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The Weak RWBY X Malereader by Wolfinator12
The Weak RWBY X Malereaderby Wolfinator
The story of a boy, which people only know as the brother of one of the strongest Huntsman, finally making himself known. His whole life he was in the shadow of others...
Arc and Rose of The Republic by KhaizulFrost
Arc and Rose of The Republicby Khairul Afif
Y/N Rose have been bullied by everyone in beacon even her sisters bullied her.She has been abuse by her family that treat her like a punching bag. Jaune Arc who was in l...
The Schnee Cyborg  by Dunked_oN
The Schnee Cyborg by Dunked_oN
'After being adopted into the Schnee family a young boy finds his luck turning for the better, however when one fateful night he is caught in an attack from a radical te...
The Hero They Deserve (RWBY x Batman Male Reader) by G-R-B-R
The Hero They Deserve (RWBY x Batm...by G-R-B-R
A city rotting from the inside. Rich that line their pockets with the misery of the poor, and officers of the law that would sooner tear it down than uphold its principl...
The Death God(Zangestu mreader x RWBY) by OGLaxus
The Death God(Zangestu mreader x R...by OGLaxus
Y/n Rose has never smiled since the 'death' of his mother. He was blamed for her 'death' by everyone that he called family. Having enough he left and became an urban leg...
Abused RWBY x Big Brother Reader by JD_rules02
Abused RWBY x Big Brother Readerby JD_rules02
Team RWBY were abused when they were just kids by who they thought were their family. So they each decided to run away from their families and head to the city of Vale t...
Yin and Yang (Male reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Divine_Quirk
Yin and Yang (Male reader x Yang X...by Divine_Quirk
Yin and Yang. Exact opposites. This is what (Y/N) (L/N) would say about him and Yang Xiao Long. They are life long rivals, constantly trying to surpass the other. What w...
Another Rose For The Garden (Silver eyed Male Reader X RWBY) by NaMeLeSs124158
Another Rose For The Garden (Silve...by NaMe LeSs
(Y/N) wasn't your typical boy next door, He was adventurous and had fun poking danger wherever it may hide Those who have met this boy describe him as a kind and innoce...
From Light Come Darkness...(Blind Male reader x Rwby) (Abused!) (Neglected!) by FriendlyFireM098
From Light Come Darkness...(Blind...by FriendlyFireM098
No one in Remnant has ever experienced such pain as Y/N L/N does. By day, he looked like a regular young boy, but at night, he is a slave to the Rose-Xiao Long- Branwen...
Hidden Marriage  (Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Agni_Fire_Dragon
Hidden Marriage (Male Reader x Ya...by Agni_Fire_Dragon
After having your heartbroken you go to Junior's to drown your sorrows but what happens when you run into your good friend Yang Xiao Long and then wake up the next morni...
A King's Revenge (M.Lion Faunus Reader Insert X RWBY Harem) by GenderBenderAuthor
A King's Revenge (M.Lion Faunus Re...by Another Weirdo
Abandoned by your family at the age of 2, the Belladonna's found you and raised you. Then came the White Fang. It was the place you grew up in, with two other individual...
The Mysterious Hunter (Bleach x RWBY) by Dracopyre321
The Mysterious Hunter (Bleach x RW...by Dracopyre321
After the intense battle with Aizen, Ichigo finds himself cast adrift in the Garganta, the space between Earth and the Hollow Realm, Hueco Mundo. He eventually reaches a...
A crack in reality. (Rick Sanchez male reader x rwby)  by Leohex11
A crack in reality. (Rick Sanchez...by Michael Braumiller
A/n: I told you I was doing this story next. so be ready anyways onto the plot. oh also I don't own rick and morty or rwby. please support the original releases. When t...
Catch Me if You Can (Male Reader x Ruby Rose) RWBY by aLogan11
Catch Me if You Can (Male Reader x...by aLogan
(Y/N) had never gone to any combat schools in all of Remnant. So why did Professor Ozpin take such an interest in the boy with no combat training? I own no images that I...
A Chance at Switching Sides: RWBY x Former White Fang Faunus Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
A Chance at Switching Sides: RWBY...by ShaNEON_757
This is a story that just showed up in my mind that I decided to work on. So, in this story you (the reader) is a young White Fang soldier and as you go on your first mi...
Pyrrha's Baby Boy by DiamondGamer562
Pyrrha's Baby Boyby Dylan Orozco - Morales
This doesn't not take place in the "RWBY: Next Gen" timeline
I Promise (Pyrrha Nikos x Male Branwen Reader) by BlessedCasanova
I Promise (Pyrrha Nikos x Male Bra...by Casanova 🌟
At a young age Y/N Branwen's mother left him with just him and his father F/N Lane. All was fine until unknown people murdered his father join Y/N on his journey to find...
Son of a Branwen: RWBY x Son of Qrow Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Son of a Branwen: RWBY x Son of Qr...by ShaNEON_757
This is a story I decided to work on after reading stories similar to this, and after I read them I decided to do my own, in the Bio it will explain your outfit is and w...
The last guard : RWBY x male reader Vol.1 by GlenAldoAZE
The last guard : RWBY x male reade...by GlenAldoAZE
After years of brutal conflict, the civil war in Vacuo is coming near it's end. Just days before the government officially surrendered, Ozpin and Glynda were on a missio...
Versus Remnant (RWBY x Male Reader) by wehatebaam
Versus Remnant (RWBY x Male Reader)by baam…?
[This isn't your ordinary RWBY x Male Reader story. Y/N will slightly be a bad guy in this book.] (rwbyxgamemalereader) Y/N Sakai is dead. After in a failed attempt to f...