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World Strongest Swordsman (RWBY X Mihawk/Jaune) by Drunken_Crow
World Strongest Swordsman (RWBY Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc who dreams to be the strongest swordsman will face many challenges to the top, He will learn new things about the world and face them with a fearless attitude...
The Huntsman Who Smiles: Crazy Male Reader {Insert} by BillNyeTheRWBYGuy
The Huntsman Who Smiles: Crazy Just A Man
A dangerous psychiatric patient named (Y/N) (L/N) escapes from Vale's Mental Institution with the help of Roman Torchwick and Neo. Recruited by Cinder's elite crack team...
The Strongest (Limitless-SixEyes Male Reader x Rwby) by Reeseleboi
The Strongest (Limitless-SixEyes
After a life-changing event,6 year old Y/N Gojo is orphaned by an unknown man. Left to fend for himself, he begins a life of petty theft while using his semblance along...
Jaune Autobot by Darkdecade97
Jaune Autobotby Darkdecade97
Jaune Arc was known as the Faker of Beacon, the Weakest Student of Beacon, and the Disgrace Son of the Arcs. Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandonded, Disowned, all that for just...
Knight King x Ruby Rose RWBY by RWBYKnight4142
Knight King x Ruby Rose RWBYby Alexander Olson
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. Ruby and company have been on the run for some time, because they finally have all four rel...
The Arc Angel of Honor (Diablo x RWBY) by MK9Yamato
The Arc Angel of Honor (Diablo x Your modivation
In this fanfic there are 6 Archangels one of them was the archangel of honor. His name was Jaune Arc. In the high heavens a unknown rift sucked in one angles from his po...
DBS x RWBY by carrorot
DBS x RWBYby Carrorot
After merging into the ultimate fusion, Gogeta to confront Broly, Goku and Vegeta opt to intensify their training by entering the hyperbolic time chamber. As a whole yea...
Limitless (RWBY x Male Reader) by Zacaptain
Limitless (RWBY x Male Reader)by Writer_for_fun
''Don't worry, I'm the Strongest.''
Willow Schnee x Pirate Male Reader by Smokin-Mask
Willow Schnee x Pirate Male Readerby Smokin-Mask
Before having Winter, before marrying Jacque, Willow Schnee fell in love with a man raised and lives by piracy. Now wishing she made a better choice in the past, choosin...
Jaune: Rainbow Six by Darkdecade97
Jaune: Rainbow Sixby Darkdecade97
On a routine mission out in the Emerald Forest. Jaune and his Team, JNPR, stumble upon a cave. They found something hidden beneath the caves and activated something, Jau...
DEATH COMES TO EVERYONE (Harry Potter / RWBY Crossover) by LionHeart310
A betrayed Harry James Potter gathered the Deathly Hallows. Leaving behind a world filled with bigotry, prejudice and betrayals, he became the embodiment of Death elsewh...
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into an Arc by MK9Yamato
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into Your modivation
After dying by the hands of Uldren Sov, Cayde-6 find himself in a new body and on a new planet. How would our famous hunter react to this?
Perilous Arc |AU| by CoolGuyYami
Perilous Arc |AU|by CoolGuyYami
Jaune doesn't listen to Pyrrha during the attack. He doesn't want her to fight that Cinder woman alone. Instead of following Pyrrha's request, he fights his way back to...
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnant by Shirou_Hakeyama
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnantby Shirou_Hakeyama
A young Rose who has yet to find her thorns, runs away from home at the news of her mothers death, after getting lost in the forest surrounding her home she gets cornere...
The Smuggler of Vale by Monsterousgamer
The Smuggler of Valeby Monsterousgamer
You are Crimson Black, the best thief in Remnant at only 18 years of age. After undertaking a series of jobs outside Vale, you return home after three months to find it...
The Arc Trooper by MK9Yamato
The Arc Trooperby Your modivation
What if Jaune was a clone of the 501st but then found himself on a different planet during the battle of Umbara. Will he rejoin his brothers or find a new purpose on Rem...
We Want Our Brother Back [RWBY x Abused Male Reader] by Unseen_Being
We Want Our Brother Back [RWBY x The Being
Sooo basically this kid was tortured by three families first the Rose/Xiao-Long family, the Belladonnas and finaly the schnees, he manages to escape and lives off the mo...
Rwby: Spartans never die by Miana-Light
Rwby: Spartans never dieby Miana-Light
Jaune Arc gets expelled from Beacon Academy as he sits down in the courtyard. An Atlas scientist approaches him and gives him a second chance at being a hero he is inte...
Blink and you'll miss it by Tonkatsu__
Blink and you'll miss itby Tonkatsu__
Hi. It me the author. I like RWBY, I also like reading fan fiction. Figured I'd try it out my self. I did this for fun and also this is a first for me I hope at least so...
Escape from Remnant by TheGoonsLover
Escape from Remnantby Death Knight
Y'know being trapped in another world is better than staying in tarkov...