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FORBIDDEN SOULMATE. {Megan Fox/You} by lliirio
FORBIDDEN SOULMATE. {Megan Fox/You}by 𝕁𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕤𝕎𝕚𝕗𝕖
You are a famous music artist who decides to collab with Machine Gun Kelly. What happens when you start developing feelings and sense chemistry with his Girlfriend? Y/N...
RWBY and JNPR Watch the Blood Gulch Chronicles by CeruleanLancer
RWBY and JNPR Watch the Blood CeruleanLancer
What happens when a mysterious file called "Red vs Blue" is downloaded onto Jaune's scroll? Teams RWBY and JNPR watch Red Vs Blue. Realistic reactions from the...
RWBY and JNPR Watch The Recollection Trilogy by CeruleanLancer
RWBY and JNPR Watch The CeruleanLancer
The Blood Gulch Chronicles are over and now it's time for the teams to continue with the Recollection Trilogy! Realistic reactions from the characters, Mini-Series and b...
He's Famous (Zarry Stylik) ✔️ by LamPayning
He's Famous (Zarry Stylik) ✔️by LamPayning
In which Harry Styles is a worldwide known actor and Zayn Malik is just a boy who likes to post stuff on instagram and Harry Styles. All Rights Reserved 2018 Highest ran...
Paranormal Prodigies (Phoebe Spengler x Male Reader) by KieransAudios
Paranormal Prodigies (Phoebe Kieran’s Audios
When you first met her, you never expected such a legacy behind the name of Phoebe Spengler. When the two of you began to bond as friends, things really started to take...
marvel's youngest actor by al3xxreadsbooks
marvel's youngest actorby noobmaster69
your name is Ellie foster, your a 15 year old british girl and inspire to be a great actor but don't infact have the funds or a helping family to get where you want to b...
Hermione's Problems by SkyeMariaDG
Hermione's Problemsby Skye Maria
Hermione Granger receives a mysterious letter inviting her to study at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry l, but how will she cope as growing up gets in the way...
Starstruck.          Gene Gallagher by caninerots
Starstruck. Gene Gallagherby 🍓
Gene Gallagher Real Life / Social Media
one of the girls ✵ felix catton  by -DOGGOS-
one of the girls ✵ felix catton by val
female oc x felix catton "one of the girls" ♕ when oxford's man whore picks a sudden spark ♕ You've been wasting my time, while your taking what's mine, With...
catch your flight (not feelings) | JENLISA by centerjnls
catch your flight (not feelings) | nna <3
When a chance encounter and a newly written bucket list lead to their admission to the Mile High Club, both Lisa and Jennie decide it will be a one-time thing. But when...
Growing up by Endehman
Growing upby Endehman
Follow Cole the Flareon as he goes through the struggles of responsibility and overcoming anxiety. Cover made by acelldraws on Tumbler and Twitter
Vince, The Prince of Hell ( Hazbin Hotel) by PrinceVince18
Vince, The Prince of Hell ( Bryton Stroud
Vince is a strange demon. Accidently born from a spell gone wrong. He was made from the powers of Lucifer and Alastor themselves. Though he doesn't see either of them as...
NES Godzilla Creepypasta Oneshots #2 (Past Mistakes AU, ect.) by QuietWriter13
NES Godzilla Creepypasta QuietWriter13
The same as the last one, full of oneshots and short stories all taking place in one AU or another. Also some casual shipping stuff
I Don't Like You [[Short Story]] by mythicaIcreatures
I Don't Like You [[Short Story]]by mythicaIcreatures
[[MATURE]] 16 year old Emily was disgusted, to say the least, when she found out that the biggest nerd on campus, Justin, had a mega crush on her. Emily couldn't be more...
The Troubleshooter by UkCece
The Troubleshooterby C. C
Contains adult themes. 18+ Third story in series. 1. The Collector 2. The Lawyer can be found on my page. Lili has been thrust to the top of the food chain as the new...
Joint Smoke by insomnia_stoner
Joint Smokeby insomnia_stoner
Mostly thoughts I have while I'm getting high, hence the name. No regular updates(adhd is too hard for that) :) Could be anything from epiphanies to blank pages.
LIFE AND DEATH by Chill2Tasty
A story about the journey of a different race seeking company and survival as being an outcast by the human society. There are many challenges through the story, from ph...
An Unrealistic Journal by YannaYanneGuevarra
An Unrealistic Journalby Yanna
Disorder and illicit crimes inhabit the city of Tokyo, and the government still struggles to handle the mafia. Yoko, a news reporter and journalist, lives a life of pea...
The ex-athlete (part 1) by Aru_sunshine9
The ex-athlete (part 1)by Aru_sunshine
'A taut, compulsively readable elegantly plotted thriller." about a girl named rylie whose mom had died of cancer but now it's upto rylie to figure out her mom's tr...
⟢ 𝐆𝐇𝐎𝐒𝐓 : MHA x Villain reader by koroukei
⟢ 𝐆𝐇𝐎𝐒𝐓 : MHA x Villain readerby 𝐕𝐀𝐋
"There is always a reason for villainy." --- A young villain, infamous for causing disappearances and deaths, becomes a fellow member of the League of Villains...