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Klance: Truth or Dare by SevenSidedStories
Klance: Truth or Dareby SevenSidedStories
The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmora. To kill time, they decide to play an Altean version of the game Truth or Dare. °°°°°°°...
Fourteen Days by boobieloobie234
Fourteen Daysby Bri🖤
"2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so he...
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Slow dance with you  by skittle724
Slow dance with you by Skittle724<3
It's not common for when something in a small town happens to just let it be, no it's a big deal. Especially when you send the worst text to the captian of the soccer t...
Klance fan art  by klance_life_forever
Klance fan art by Ghost Queen
This is just some cute Klance fan art.
Gone and Mute by AnneSanQuish
Gone and Muteby Annzee
A mission gone wrong leaves Lance's vocal cords shot, and with the healing pods down, the only way to allow them to heal is time. What all can happen in the few short mo...
You Don't Know Me by klancewithoutpants
You Don't Know Meby TrashofDirkJake
There are a lot of things about Lance that the team doesn't know.
Growing Up With Lions (Keith X Lance) by Ciel-and-Payten
Growing Up With Lions (Keith X Lan...by Ciel and Payten
(Fantasy AU) Sky. Fire. Land. Forest. And finally Water. The five elements of Earth that each have a guardian watching over it, a Guardian Lion. The lions each have some...
voltron ; groupchat by toibio
voltron ; groupchatby 🚫
pidgeon has added hunkychunky, keithkogane, loverboylance, princessallura, memematt, coran and shiro to ' voltron ' - here we go, lads. strap yourselfs in.
Rivals by lyzard_fan_fics
Rivalsby lyzard_fan_fics
•High School AU• Lance McClain and Keith Kogane have never gotten along. They've been rivals since kindergarten. They funny part, is that no one knows why they first sta...
Klance Anastasia AU by Buffythegoldendoge
Klance Anastasia AUby Buffy Golden Edits
Plot is from the animated movie Anastasia with characters from Voltron
Voltron Instagram by mizuchxn
Voltron Instagramby mizuchxn
This is a college AU for the main characters of Voltron. I will be including the ships I have in my other book.This means that there are made up ships for Pidge and Matt...
I Love You, Not Her (Klance) by jessYES_106
I Love You, Not Her (Klance)by Jessica
To end the war between the Alteans and the Galra, the princess of Altea and the prince of the Galra Empire must be wed. There's just one teeny..tiny....problem. The prin...
Stay- Klance HS AU by kaiiguess
Stay- Klance HS AUby Kaii
The new kid in school, the star player on the soccer team and a homophobic town- what could go wrong?? uh its a voltron hs au basic ikr? welp shut up and read it you cow...
Fear || klance  by mygayheart
Fear || klance by ✨Luna✨
Everyone thought he was afraid of nothing. That was until Shiro found him shaking and in tears after a fear simulator.
\\ Warped //  (Altean Lance x Galran Keith) by akkirrra
\\ Warped // (Altean Lance x Galr...by akira
After a machine Pidge was testing malfunctions, Keith and Lance are hit with a huge energy blast. Nothing seemed to change, until both boys passed out at the same time. ...
Heartbeat ~[On Hold]~ by SpoonOfFlowers
Heartbeat ~[On Hold]~by 🌹
HighSchool is weird, especially when you find out vampires are real and your pretty much ancient. It's senior year and Lance and his friends can't even begin to get done...
• t r a p p e d • ~ klance fic ~ by absoluteklancetrash
• t r a p p e d • ~ klance fic ~by AbsoluteKlanceTrash
Highest rank: #1 in #klance !!! cover by the amazing, talented, and generous @hamilfriend Lance and Keith are on a mission together when they get caught in a trap. Clau...
Survival of the Innocent (A Voltron fanfic) (Book 1 of Fates Entwined) by MEJ2235
Survival of the Innocent (A Voltro...by MEJ2235
One deca-phoeb, a Galra female by the name of Krolia kept the Galra from finding the Blue Lion. However, her ship received damages and she crashed. A human found her, ba...
Nightmares (Klance) by nerds_are_king
Nightmares (Klance)by BlueEyedBeastie
Lance's nightmares are getting out of control. It's affecting his and the team's performance, but he's at a loss for how to fix this. Apparently sleeping next to a warm...
Klance oneshots💙❤💜 by Klance_katsudeku
Klance oneshots💙❤💜by Klance is bae
KLANCE IS CANON😙 fluff🌻 smut⚠️ NO angst I don't do that sad type shit - - - Also I much rather top!Lance but there will be times I also do top!Keith. I do take reques...