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Silent by HiddenKnight
Silentby The Nerdy Girl
Whisper Woods. Yes, that's a name. Whispers life is a little bit different from what you would expect. She is quiet, shy,kind,sweet and overall a non-judgmental person...
  • boy
  • judging
  • badboy
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The Cop Next Door by princess-fill
The Cop Next Doorby Felicity
"Stop it, Dax." I wouldn't meet his eyes, I couldn't. His hot breath trailed up my neck, his soft lips ghosting over the exposed flesh. He chuckled when my bac...
  • mature
  • language
  • wattys2018
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How to Write Fanfiction by Fanfic
How to Write Fanfictionby Fanfiction
How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve a...
  • writersblock
  • lgbtq
  • worldbuilding
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A Love That was Housebound by gottagetitright32
A Love That was Houseboundby Xzmia
1848 was a year that was looking up for Isaac Richardson. His cotton plantation was expanding, He has become well respected among the folks of Beaufort, and then has the...
  • twi
  • interracial
  • language
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Peter Parker x reader : One shots  by spiderxreader
Peter Parker x reader : One shots by Imma dog
[ REQUEST ARE ALWAYS OPEN! ] Not all of these are mine, some of then is from Tumblr
  • xreader
  • natasharomanoff
  • hero
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House Of Wax by DerekMyAlpha
House Of Waxby ❤️MommaBri❤️
Nick O/C
  • mild
  • language
  • love
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The Deaf of Me by redtopic127
The Deaf of Meby N. B. Allen
(The original "The Deaf of Me") "Why are you doing this?" Scarlett said. "Because I love you Scarlett," Ryder signed. ***** She'll never fo...
  • deaf
  • mute
  • romance
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I'm Not Broken (Tony Stark's Daughter) by FanficMaddness
I'm Not Broken (Tony Stark's Ashieya
Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist and the former head of Stark Industries. Stark enjoyed the playboy lifestyle for many years until he was kidnapped. W...
  • steverogers
  • avengers
  • father-daughter
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You could never know me by cescamorgan
You could never know meby Francesca Morgan
Harry was giving up. No more hiding. No more fighting. No more living. Unfortunately with a crazy Dark Lord on your back it isn't that simple. First fic. Please don't fl...
  • tomarry
  • weasleybashing
  • characterdeath
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Ganja on Fourth Street by Boujee
Ganja on Fourth Streetby Eliana 💋
"All my life...I've been waiting for your love. All those nights...I lusted for the drugs."
  • romance
  • mature
  • love
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Step brothers by flomix_
Step brothersby YOUNG NIGGA WORLD🌎
"You ain't going no whea, you mines till death do us part baby."
  • abuse
  • crazynigga
  • language
Magic Academy by ALVERSOT
Magic Academyby Trevor Lewis Stover
Mason carter is a 15 year old boy from the commons who dreams of being a Knight. He trained and sparred with other dreamers from the commons just like him everyday. Duri...
  • romance
  • bloodandgore
  • goblins
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sign {h.s.} by _lolstyles
sign {h.s.}by m
"i'd never seen someone sign in front of me. but, i don't know if i was more focused on the language, or the man using it." - cassidy byrne is lucky. it's luc...
  • harrystyles
  • harry
  • onedirection
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Unrequited by L_A_B_444
Unrequitedby L.A.
From me, to you - L.A.
  • empty
  • brokenpromise
  • healing
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Fostered: A Furry Love Story (BxB) by ThatFurryOverThere
Fostered: A Furry Love Story (BxB)by On Hiatus
[Drama] [Realistic Fiction] [Romance/Fluff] [Mystery] HIGHEST RANKING: #1 In furryfandom tag (3 months)!! HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Anthro tag HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Anthro...
  • language
  • gay
  • love
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Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader} by peanutz2003
Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader}by peanut
Highest Accomplishment: # 1 IN SMOSH (TYSM) #1 in Wes, #1 in smoshgames * * * You've been living in California for a while, but you were just fired from your job. Thankf...
  • wesley
  • sister
  • reader
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Hollow Fox Naruto by Masami_10
Hollow Fox Narutoby Shiro10
This is a bleach and naruto crossover fan-fiction. Naruto has died, killed by the only person he thought of as his best friend and now he will be reborn in Hueco Mundo...
  • acton
  • crossover
  • harem
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The Last Weapon by InsanelyMe
The Last Weaponby Kayse
In the seemingly normal, always supernatural streets of Mystic Falls resides Briana, a sibling to the infamous legends, the Mikaelsons. She's burdened with a treacherous...
  • magic
  • pg-13
  • sibling
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Attack on Titan: the Metal Titan (Mikasa x oc) by DarkbeastPaarl
Attack on Titan: the Metal Titan ( DarkbeastPaarl
That day humanity remembered. the tyranny of 'their' rule...and the humiliation of being trapped in a birdcage. twenty years before the fall of Shiganshina, a young boy...
  • language
  • blood
  • gore
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Kamrynn | NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: Daddy's Little Girl by Itsbooksss
Kamrynn | NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: itsbooksss
  • nbayoungboy
  • siblings
  • language
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