountain roleplay 2.0 by Lightnightfury07
Wings of Change - a WoF Jade Agent 9
A new year, a new season of Jade mountain! with new winglets, new dragons, and new adventures, what will happen? hopefully nothing chaotic, and everyone will listen to...
A Beautiful Nightmare {Book1-} by Person16782661728
A Beautiful Nightmare {Book1-}by Person16782661728
"PATHETIC," is all Moondrift has been called her whole life. She never wanted this...she never wanted to be an assassin, she just wanted to prove herself that...
Wings of Fire; The Scarlet Sunrise by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; The Scarlet Sunriseby MindlessTyper
"You're just like her! You'll be nothing more than a shadow, HER shadow!" Every dragonet is born with a purpose, each one born with a future. They will have th...
Wings of Fire; Torn Between Sides by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; Torn Between Sidesby MindlessTyper
------------------ This book is a little outdated and will be getting a rewrite soon! ------------------ Fighting, dragons were always fighting in the Rainforest. Not ph...
Wings of Fire Headcanons by Oaapha
Wings of Fire Headcanonsby General Oapha
Feel free to use any of these as fic ideas. Cover art is by me.
Wings Of Fire RP by demigods4life12
Wings Of Fire RPby Nicole
A Wings of Fire Rp!! Anyone and everyone can join!! (Not my art)
Nymphaea's Art Book by Nymphaea36
Nymphaea's Art Bookby Nymph the RainWing
Hello! I'm Nymphaea, and this is my art book! Yay! This is mostly of wings of fire dragons, but there may be other stuff too depending on whatever I feel the need to dra...
moon between (under renovation) by storytimewithmads
moon between (under renovation)by madelyn 🤪
Three dragons. Two dates. One day. One vision. Heartbreak for one dragon. Who will Moonwatcher choose? And how can she be in two places at once?
Wings of Fire: What If... by Fantasy510
Wings of Fire: What Fantasy
In Wings of Fire, have certain things happen that you aren't happy with? Have you ever wanted for something specific to happen? What if Starflight died? What if Clay sta...
Adopts! WOF. by StarsDragon
Adopts! Vibin
Wings of fire adoptables, and I can do ocs if requested.
Wings of Fire: A New Age by LostScrolls
Wings of Fire: A New Ageby LostScrolls
The fall of Darkstalker has left dragons across Pyrrhia in a state of fear. Some think he fled the continent after the Battle of Jade Mountain, while others believe an u...
Wings of Fire - Creature by lunaa3clipse
Wings of Fire - Creatureby luna <3
The Pyrrhian war has ruined her life. Gleam is a SkyWing-IceWing hybrid. However, something is strange about her. Whenever she wishes it, her horns turn a vibrant blue...