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To New York  by makaziwemzana
To New York by makaziwemzana
Amanda Gaffley is a beautiful Xhosa girl from South Africa .She is well known for her generous heart and beautiful dimple smile, quite an eye catcher.From the dusty stre...
Caitrona's Desire (BWWM) by YourPsychodreams
Caitrona's Desire (BWWM)by Edna Bruce
The first time Ona Balboa met Donnie Dellucci, a wealthy and mysterious handsome young Italian man, her only wish is to lay once on his bed. But when Adonis Dellucci fir...
The Lady's Sickly Husband by FlyingLines
The Lady's Sickly Husbandby Flying Lines
Transmigration? A Chong Xi Marriage? Sickly husband? How worse can this get? Mo Qian Xue now lives in a soddy, destitute, small house with broken furnitures. The grass h...
Clay's Cottage (Book 1) by tricia-joy
Clay's Cottage (Book 1)by Tricia Joy
[COMPLETED] Seeking inspiration for her next historical romance novel, Tilly Fletcher visits a mysterious 19th century Tasmanian cottage, abandoned suddenly over a centu...
Paint the Town Red (Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries Book II) by kkolmakov
Paint the Town Red (Fox & Oakby Katya Kolmakov
~ Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries ~ Book II ~ Cozy Mystery, Romance & Humour ~ COMPLETE Imogen Fox is the personal assistant of John Oakby, the Mayor of a tiny town of Flec...
It's Our Arrange Marriage by AnishaxAhsinashi
It's Our Arrange Marriageby Anisha
The girl who has everything in her life eventually gave up her freedom and entered into the arrange marriage. She got everything in the snap of her fingers or that's wha...
Official Town Business (Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries Book I) by kkolmakov
Official Town Business (Fox & Katya Kolmakov
~ Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries ~ Book I ~ Cozy Mystery, Romance & Humour ~ COMPLETE Imogen 'Mops' Fox is the personal assistant of the Mayor of the small rural town of F...
Footprints At Dawn (Book 2) by tricia-joy
Footprints At Dawn (Book 2)by Tricia Joy
After returning from 1869, Tilly Fletcher is determined to keep her time-travelling a secret from her friends and family. She attempts to put the past behind her and mov...
The Godking  by Roryboreale
The Godking by Roryboreale
Haunted by the demons of his past, Thomas Caswell flees Victorian England for the oblivion of distant lands. When a terrible storm wrecks his ship on undiscovered shores...
The Man in the Woods by Rashad90
The Man in the Woodsby Rashad90
12 years old boy in the rural area begins friendship with the "scary man" in the woods whom everyone in the village dreads of. Nobody talks to the man in there...
Easement ~ Soothing Chapters by MultipleDreams101
Easement ~ Soothing Chaptersby 𝕊𝔸𝔹𝔸𝕀𝕊𝕄
Hello~ Welcome to a book that will try to sooth you if you're a little tense and stressed. Hopefully, some of these chapters will put you in a calm mood and feel at ease...
Déjà-Vu by BobbyWard
Déjà-Vuby Bobby Twidale -Fifty Not Out
Connie Bentley is not your average Newly Qualified Teacher. On her first day at St George's Independent Day School for boys, she celebrates her thirty-second birthday. I...
Behind Kingdom Walls by JadeLoveInc
Behind Kingdom Wallsby Jade_Love
Katherine Day is the queen of the dragon shifters. She took over her father's kingdom and has done everything in her power to keep it up and running. After visiting a lo...
Ripples in the Night by DennisRoyer
Ripples in the Nightby Dennis Royer
High school graduation and an unsolved murder rip apart childhood sweethearts Barlow and Pet. Ten years pass and they get a second chance to rekindle their romance. When...
Sweet Home Mullingar by CountVustafa
Sweet Home Mullingarby CountVustafa
Harry is a world famous singer, newly engaged to a handsome boyfriend and living the high life. However before getting married, he must return to his past and meet the...
Helping Neighbors by Felinesses
Helping Neighborsby LEAGA FanFics
She only wants FREEDOM. It was a dream come true for Lea to live in the Philippines and leave the rural land from a distant country she grew up in. Well, only for two r...
Hasil e Lahasil | حاصلِ لا حاصل by chocolatemuffin18
Hasil e Lahasil | حاصلِ لا حاصلby Muskan
(Ongoing) Hasil e Lahasil | حاصلِ لا حاصل : (noun) Hasil | حاصل - Achievement Lahasil | لا حاصل - Hollow Pursuits Description: Something that is so close for you to a...
Doctor Fane by Spiszy
Doctor Faneby Erica Jennings
When Celia Barnes starts a new job at a cottage hospital in the middle of rural Yorkshire, she thinks she may at last have escaped her shadowed past. But not all her tro...
Westerfield Manor by Aurora808
Westerfield Manorby Aurora
Two girls visit their friend on a remote rural property. They stay in an old house which makes strange noises at night. Is it haunted or is something else more sinister...
La Morgue by Carlysle3
La Morgueby Caro :3
Recopilación de relatos de terror en su mayoría hallados en la red o compartidos por conocidos. Si quieren contar alguna experiencia similar (ya sea de manera anónima o...