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Motorcu anonimim |TEXTİNG  by hayalprestbirkisi
Motorcu anonimim |TEXTİNG by hayalprestbirkisi
Motorcu: Bir gün kedileri sevdiğin gibi beni de sever misin?
Ask the Balkans! [CH] by InspirerOfAnarchy
Ask the Balkans! [CH]by Inspirer of Anarchy
Have you ever wanted to ask Serbia why he simps for Russia? Perhaps you've wondered why Albania has 193,397 bunkers? Or maybe you just want to know what the Balkans th...
Ask Frisk and Company x Male Reader (Who Is He?) by YaboiPizzaCrown
Ask Frisk and Company x Male YaboiPizzaCrown
Straight Male Reader!!! Ask Frisk and Company is a web series on youtube that was made 6 years ago now being put into a book with Y/N involved with the Undertale Crew's...
ASKERİM by atesiinruhuu
Ben pençe timinden teğmen eftalya doğan pençe timinin komutanı kıdemli üsteğmen Gökalp öztürkle olan hikayemizdir ..
KOMUTAN by bsaa_752
KOMUTANby bsaa
"Ben seni sadece bir dakikalığına değil ömrümün sonuna kadar kahraman olarak bileceğim."
ÖZERLER(Gerçek Ailem) by siennammarie
ÖZERLER(Gerçek Ailem)by siennammarie
14 yaşındaki emo psikolojik hastalıkları olan ailesiyle iyi anlaşamayan Tokatlı ve fakir Azra'nın yakışıklı abileri ve zengin mafya babasıyla tanışıp aile olma hikayesi...
Ask Megatron And Starscream! (Ship!) by WhiteWolfNinja
Ask Megatron And Starscream! ( WhiteWolfNinja
This is an ask Megatron and Starscream book this a ship book so they are a couple! If you have a certain transformers ship you want me to make an ask book for let me kno...
KivMer-My DreamStory by MadNilMania
KivMer-My DreamStoryby Glamour
I wrote so many stories about MadNil... Now I dedicate this account for my Dream Part for KivMer couple. The two are characters from a Turkish series and although they a...
Dangerously in Love by dobrevmins
Dangerously in Loveby Joanna
A glimpse into the life of Turkey's most passionate tv couple "Zeymir" (aka Emir Kozcuoğlu and Zeynep Soydere) and their son, Poyraz. All events are taking pla...
101 Ways to Ask Lily Evans Out by QueenGrace11
101 Ways to Ask Lily Evans Outby QueenGrace11
A series of one shots about how James asked out Lily.
Ask The Countryhumans! by xXsn0wst0rmXx
Ask The Countryhumans!by ❄️SnowStorm❄️
Hello! Welcome to 'Ask The Countryhumans'! The nations are all here and willing to answer any questions you have for them (not that they have a choice, I locked them in...
Ask the Cast of "It's a Trivia Murder Party"! by Acewritesstuffiguess
Ask the Cast of "It's a Trivia Acewritesstuffiguess
Guess what? Now that the actual story is over, you can interrogate anyone in the book that you want! Have any burning questions? You're in luck, because you can ask e...
Ask or Dare- Rescue Bots Academy  by Dangergirl64
Ask or Dare- Rescue Bots Academy by Danger™
Ask Megatron And Optimus! (Ship!) by WhiteWolfNinja
Ask Megatron And Optimus! (Ship!)by WhiteWolfNinja
This is an Ask Megatron And Optimus ship book if you ship them feel free to send in an ask for the couple!
Quiet Storm  by dobrevmins
Quiet Storm by Joanna
Everything starts when Emir goes to visit Zeynep at the motel in episode 52. After she ignored his proposition a few days ago and left him, he felt hurt and suspicious a...
Ask Tom Riddle by ThatObviousFangirl
Ask Tom Riddleby - ari -
This account has been hacked by Voldemort. My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, the heir of Salazar Slytherin. I am considering on making this book a Horcrux. I am willing to...
Ask/Dare the Eeveelutions! by Slushyarchived
Ask/Dare the Eeveelutions!by Nat ∝
I've seen so many of these on wattpad, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make one myself! The eeveelutions are as follows: Angelica- Eevee Comet- Jolteon Storm...
Snake Eyes [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Snake Eyes [boyxboy]by Jen
Mark Luce is a clueless, kind-hearted 17 year old. Having to deal with his perverted best friend Shaw, his vicious bully Joey, a grandpa that still thinks he’s in World...
Ask Germany Anything! by xXsn0wst0rmXx
Ask Germany Anything!by ❄️SnowStorm❄️
Hallo! My name is Deutschland... and UN has asked me to speak to you, humans... Feel free to ask me whatever you want and I'll try to answer your questions if I can... U...