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Let's meet? (Klance Texting Fic)  by Filosoficamente
Let's meet? (Klance Texting Fic) by floor
LanceMcLame: Do you really hate me so much that you want to freaking watch Mean Girls without me?! Gayboy ™: Ehm? LanceMcLame: Oh wrong person lol ...
Soulmates - Klance fanfiction {Voltron Legendary Defenders} Lance x Keith Laith by phanimaniac
Soulmates - Klance fanfiction { phanimaniac
Lance is struggling with his sexuality in his quest to find love but the answer is right beside him. Keith has already found both these things and only has to struggle w...
Fly with me (Klance) by klance_life_forever
Fly with me (Klance)by Ghost Queen
Keith is an avian and Shiro is a shape shifter. Lance is human. So is everyone else unless said otherwise. This is how the human fell in love with the freak. GET REA...
Inked // Klance, Hidge, Shatt by Patty-Thompson
Inked // Klance, Hidge, Shattby That Table
Lance works in his friend's small cafe in a busy street. Across from said cafe is a tattoo studio, belonging to a young boy. Lance has had a crush on this boy ever since...
Voltron Trash by Artemisinn
Voltron Trashby Artemisinn
*Whispers* -Voltron has taken over my life- This book is just gonna be a whole bunch of Voltron related pics, text post, etc. [Beware of Klance] -SPOILERS- Hope you Enj...
Idol Love [Klance AU] by TheGirlInShippingHec
Idol Love [Klance AU]by TheGirlInShippingHell
Both of the most popular stars or more correctly Idols of their generation are forced to collaborate on their next album for publicity. Lance, the king of the American m...
💙❤️Klance Oneshots❤️💙 by TooMinty
💙❤️Klance Oneshots❤️💙by Klance_Mint
A wonderful (maybe) bundle of Klance oneshots. This is my first oneshot book, so tell me if there is any mistakes. Fluff, Angst, and smut. I hope you guys enjoy reading...
Written in the Stars by The_Reader1001
Written in the Starsby The_Reader
Keith is hurt on a mission and only pidge knows. The team expect him to be on the top of the game and he struggles to make it up to their expectations. then a mission go...
(Klance) Like We Were Then by Spaghetti_no_sauce
(Klance) Like We Were Thenby your klance is served
[COMPLETED] Lance and Keith were close as kids. Best friends, almost lovers. But when they are separated as they grow older, they lose feelings for each other and start...
You're my home ~ Klance by void_valdez
You're my home ~ Klanceby void_valdez
[ COMPLETED ] "We're going home." ~~~ The team had defeated Lotor and left him amongst the quintessence, and were now returning to Earth. Many of them thought...
halo 'n horns [klance au] by monsieurdandylion
halo 'n horns [klance au]by ✩ 𝒸𝒶𝓁 ☾
[OFFICIAL @FANFIC LIST] Keith, a feisty, haughty devil, is on a mission on earth when he meets Lance, the cockiest, flirtiest angel he's ever met. It turns out that the...
outliers [klance au] by monsieurdandylion
outliers [klance au]by ✩ 𝒸𝒶𝓁 ☾
[after the events of season 8] An AU of AUs/Fix-It Fic When Keith was assigned to a mission concerning every single existing reality, the last person he expected to be c...
Wrists (Klance Soulmate AU) by MemeKween
Wrists (Klance Soulmate AU)by Satan
"Somewhere in this world two people have my name written on their wrist. That's because I'm someone's worst enemy and someone's soulmate... My enemy and my soulmate...
Spring All Year {Klance AU} by CubanSharpshooter
Spring All Year {Klance AU}by Lance McClain
A Klance AU- Keith had never struggled to keep his "special trait" under control. Until a certain new Cuban student came barging into his school.
I'm A Girl! by DaughterofEris27
I'm A Girl!by DaughterofEris27
When a mission requires Keith and Pidge to go undercover as princesses, Keith struggles to hide the secret that he has been wrestling with ever since the Garrison. And w...
Here You Are ( altean lance-klance ) by cubanspiceman
Here You Are ( altean VLD!¡PJO¡!HOO
Allura mourns over thinking she lost everything 10,000 years ago, it turns out she may have misjudged. Keith is very gay, Lotor is a pervert, Pidge could care less about...
Voltron: Truth or Dare! by ImBisexualDealWithIt
Voltron: Truth or Dare!by Grace
Klance, Klance , Klance and more Klance! Leave suggestions. Other ships too! Just request in comments ! Shadam will also take place with a few Shatt moments ;)
klance high school omegaverse by klanceforlife1998
klance high school omegaverseby klanceforlife1998
lance was just normal teenage boy who was so excited to be an alpha. But he soon learns that you don't always get what you're wishing for...He finds out he's an omega de...
Truth or Dare (Klance) by Shipistaken
Truth or Dare (Klance)by Shipistaken
The six people in the castle of lions have to persuade Keith to play truth or dare. When they do, they find out some shocking things they didn't know about each other, e...
Fate Works In Funny Ways (KLANCE) [ not edited ] by _shklance_
Fate Works In Funny Ways (KLANCE) keeeeeeeef
This book was created by GDSpidgepodge on AO3 Summary: College freshmen? One-sided rivalries? An unexpected roommate situation? Yes, and so much more. Notes: some thing...