TEMPLEHEAD by antichekhov
TEMPLEHEADby t-a-r-a
a town in the middle of America, miles from any sign of human life. a sheriff with a chip on his shoulder. a curse that will forever separate them. a crown that will te...
  • monster
  • america
  • dark
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Monster's Babygirl by Geeth2000
Monster's Babygirlby Geeth2000
"He is her Monster and She his Babygirl."
  • manik
  • monster
  • manan
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But I'm Underage! |Monster Girl Harem by ShineUponTheWorld
But I'm Underage! |Monster Girl K A M U I !
Hoo boy.
  • monster
  • lemon
  • male
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Monster by EliskaBelejova
Monsterby Eliška Belejová
A Short story about a young girl who's life is destroyed in a single day as the "Monster" takes over the city.
  • lovestory
  • monster
  • shortstory
Starving Girl//EdwardZo by edwardsbiscuit
Starving Girl//EdwardZoby @💕•EdwardZo•💕
"Please, just eat. Even if you have to ease yourself back into it. Just eat."
  • jaebum
  • daddytae
  • yoongi
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Blood Tale Au by user76235605
Blood Tale Auby ✍Mẹc ⚤✍
:v lại một Au dở hơi nữa của mình ra đời :'v pls :"D ủng hộ mình cái !!!!
  • undertale
  • tear
  • monster
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Hybrids | BTS fanfic by BbyGryll
Hybrids | BTS fanficby 🌨 타이🌨
See how it all started...
  • namjoon
  • jhope
  • hoeseok
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'Monster' (Naruto Fanfic) by Akari-Gang
'Monster' (Naruto Fanfic)by Akari Uzumaki
Menma has it worst than Naruto mostly because the way he act everyone has always called him a 'monster' ever since he learned to walk so it was hard for him to make frie...
  • alone
  • ninja
  • kurama
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Roisin Rufflefluff by SimonDurney
Roisin Rufflefluffby SYD
  • washing
  • funny
  • things
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Alpha Queen👑 by sheniaas
Alpha Queen👑by shenia❤️👑
She's innocent He's dangerous She's 5'2 He's 6'6 She's special He's the Alpha king She's kind He's a monster ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • monster
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Wandering letters by GiovanaSalas
Wandering lettersby Giovana Salas
You will find me lost in my thoughts... Secret thoughts they all inspired trapping me in a world of what ifs... Now, they are finally out But somehow they got lost. Th...
  • relationships
  • hurt
  • darksecret
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Honey monster conspiracy theory- true by HoneyMonsterOfficial
Honey monster conspiracy theory- HoneyMonsterOfficial
The honey monster gets exposed
  • sugarpuff
  • honey
  • mindblowing
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Leaked info about the end of the world  by jujuchanfanfic
Leaked info about the end of the JuJu-Chan
A riveting fiction featuring myself as the nurse, Mercades as the patient, and Link (from LoZ) as the Doctor ;) things get hectic, and sexy. The twist ending will throw...
  • cookie
  • julia
  • sexy
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Best of me|| Jeon Jungkook by -Freakmade
Best of me|| Jeon Jungkookby -Freakmade
"Oppa" the girl giggled as she lightly caressed jungkook's face adoringly. He absolutely loved the giggle that fell out of her mouth like silk, that same giggl...
  • idols
  • jk
  • bts
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Stricken - ARMY's Response To Singularity by Arixphes
Stricken - ARMY's Response To Saphire
I wrote this randomly as a response to Tae-Hyung. It depicts the emotions and behaviours of army as they listen to the song and how they feel after. It's very dark. Pl...
  • suga
  • jung
  • love
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The Bullet Fic (smut)  by lolbeagles
The Bullet Fic (smut) by Repressed Yeemo
Peterick Joshler Ryden Smut. There is no explanation of this fic you just need to read it to understand. I thought of this with some people and I was chosen to write it...
  • kinky
  • ryden
  • forgenobjects
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Evolution? by Mountain_cow
Evolution?by Randy Williams
Most of the monster concepts I'm using are not mine, but imma try and use my own twist on this.
  • monster
Random girls x Reader ( girls) by Jimmy-jones-Candy
Random girls x Reader ( girls)by Jimmy-jones-Candy
When I say random , I mean random. I could do real life characters or anime characters, cartoon , monsters. Anything! There will be smut ;))) don't worry! If you have r...
  • mature
  • anime
  • monster
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they called him a monster(tomtord) by cinnamonThomas
they called him a monster(tomtord)by cinnamonThomas
Tom is a guy who lives on his own terms and rules, his parents where killed when he was young he had no one at his side as a child, other children where adopted and he w...
  • tomtord
  • fanfiction
  • nsfw
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