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RWBY: The 13 Elemental Forces. by MrEhero-Ultimate
RWBY: The 13 Elemental Forces.by MrEhero
In the world of Remnant many stories and legends are considered nothing more then fairy tales. But to most people in this world, they know these fairy tales are real. W...
Jaune Arc: The Wrought Iron Hero by FBI_Agent303
Jaune Arc: The Wrought Iron Heroby
Heroic Spirits, are the souls of heroes who achieved great deeds in life and having become an object of worship. They are freed from the constraints of time itself and r...
The Forgotten Knight (RWBY x Male Reader) by Striker14100_
The Forgotten Knight (RWBY x Male...by SCP-141
Remnant, a world formed by 4 kingdoms after "The Great War" had happened in the past... Atlas, Vacuo, Mistral and Vale have their own perspective academies to...
Remnant By Night | RWBY x Male Reader by LtGreenie
Remnant By Night | RWBY x Male Rea...by Greenie
In the gritty streets of Vale, Detective (Y/N) is a young private eye who thrives on solving mysteries that others can't crack. One particularly dire night, a mysterious...
Anakin and his adventures in Remnant: A RWBY Story by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Anakin and his adventures in Remna...by NeverTheLess
After Anakin's Death he wakes in a new world as his younger self.
We Want Our Brother Back [RWBY x Abused Male Reader] by Unseen_Being
We Want Our Brother Back [RWBY x A...by The Being
Sooo basically this kid was tortured by three families first the Rose/Xiao-Long family, the Belladonnas and finaly the schnees, he manages to escape and lives off the mo...
The Rose Of Vacuo  by WolfSama8
The Rose Of Vacuo by Wolf Sama
"Yang and Ruby were attacked and almost killed by three beowolves but qrow came just in time to save them" that's what was supposed to happen but what if qrow...
RWBY  by ZomBaitBoom
RWBY by Zom "Necromancer Player" Bait
Well, we'll, we'll if it isn't the consequences for my own actions.
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnant by Shirou_Hakeyama
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnantby Shirou_Hakeyama
A young Rose who has yet to find her thorns, runs away from home at the news of her mothers death, after getting lost in the forest surrounding her home she gets cornere...
Dead and Alive (Male Reader x Blake Belladonna) by DEMGSC1920
Dead and Alive (Male Reader x Blak...by Daniel
Ever since Blake left the White Fang, Y/N has always been skeptical and worried about the White Fang itself, seeing how it changed his older brother Adam dramatically an...
Male Child reader x Yang RWBY by RWBYKnight4142
Male Child reader x Yang RWBYby Alexander Olson
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. Yang is up next on my RWBY x Child reader series, so let's see how the firecracker does. A...
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY) by Chute_Mi
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY)by Silenced Sins
One night, a young girl woke up to a strange bright light in the forest. Being the curious child she was, she ventured out into the forest and met a friend, a friend lik...
my life in a world of heroes (Marvel harem x male reader x Dc harem) by Marcos17p
my life in a world of heroes (Marv...by Marcos Brian
follow y/n as he tries to live a peaceful life in a world full of heroes and villains.
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant  by User456as
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant by User456as
When a young Ex-Gang lord was betrayed by his own blood is suddenly transported Remnant to start again... or not. Instead using his intelligence, wits and violent tenden...
Don't Fear the Dark (male child reader X adoptive mother Raven Branwen) by ChrisReiniger
Don't Fear the Dark (male child re...by Shadow Nexus
Raven Branwen, the woman who abandoned her daughter to lead a tribe of bandits. The woman who didn't want a child, to begin with, did the unexpected and saved a child. W...
Jaune Arc: Arc of Ever After High by caloyantig29
Jaune Arc: Arc of Ever After Highby VEGArush
Jaune Arc being the boy with a dream of becoming a hero was an incredible feat and a far one at that. But alas, he got kicked out of Beacon where his dreams of becoming...
MK X RWBY: Fire and Rage (Scorpion Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by DEMGSC1920
MK X RWBY: Fire and Rage (Scorpion...by Daniel
You are a sole survivor of your family, you got your power right when your family died in front of you by The White Fang, you have never felt after nothing, but Rage and...
Bittersweet (RWBY x Fem Reader) by DuckDuck2005
Bittersweet (RWBY x Fem Reader)by DuckDuck2005
(RWBY own by Roosterteeth) Bitters...So bitter...
Raised by Animals: RWBY Harem x Male Reader by davalam
Raised by Animals: RWBY Harem x Ma...by David Harripersad
After a tragic event that left (Y/N) (L/N) alone and afraid, there was only one place where he could go: The Belladonnas. He took on the role of a member of the White...
Winters Storm (male child reader X mother Winter Schnee) by ChrisReiniger
Winters Storm (male child reader X...by Shadow Nexus
Yelling. Fighting. Screaming. That's all (y/n) heard until his grandmother made him move out and live with his mother again. He hasn't lived with his mother since she le...