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Byron a Human Pet Story by DulEmeiona
Byron a Human Pet Storyby Dul Emeiona
Byron, a bright boy, with a big future, until he falls down a strange hole, here he's surrounded by demonic creatures, creatures who don't seem to know what he is, and o...
Emily's secret adventures  by nimblefimble
Emily's secret adventures by nimblefimble
Emily isn't like other people she feels things no one else does what things u might ask well you'll have to read to find out
The cat of Bucky Barnes (Bucky x reader) by caughtbyfantasy
The cat of Bucky Barnes (Bucky x caughtbyfantasy
You happen to be the cat of Bucky Barnes. He rescued you from the street. You are with him when he is very happy. You are with him when he is down. You are with him at...
A Ninken's Recovery by Ash54thegravekeeper
A Ninken's Recoveryby WolfsBane54
Kaito is an abused ninken, who belongs to a band of rogue shinobi. That is until one day he is captured one night when a mission goes wrong. He is captured by the leaf s...
Feral //  Loki Laufeyson x Wolf reader COMPLETED Editing! by PricklePeach
Feral // Loki Laufeyson x Wolf Elio
Megan is apart of a forbidden feral wolf pack in the secret 10th realm of the 9 that only contains rare creatures. The land she comes from is dangerously full of shifter...
Story of my Afterlife by Cheetoh165
Story of my Afterlifeby Cheetoh165
A girl named Kiara is a normal girl that hunts at night and is a cute, popular girl during the day. Her life was going so well until one day while she is hunting, someth...
The Alien Abduct (humanpet story) by Candy_bay
The Alien Abduct (humanpet story)by Jeter F
Wip was a 15 year old who dreamed to one day be a great detective, unfortunately while examining a series of missing reports he found a alien capture device left by a al...
Bella The Shifter - Shifter Of The Sun by Cutiepie_404
Bella The Shifter - Shifter Of Cutiepie
"She only survived because the fire burning inside her was stronger than the fire surrounding her" After Edward leaves Bella in new moon, she is heartbroken. ...
Animal Instincts by milchier
Animal Instinctsby Sarah C
Draco's only escape from prying eyes is his animagus form. What he doesn't expect is to meet another unregistered animagus on school grounds. Updates every Friday at 10p...
Gakuen Alice |〃I Will Protect You!〃 by cherrymine-
Gakuen Alice |〃I Will Protect You!〃by h i n a g i k u🌼
Mia's purpose of barging into Alice Academy is only one; to drag Mikan out from this hell hole. Sakura Mia, the older twin of Sakura Mikan has always been protective of...
Character Name Ideas by Rebecca_high
Character Name Ideasby Rebecca
Character and Animal ideas for stories :)
I Have No Choice But To Be A Fan Of Thousands Of People In The Drama by Kazuyuuki95
I Have No Choice But To Be A Fan 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Clover Lili/苜黎黎 Category: Danmei Fanfiction Status: 247 Chapter (Complete) Introduction: Hoshino Yu, who lost his memory, was fooled by the system into various...
Red Gear by thedoctorgonepale
Red Gearby Thedoctorgonepale
With one Royal kingdom that rules what's left of humanity and a rebellion that fights for equality for everyone, the organizations are constantly fighting against one an...
Rowan by TalatheWolf
Rowanby tala
Rowan is whispered about throughout the land and feared by many. They tell the tale of her talent, spreading them into gruesome stories that keep the little ones up at n...
The FoxGirl (Kyo Sohma Love Story) by GoldenSapphire2
The FoxGirl (Kyo Sohma Love Story)by GoldenSapphire2
This is about a girl named Kileana Sohma the younger sister of Shigure Sohma and carries the burden of the curse of the zodiac on her family the Sohmas her brother has t...
A Walking Chestnut (Pokemon x MLP) (Cross post from Fimfiction) by netapel
A Walking Chestnut (Pokemon x MLP) Neta Peleg
This Story was cross-posted from fimfiction net, Check me out there if you want to get the chapters early. --------------------------------- Samuel Cohen was your averag...
The Broken Family by TricoFeather
The Broken Familyby Winter Wolf
It's been 70 years since Captain America crashed the plane into the Arctic, 70 years since Bucky Barnes fell off the train into a ravine, and 70 years since Mallow disap...
Bunny | Jeon Jungkook ✓ by -idiosyncratic
Bunny | Jeon Jungkook ✓by ˗ˏˋ ᴊᴇᴀɴɴɪᴇ ˊˎ˗
"What the hell? What kind of person names their bunny 'Jungkook?'" "What kind of mother names their child 'Jungkook?'" Moon retorted. Started: 02/19...
Hermitcraft Animal!AU by DayDr3am3r420
Hermitcraft Animal!AUby Molly Kate
Hermitcraft Animal!AU When the Hermitcraft server suddenly is affected by a strange potion in the air, the Hermits all wake up as animals! Who did this and why? Will the...
Loving A Beast by LovelyWriter123
Loving A Beastby D.M. Emerald
**"H-hunter please." I sobbed feeling the tears running down my cheeks His chest shook violently with a growl that had me wishing I could cover my ears before...
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