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Queen of Witches by DeAngelisaDavis
Queen of Witchesby DeAngelisaDavis
THIS IS A MENAGE STORY, MEANING- MxFxM. TWO GUYS AND ONE GIRL. NUMBER 1 in #Kings NUMBER 8 in #beloved NUMBER 12 in #vampire NUMBER 15 in #bisexual NUMBER 50 in #witches...
Love Is Made Not Bought by sunnygirls37
Love Is Made Not Boughtby 🌞✨🌞
One shot stories most all of them are going to be graphic Adult themes, read at your own risk //ADULT THEMES// // READ AT YOUR OWN RISK//
broken flower by jupiter46467
broken flowerby Jupiter
Bailey Smith is a shy mute 17-year-old girl who is abused at home the abuse wasn't that bad up until her mother's died. when her mum was alive she wouldn't get beat as o...
Willow | Klaus Hargreeves  by taylorsversions
Willow | Klaus Hargreeves by august
When Klaus Hargeeves fell in 1960, he never expected to fall in love. or start a cult but that's a story for another time. pre season 2 - season 2 updates every Sunday...
Genderbent Disney & Dreamworks Characters X Reader by JenaVeng04
Genderbent Disney & Dreamworks 🌻 MagiJen 🌻
Basically a book of reader inserts about our favorite Disney villains, and heroes as the opposite gender. The art isn't mine. Comment what you would like for me to do an...
Clementine by innocentlyafloat
Clementineby ✨
Doonswater, a small town filled with gossip and rumours. A town where nothing seems to change. In the town a girl named Clementine Hunter finally takes a chance in mak...
1 | BUSTED! ━ Peter Parker ✓ by cIeopatras
1 | BUSTED! ━ Peter Parker ✓by ☾ ⋆* inactive-ish
40 Days at Sea with You by LSSJBBroly
40 Days at Sea with Youby Reygan Briggs
A story written by @Heavenlysoul2001. I only took the first 4 chapters and tweaked them. I'll try my best to get the story out to you. "what do you do when the sky...
In Love With Monsters | Male Keter SCP Reader x SCP Girls⚠️ON HOLD⚠️ by Warboy_Gameing15
In Love With Monsters | Male Warboy_Gameing 15
⚠️ON HOLD TILL FARTHER NOTICE⚠️ ⚠️+18 content ahead. Lvl 5 access only⚠️ After being captured by the foundation, you are tested with other SCPs over and over. You though...
Field Trip To My Omega by ForgottenNile
Field Trip To My Omegaby Nile
She's 18 and on her way out of high school, while he's 25 and already a rich CEO of the most famous mall in the city, his family owns it of course. She's an alpha female...
My Future is in the Past by At-Writer
My Future is in the Pastby At-Writer
Harry's been abused by the Dursley's for as long as he can remember. After nearly losing Sirius during the Ministry incident Harry's had enough. Tired of the abuse and b...
Blind Date (Blind Girl x Male Reader) by TrashNero
Blind Date (Blind Girl x Male Nero
In this book you're Y/n Kamikawa-Fox, a student who has no friends in this cruel school called Sugimoto Academy You're new in the city and your best friend is living ove...
La dernière vue by SzybkaZabka
La dernière vueby koshka
A short love story about a young dreamy girl leaving a country before getting suddenly stopped by a person she knew well. All their memories fill their heads while they...
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The Human Hunter by TheoryKierei
The Human Hunterby TheoryKierei
Returning this book after heavy edits/rewrites. It was previously named Widow Maker. After having lost her parents in a car accident, Emma is left to raise her little br...
" SHOW ME A GRAY SKY A RAINY CAB RIDE " DISCLAIMER: I do not own Tom Holland or any of his friends & family! I only have a few OC's in here, and I only own the...
Music To My Ears by DragonicSlayer
Music To My Earsby Slayer
Y/N is a shy and introverted boy. He doesn't like interacting with people and prefers to be alone with his music. That is until a new girl moves to his school. An adora...
The Maiden's Dragon by SilverJuniper
The Maiden's Dragonby SilverJuniper
Ages have passed since the Dark Ages, when a Dragon fell in love with a human girl. Since the love they shared ended in tragedy. Now the Dragon is older, the girl is r...
Be Okay - Self Harm Levi x Reader (Modern AU) [Short Story] by etherealsadgirl
Be Okay - Self Harm Levi x ❀ etherealsadgirl ❀
Thank you for 56.4k! **This is very old and cringey. Read at your own risk** 【BE OKAY】 This is a short story for all of those Levi-lovers where your favorite shorty had...
The Babysitter (BWWM) by goldxnsunflower
The Babysitter (BWWM)by ~Sunny~
"the right person will change everything; even time." A girl with a past. Gabriella Johnson never had anyone to fall in love with. Her being awkward, she proba...
Peach x Daisy x Male Reader x Rosalina by PoMan2405
Peach x Daisy x Male Reader x Po Man
Y/N is moving to the mushroom kingdom and he meets 3 lovely princesses and they all fall for him but will they succeed in getting him