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Switched by Luna_Hime20
Switchedby Golden_Maknae
What if everything was switched around? what if Naruto was never the kyuubi holder, and The Uchiha massacred never happened so Sasuke was never bitter and lonesome. wh...
Akatsuki's Little Girl by GothicEmo_Sakura09
Akatsuki's Little Girlby Ayah~
this is my First NARUTO FANFIC..... hope you'll like it Zetsu was about to return to their base in Amegakure When he found a kid... a pink haired one too but the kid is...
Through Dull Green Eyes by thatdamnuchiha
Through Dull Green Eyesby thatdamnuchiha
Haruno Sakura was quiet, withdrawn, and book smart. That was what the entirety of the class knew about her. She didn't have friends - some said she was too snobbish to...
It's a Secret (A Naruto Fanfic) by Xx_VanillaChan_xX
It's a Secret (A Naruto Fanfic)by Lily❀
*Fem!Naruto* *Abused!Naruto* *SasuNaru* Everyone know him as Naruto Uzumaki, the loud, obnoxious, prankster who annoys everyone. They think he's transparent, that he's s...
Avenger by Blue_Twinkly_Lights
Avengerby It’s Matsumura
"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going t...
again & again - [ sasusaku ] [ au one-shot collection ] by AntisocialFlutist
again & again - [ sasusaku ] [ au...by BrittEm
alternate universe sasusaku one shots • • • different time different world different people • • • same love
Who Are You? by poetriy
Who Are You?by poetriy
who are you? Will I meet you soon? Who are you? Why you always saying that I'm annoying? Who are you? I never see your face. ...
Twiceborn: Second Bloom | Alternate by thatdamnuchiha
Twiceborn: Second Bloom | Alternateby thatdamnuchiha
Obito sent her back. It was his final sacrifice, his final stand. He was sending her back to change everything, but like most things Team Seven did, things went wrong. D...
Sakura Haruno (Sasusaku) by AgeOfImmortals
Sakura Haruno (Sasusaku)by Where Your Heart Resides
Sakura is the heiress to the Haruno Clan. She isn't a fangirl but a hard working kunoichi. The Uchiha massacre never happened and Naruto's parents are alive. But what wi...
Uchiha Prophechy by poetriy
Uchiha Prophechyby poetriy
"Uchiha Prophecy : before you walk to the future, you have to know the past" Your name is not Haruno Sakura, your name is Uchiha Sakura, emerald eyes of your...
Time Travel Is Not A Good Idea (Naruto Fanfiction) by pearlsandpotions
Time Travel Is Not A Good Idea (Na...by pearlsandpotions
Oh just another Naruto time-travel fanfiction where somebody tampers with a scroll and ends up somewhere else. Really,nothing interesting. X Oh and more Uchiha dramas (...
Epicene by AlunaGray
Epiceneby AlunaGray
Haruno Sakura travels back in time due to Kaguya's machinations. Unfortunately for her, Kaguya has a penchant for pretty bishounen boys and well...she went back as a guy...
Bloom Again by FangirlJo
Bloom Againby Joanne ✌
-A Naruto Time Travel Fanfiction- "A flower must fall before it could bloom again" When 18-year-old Sakura Haruno who had just lost everything is thrown back i...
🌸The Monster Inside Of Me 🌸 by hiiiihey
🌸The Monster Inside Of Me 🌸by hiiiihey
Sakura left without saying anything . She left a teammate who promised to bring something back . She left a friend , who cared about her . She left a teacher who blame...
Lonely Butterfly (Naruto) by inegrete
Lonely Butterfly (Naruto)by Teddy
Another Uchiha? Impossible? No. This the story of Obito Uchiha's daughter, Akira Uchiha. I DO NOT OWN NARUTO. IF I DID MY LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER. [NOT GOING TO CON...
The Way to be Stronger by ButterflyPV
The Way to be Strongerby PV
¿Era justo llamarla débil cuando nunca se la había entrenado correctamente? ¿Era justo? ¿Era justo pensar que no podía defenderse cuando sus compañeros nunca le habían d...
Unmasked (SasuNaru) by batgirl320
Unmasked (SasuNaru)by Kitsune00
Naruto decided to unmask herself. Sasuke started developing feelings for and Naruto also started developing feelings for Sasuke also. What will this mysterious person do...
Infinite Possibilities || Haruno Sakura + KHR by JutsuAki
Infinite Possibilities || Haruno S...by 𝗝𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗔𝗸𝗶™
『If Bo-kun is the lightning rod, the one who draws damage to himself and away from the rest of the Famiglia, serving as the lightning rod. Then I am lightning itself, th...
An Uchiha At Heart || SasuSaku by cleopatrian
An Uchiha At Heart || SasuSakuby suhi ☾
Uchiha Sasuke finally returns to his hometown years after roaming the Shinobi world, paying for his sins. Now that he's back, he wonders if he can settle in Konoha just...
The Heiress by Kawaiisama
The Heiressby That Little Kid
An AU where Sakura is the heir of the Uchiha Clan. Uchiha Itachi had no one to comfort him during his darkest days as a heir. But, what if he had? Non-Massacre A.N: T...