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How to Become a Better Writer: A Wattpad Guide by tsc0809
How to Become a Better Writer: A Tonya Snow-Cook
Some basic writing tips to help you become a more effective storyteller.
Warriors Character Generator by underswaplover44
Warriors Character Generatorby Melissa Kittelson
A character generator for all of your edgy cat character needs! Or just use it as a cure to boredom like I did. Started on: July 20th 2020 Finished on: Side note that th...
The Holy Grail of Names by FangirlCrossing
The Holy Grail of Namesby Blackbird
Tired of trying to come up with unique, interesting and meaningful names? Look no further for you have found the Holy Grail of Names!! There are enough basic names out h...
Owned (Sequel to Sold) by BeastOfWords
Owned (Sequel to Sold)by Z Martinez
Rebecca risks everything by telling the Everston brothers the truth. She gives up her voice and real name. She thought she could trust them, but they proved her wrong b...
Wings of Fire Ideas!  by Onewhisker
Wings of Fire Ideas! by Garbage
A book full of ideas for your Wings of Fire fanfiction! Name ideas, characters, book covers, and more..! This used to be called "WoF name ideas" but I decided...
The Great Prompt Book! by magica2000
The Great Prompt Book!by Magica2000
Ever needed a little help getting the creative juices flowing? Well look no farther because this book will help you find a prompt that will ignite that spark in you! Pro...
Story Title Generator! by Alace_Xx
Story Title Generator!by 👑 A L A C E 👑
Just a bunch of cool story names for those of you who need help or are just seeking inspiration. [Or maybe just bored and need to pass the time.] Then check this book ou...
Nonbinary Names, Unisex Names (List) by N0rthernL1ghts
Nonbinary Names, Unisex Names ( ♡ I'm Genderfluid ♡
Looking for a unisex name for yourself? Looking for a unisex name for a nonbinary character? Here's the place to go! Each chapter of this "book" is a list of u...
100 Super Strange Superpowers: Uncommonly Used in Stories by NotSpecified
100 Super Strange Superpowers: NotSpecified
Tired of seeing the same superpowers over and over again? Need new ideas for your heroes and villains? Not quite sure who to cast for your characters? You've come to the...
nicknames by whoarewereally1
nicknamesby 2004
Nicknames for ur brothers, sisters, lover, friend, best friend, annoying friend, someone you hate etc. The meanings start at chapter 29.
Book Ideas by xanderismyname
Book Ideasby i stan PENTAGON
If you're looking for; ☆BOY NAMES☆ ☆GIRL NAMES☆ ☆LAST NAMES☆ ☆PETS☆ ☆SCHOOL☆ ☆WRITING TIPS☆ And many more.....then try this book.
Name ideas🌹 by nynyjuliette
Name ideas🌹by Candylandsxz
List of names for girls, boys, schools, pets etc
Ideas for Boy Names by 2K4M6W7
Ideas for Boy Namesby 2K4M6W7
Need a boy name? Here is an alphabetical list of boy names. Not all names are on here. You can add names you don't see into the comments where you can also find more nam...
Mistaken Id |✓| by fanaticwriterr
Mistaken Id |✓|by fanaticwriterr
Nandini Murthy is the crazy fan of a certain singer named Manik Malhotra. So certainly when she hears the news about him joining Instagram after too much requests from h...
Aesthetic Usernames (closed) by blqkmoon
Aesthetic Usernames (closed)by coco
Highest Rank: #1 Aesthetic giving out free aesthetic usernames
Book Titles by atlcntisx
Book Titlesby atlcntisx
Currently under construction - some chapters aren't set out right.
book titles and ideas by heavenfyres
book titles and ideasby 「— z ; NO REQS ATM 」
in which there are book titles (of different genres) for you to take and go (: ; note: - i put down whatever comes up in my mind, but if any of these titles have any si...
𝒏𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒔 by xVolturi
𝒏𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒔by ⚜️
first and last names from a-z