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Wings of Fire as Humans by FluffBrained
Wings of Fire as Humansby Fluff Brained (FB)
What would it be like if the Wings of Fire characters were people? Instead of struggling with prophecies, powers, and dragons, they struggle with crushes, parents, and g...
Wings of Fire memes and incorrect quotes by Hufflepuffner
Wings of Fire memes and Ceyne_the_reader
Wings of Fire incorrect quotes and memes! Updates will be irregular, but I'll try to update at least once every 2 weeks.
New World, New Journey. (A DOOM OC x WoF story.) by CrusadingDoomguy
New World, New Journey. (A DOOM CrusadingDoomguy
What happens when a universe hopping, demon slaying psychopath ends up in a world full of dragons in the middle of a war? Let's find out! A story featuring my OC, Marine...
Just a little Glorybringer for ya by LaurenABlack
Just a little Glorybringer for yaby Misha Trash
This is a story about Glory and Deathbringer's life together and their dragonets. Plus their dragonet's adventures at Jade Mountain Academy. Please comment and vote! I...
13 REASONS WHY// Glorybringer [Completed] by moonwatcher71
13 REASONS WHY// Glorybringer [ #JUSTICEforComfortWomen
"There are thirteen reasons why your friend died. You are one of them." One month ago, a girl named Glory Bright took her life. ~ The girl with beautiful gre...
Wings of Fire: Secrets in the Stars by Artistofdragons2000
Wings of Fire: Secrets in the Starsby DragonArt_Studio
An egg was brought along with the chosen Seawing egg for the prophecy. Darksea started to live with the five dragonets of destiny and going through their adventures toge...
Deathbringer's Ultimate Guide To Being A Bodyguard ((Glorybringer!!)) by MaddiTheMagic
Deathbringer's Ultimate Guide To .MaddiTheMagic.
#1 wingsoffire 31st October Have you ever wanted to learn the pristine art of body guarding? Wanna learn how to protect a Queen and stop life-threatening assassinations...
The Hue of Dawn by SofiTheWriter
The Hue of Dawnby SofiTheWriter
SEQUEL TO: The Color of Night It has been seven years since Queen Glory and ex-assassin Deathbringer defeated Darkstalker in their rainforest. Glory and her bodyguard...
Just Like That [rewriting//updating] by AShizTonOfShip
Just Like That [rewriting// Runs from my readers
Truyen is stealing this so imma just hope it's copying all of this (as in they copy it all and then paste it) and say: IT IS A PLAGIARIZING WEBSITE. FIND @AShizTonOfShip...
Qibli x reader: Chasing Stars by Iris_the_RainWing
Qibli x reader: Chasing Starsby Iris_the_RainWing
When two dragons hatch from the same egg, one is always destined to have a long and happy life. The other's survival is never guaranteed. Starchaser was never meant to s...
Healed by Sandshadow9
Healedby Sand
Flame has a lot of issues and has been sent away to the healing center in the Sky Kingdom to deal with them. The last dragons he expected, or wanted, to see there were U...
Qinter by Dragonfire9232
Qinterby Gay Dumbass Dragon
Just gay dragons dealing with the aftermath of Darkstalker. A bit angsty and soft.
Frozen Truth by jjshock
Frozen Truthby Stealth
After leaving Jade Mountain Winter's heart has been aching to see the dragon he loves, Moon. But his new life in Sanctuary has other plans for him and his love of scaven...
Pyrrhia's Human (WOF x Human Reader) by KingofTerrablade
Pyrrhia's Human (WOF x Human KingofTerrablade
You had always wanted to see a Dragon. They were you favorite mythical creature after all, and when you made a wish one night to meet a Dragon, it came as a great shock...
Pyrrhia: Ask or Dare!  by EmberTheStorian
Pyrrhia: Ask or Dare! by EmberTheStorian
Since there has been some demands that I make another one of these, I decided to it. This time, everyone is magically bound to this book, and will answer questions or do...
Moonwatcher's Sister (Qibli x OC) by kaitlynn-bush
Moonwatcher's Sister (Qibli x OC)by sourcherry
What if Moon wasn't the only dragonet in that egg on that one fateful night? What if there was another..? I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR MY OC!! Everything else goes to they'r...
Hidden Love: Glacier and Blaze by Caterz101
Hidden Love: Glacier and Blazeby Caterz101
Blaze and Queen Glacier are allies... or maybe more than that? What truly happened between them during the war, and after? (The wonderful art is by meroaw. They have an...
Darkstalker's Goodbye: A WOF Au by DatPurpleDeer
Darkstalker's Goodbye: A WOF Auby Purple Deer
Accidentally made this new story thingy, so I decided to make use of it. What happened in Darkstalker's mind as he was turned forcefully into Peacemaker, the tiny Night...
Y/n, a NightWing-IceWing hybrid, is a mindreader and seer, just like her best friend Moonwatcher. This is the story of how they attended Jade Mountain Academy, saved th...
Heirs ~ WoF Roleplay *ALL ROLES FILLED* by CGA_Writes
Heirs ~ WoF Roleplay *ALL ROLES y'all need therapy
A queen with many daughters, all poised to inherit the throne of all dragons. Who will prevail at the moonlit Twice Moon Ball? This is a WoF rp, I hope you enjoy partici...