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Mother Ruby Rose  x Child Crescent Rose Reader by Shenron12
Mother Ruby Rose x Child Red Dragon Emperor
When Ruby Finished making her weapon lets just say she got more than she bargained for I don't own RWBY it is owned by rooster Teeth (I've added new abilities and chara...
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into an Arc by MK9Yamato
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into END MY SUFFERING
After dying by the hands of Uldren Sov, Cayde-6 find himself in a new body and on a new planet. How would our famous hunter react to this?
Yu-Gi-Oh in RWBY by JPPoole
Yu-Gi-Oh in RWBYby JPPoole
Imagine the world of Yu-Gi-Oh in the world of RWBY! I DO NOT OWN RWBY OR YU-GI-OH
RWBY Pet Grimm?! by KennyDragonoid99
RWBY Pet Grimm?!by KennyDragonoid99
This is a fan fiction I decided to make out of inspiration from Dr. Science on Fan, go check out Dr. Science story! The monstrosities known as Grimm have de...
Neglect Male Reader Broly X RWBY by Silver_B657
Neglect Male Reader Broly X RWBYby Silver_B657
+Being ignored by his family and being abused by the students in Beacon, (Y/N) decides to escape from all this to another planet called Earth where he knows several pe...
Jaune Errorby Core Jaune
Jaune Arc this man always wanted to be a hero like his ancestors but fate decided to mock the blond knight Jaune saved Cardin Winchester from the Ursa Major but Cardin d...
My Sister's Shadow (RWBY x Fem Reader) by Mei-r2005
My Sister's Shadow (RWBY x Fem Mei-r2005
RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth You're always been your sister's shadow but it's not because she's better then you or because you're weak is because you chose to not use...
DBZ x RWBY A New World Meets A New Warrior by KennyDragonoid99
DBZ x RWBY A New World Meets A KennyDragonoid99
Yes, I know, I know, another DBZ x RWBY crossover, but hey, it's a little more different then the one I'm still doing. This idea just came to me because of the image I'm...
Male Darkness Reader x Blake Belladonna by RSPBLiterature
Male Darkness Reader x Blake R.S.P.B
When Y/n was 12 a tragic event occurred that caused him to unlock a dark power tied to his bloodline. A power that would change his life forever. After spending the last...
Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X Yang Xiao Long by QYONNYJ
Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X JonnyQ
Y/N unexpectedly finds Weiss cheating on him. What will he do? Who will prevent him from becoming rogue?
Xenomorph with a secret by imabrony101
Xenomorph with a secretby Mixed_Anime
Hey guys you may have heard of one of my stories called "The Unexpected Visitor(s)" but that was with Neo so I'm doing this story with Raven, Cinder, and Glynd...
RWBY||Rising Phoenix by DragonLord39
RWBY||Rising Phoenixby DragonLord39
|Slight RWBY AU | Fanfiction| Everyone knows that mercenaries fight for treasure. However, not all treasure is silver and gold. By personal invitation, Phoenix, the inf...
Night Walker: Rwby Harem x Male Wendigo Grimm Reader (Now Dead) by MasterofBeasts
Night Walker: Rwby Harem x Male KingofAwesomeness
All across Remnant were monstrous beasts called Grimm. Although they were big and tough, there was one that they all feared; the Wendigo Grimm. It was Salem's most loyal...
Arc of the Omnissiah by ThatOneGuardsman
Arc of the Omnissiahby CrackedFueledJoerim
"Therer is no truth in flesh, only betrayal" "There is no strength in flesh, only weakness" "There is no constancy in flesh, only decay" &q...
Beacon's dark Knight  by leone_solaris
Beacon's dark Knight by leone_solaris
All he wanted was to be a hero a shining knight like his ancestors before him. Now that's impossible no team, no family, no friends, no future. All he has now is to wai...
The Guardian (male reader x rwby) by Darel114
The Guardian (male reader x rwby)by Darel114
you're Pyrrha younger brother. you manage to enter beacon because professor ozpin invited you in. now you embark on a journey , making new friends and probably find love.
Arc Of Tekken (Rewriting) by JustNOMAD
Arc Of Tekken (Rewriting)by JustNOMAD
Betrayed Jaune fic with a hint of tekken. Jaune transcripts has just been revealed by Cardick and everybody abandoned him even his partner who he thought would be there...
The Demon Of The Night (RWBY x Male Reader x Y/N) by Drunken_Crow
The Demon Of The Night (RWBY x Unknown_Narrator
You Replace Lie Ren In The Story But With The Power Of Nacht Faust From Black Clover. You Must Survive The World Filled With Grimm And Make Allies. You Will Face Many Ob...
Asshole of Beacon (RWBY Harem x Male Reader) by YoMamaDooDoo
Asshole of Beacon (RWBY Harem x YoMamaDooDoo
(y/n) (l/n) was an asshole. Watch as he unleashes his terror on Beacon, catching multiples girls' attention. Disclaimer: Everything about RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth...
Jaune Sanguinius - Jaune Reborn's Story by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Sanguinius - Jaune Reborn' Jaunedice
after a Grimm ending in an alternate timeline Jaune was Reborn to Live his life once again but this time Armed with the knowledge of Future events to alter their unfortu...