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Truth, Dare, Kiss, or Swear? by Drarry4ever304
Truth, Dare, Kiss, or Swear?by ✨OIKAWA✨
A few people decided to come back to Hogwarts for their 8th year. By a few, I mean Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermionie Granger, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Za...
It all started with a dare by redhairbeam24
It all started with a dareby redhairbeam24
Ashely was a senior in highschool, that's when it happened. Her and her brother end up playing truth or dare but when her brothers best friend choses to dare her what wi...
Olympian Truth or Dare by AlphaOfWolves7
Olympian Truth or Dareby AlphaOfWolves7
I do not own this it is from fan and I moved it here.
Percy Jackson Truth Dare or Name by percabethjackson72
Percy Jackson Truth Dare or Nameby Katherine Quoterria
Truth or dare, with the additional option of name, Percy Jackson style.
Heroes of Olympus Truth or Dare by thestuckinabook
Heroes of Olympus Truth or Dareby S.I.A.B
This one will be much better, without ruining the greatest ships and stuff. My other one I ruined my one HoO otp so...that wasn't good, but I left it on so you can see t...
Percy Jackson truth or dare by dirtyheroesofolympus
Percy Jackson truth or dareby Free heroes
Percy, the seven and some of the other people in the demigod gang play truth or dare, but with a group of teens it's sure to get out of hand. ;) Warning some parts of t...
Truth or dare || Kim-Taehyung || 21+ oneshot by Jinmin312
Truth or dare || Kim-Taehyung || Jinmin
You and your best friends are playing truth or dare, and Jimin are planning something dirty, and things are going down..😏😏
PJO/HoO Around the Campfire by holy_cutlery
PJO/HoO Around the Campfireby Random_person
What happens when Covid-19 affects the world? What do the demigods at camp half-blood do? Play games, of course! Lots of fun, games, and cute moments :) ~40k words // in...
yule ball by aridprince
yule ballby mads
draco is dared to ask harry to the yule ball ... awkwardness and love ensues
Clones Texts by Shadow_Alpha_99
Clones Textsby Shadow
If there were phones in clone wars. Several funny short stories involving the clone wars characters I do not own any of the characters
It All Started with Party Games (Drarry) by billierosiestories
It All Started with Party Games ( Billie Rose Drarry
Eighth year, at Hogwarts. Hermione decided it would be a lovely idea for some inter-house unity! After all, the Sorting Hat was right, right? Nothing would possibly go w...
Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or Dare by readerwriter6262
Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth ♪ Brooks ♪
This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities fanfiction that takes place right after Exile. I've read all of the books, but I didn't want to place it after Neverseen because Soph...
Silver tongue  by vxntixi
Silver tongue by sʜᵘ
!no uniforms¡ Bakusqaud does dares every day, every week. End of the month breaks or breaks if the dares got one arrested or nearly killed. This weeks dare for katsuki w...
Klance: Truth or Dare by SevenSidedStories
Klance: Truth or Dareby SevenSidedStories
The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmora. To kill time, they decide to play an Altean version of the game Truth or Dare. °°°°°°°...
Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time (BakuDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
Don't Threaten Me with a Good lyzard_fan_fics
•Rankings• #1 in bakudeku #16 in tododeku #21 in game #86 in slow burn 🧡BakuDeku💚 Class 1-A thinks it'd be a good idea to play a big game of truth or dare. Most of...
You can't leave | Todobaku by 614241824285abbi
You can't leave | Todobakuby Abbi_agnst432
Todoroki discovers the reason behind bakugou's behaviour and strives determined to help him, but his emotions take an unexpected turn when their relationship gets closer...
A Dare (Hinny Fanfiction)  by deepika629
A Dare (Hinny Fanfiction) by Deepika Kalluri
A dare is what it took Harry to enlighten his feelings for ginny but ginny was over him. Will Harry able to accept his feelings and confess? how ginny will take this? Th...
The Dare Tom Holland X Reader by wolfstarbitch
The Dare Tom Holland X Readerby wolfstarbitch
I WROTE THIS STORY A VERY LONG TIME AGO. LEAVE MY DUMBASS ALONE. I mean there are way many mistakes in it but I'm truly thankful for ur reads :) EDITED The dare changed...
drarry truth or dare by Jada_malfoy
drarry truth or dareby Loxer.Clu8
(Old description) harry potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald weasley, pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy get into a huge fiGht in forth year leading to a great detention. as p...
"Harmless" Adventures with the Bad Batch by Belle5555
"Harmless" Adventures with the Ace
Just one mission. Abby Haywood was hired for one "harmless" mission, working with a small Republic clone force. So what could happen? (The famous last words...