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The Real Moons || Demon Slayer Fanfic by upstay_
The Real Moons || Demon Slayer Lin
⚠️ This fanfic might contain Manga spoilers ⚠️ Everybody thought that they knew the Moons. Kokushibo, Doma, Akaza, Hantengu, Gyokko, Daki being the the 6 uppermoons. Enm...
Day and Night - [FNAF Security Breach] - Sun and Moon x !Child reader by aimalisapro123
Day and Night - [FNAF Security aimalisapro123
'I see you, Sunshine!' Sun grabbed the kid, as they desperately tried clinging onto the play structure, to no avail. 'The Daycare is closed, silly!' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Male YN x Sun & Moon by Noah_Here_
Male YN x Sun & Moonby Noah_Reader
Yes, Yes. Another fanfiction about two fictional characters who people simp over because they have daddy/mommy issues...or just- issues and just want to read this kind o...
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader ! by sunniiiFeLiXx
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader !by Dann / Vincent
Just a little something i made while bored and for fun! There will be sexual things in this so just a warning! and if theres smut or sexual kind of things, ill me sure...
3 Ways To Love (Eclipse/Moon/Sun x Male! Reader smut) by KingOfChaos000
3 Ways To Love (Eclipse/Moon/Sun Ellis/Sebastian (can call me...
Y/n, a 23 year old daycare assistant who helps with kids, cleans the daycare attendants, and pleasures the daycare attendants when the time is right. Sun, the caring an...
Sun/Moon X Female Reader smut 18+  by MontysSlxt
Sun/Moon X Female Reader smut 18+ by ・Monty'sToy・
I'm very tired... the book cover was made by
Sun/moon x reader smutshots by pennypens333
Sun/moon x reader smutshotsby ollie
Just smutshots of sun/moon x reader(and maybe sun x moon if someone request it)
Sundrop & Moondrop x reader by Sleepy_Sunny
Sundrop & Moondrop x readerby Sunny
Y/n, the new daycare co-worker. You decided you wanted to do something different. You used to be a journalist but always had the dream to work with children and so, you...
You Are My Sunshine || Sundrop x Male Reader  by finnkeane7
You Are My Sunshine || Sundrop x Finnigan
Where are my boys at!?? Your name is y/n and you recently got hired as a daycare attendant. The character is this story will be 18 for convenience (maybe SMUT idk) this...
SELENE  by Amoureux_
SELENE by Heart △⃒⃘
Selene, Σελήνη, Goddess of the moon In which the Moon goddess falls in love with no other than the mighty Sun god Apollo
Sundrop/moondrop x fem reader!  A daycare security guard by storytell3rnum
Sundrop/moondrop x fem reader! storytell3rnum
well how do I start this? Your y/n you are begging for a job and you get accepted from this pizza plaza mall or whatever you want to call it. But at some daycare. And yo...
𝙔𝙀𝙇𝙇𝙊𝙒___⎾Fᶰᵃᶠ Sᵉᶜᵘʳᶤᵗʸ Bʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ⏌ by RobenChan3
𝙔𝙀𝙇𝙇𝙊𝙒___⎾Fᶰᵃᶠ Sᵉᶜᵘʳᶤᵗʸ Bʳᵉᵃ 𝗖𝗶𝗿𝗰𝘂𝘀 𝗕𝗮𝗯𝘆🎪
Various FNAF Security Breach x Child Reader Crossover with The Baby in Yellow. ____________________________________ ❝I ĴỮŞŦ ŴΔŇŦ ŦØ β€ ₣ŘI€ŇĐŞ.❞ ╰┄➤𝙔𝙀𝙇𝙇𝙊𝙒 | Every...
Moondrop x Sundrop 18+ ( Love Story and Oneshots ) by DeathandIife
Moondrop x Sundrop 18+ ( Love BobaReads
This is a story where Sun and Moon are both humans that live in the daycare together! I'll update this story at least 2 times a week. It depends on how much schoolwork I...
Un Amor Raro ( Sun X Moon ) by LeuKoxkxlsld
Un Amor Raro ( Sun X Moon )by
Tiene escenas para mayores niños no lo lean xd
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Built for Fun (Sun/Moon x Reader) by CircusCraz
Built for Fun (Sun/Moon x Reader)by CircusCraz
You were built as the new addition to the Pizzaplex's daycare. Your job? To help Sun and Moon take better care of themselves and the kids! It's difficult after all takin...
moondrop smut I think of at random times  by MorgantheMango
moondrop smut I think of at Morganthe Mango
i thought of this at school and now i dont know how to do math but hey at least i have some good moondrop smut now (none of the art is mine)
Bittersweet ~ FNAF Sun and Moon x Reader by yniguess
Bittersweet ~ FNAF Sun and Moon yniguess
You fall asleep in the bathrooms of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaplex (good job) and when you wake up the place is closed down. At least you are not alone in the bathroom. But...
friend || sun/moon x child!reader  by askedwhobtch
friend || sun/moon x child!reader by chaos
♡ y/n goes to the daycare- play structures, slides, ballpits. what else could possibly await her? ------------------------------ warning: potential angst! ➤ a bit of swe...