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King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBY by Legitfnafshipper
King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBYby FandomGuY
Y/N hated the huntsmen and huntresses of Beacon Academy for his whole life. Then one day he discovers something... he has a secret semblance that has been never used. No...
𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔪𝔞𝔤𝔲𝔰 by nbellen
𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔪𝔞𝔤𝔲𝔰by :^)
Completed ✓ Sequel is 'Chase' Eve grew up in a rough, harsh environment. The only thing that got her through her childhood was her magical creatures and the large suitca...
Ozpin's failed Vessel  by IsraelMorris
Ozpin's failed Vessel by Israel Morris
"No cost to great. No will to break. No mind to think. No voice to cry suffering. You are the vessel. You are the Hollow Knight." These were the last words y...
You Won't Have To Worry Anymore: Salem x male reader {COMPLETED} by Super761
You Won't Have To Worry Anymore: Super761
One alone by a curse another alone by choice Find eachother and develop a bond beyond either of their original hopes
Will They Notice Me? by CushiCushi
Will They Notice Me?by CushiCushi
(Y,N), nobody knew him. He was always ignored and didn't have anyone with him. Team RWBY and JNPR always were the attention in school, everyone likes them. no one even p...
The Grimm Knight by Dark_Berzerker
The Grimm Knightby Sacred Litter
This is a story of a Grimm, but unlike the other types it is a mixture of most Grimm species that Salem specifically created to follow her will without being easily defe...
Yandere Cheater Ruby X Male Reader X RWBY Girls (On Hold) by HeWhoSmiles
Yandere Cheater Ruby X Male I have No Name
Ruby Rose did something she shouldn't have. She lost a very important person of her life.
Summer Raven by Veriase
Summer Ravenby Veriase
One shot story about young man that just wanted to find love, nothing else. It evolved to longer story... RWBY is owned by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth.
Crimson Eyed Beast ( RWBY Harem x Overpowered Male Reader) (Slow Updates) by chancegunnett
Crimson Eyed Beast ( RWBY Harem Who-Else-But-Discord
My Magnum Opus, a mixture of cliches, emotion, edginess, and love. Not to mention forth wall breaks, God I love fourth wall breaks. Basically, you were a normal human...
Frozen Flame (Male Child Reader X adoptive mother Cinder) by ChrisReiniger
Frozen Flame (Male Child Reader Shadow Nexus
Good or evil. Life or death. Light or dark. Living or dying. None of those mattered to (y/n). For as long as he could remember he never really felt anything for anyone...
The man who is king of the grimm by dango555
The man who is king of the grimmby Marcus Keen
Grimm are monster created by the brother of Darkness. He loved the way he made grimm and Salem the self proclamed queen is ruining the grimm name. So he decided to pas...
Futility of Life  by pikachuballs
Futility of Life by Gay Boi
The life we have is without significance, value, or purpose. But what if the Gods gave us a second chance? I do not own RWBY or the charecters
Home away from home (rwby harem x male reader) by hillpupils
Home away from home (rwby harem Robot Cupcake cat 61
You were transported to the rwby universe by a mysterious power and was given the power to summon any weapon, armor and items from bows to gun's, swords to lances, armor...
Immortal Bounty Hunter by ZweiRose
Immortal Bounty Hunterby Zwei Rose
Salem and Ozma weren't the only one cursed with immortality. Salem's brother was also cursed but unlike them he asked to be immortal. He was given a task by the brother...
Just One Punch [One Punch Man Male Reader X RWBY Harem] by stevethealbino
Just One Punch [One Punch Man stevethealbino
(Y/n) (L/n) had crossed Remnant looking for a challenge to his amazing power, however when he arrives in Vale and meets a group of girls who promise him the chance to fi...
Remnants Light: A forgotten Guardian (Destiny X RWBY) by corkykong
Remnants Light: A forgotten Corky
In the land of Remnant; Many tales are told and even more are forgotten. Some about hunters, and their glory, and others about what lurks in the dark. One tale inparticu...
Beacon's Foul-Mouthed Hunter by Cheese_Bread32
Beacon's Foul-Mouthed Hunterby CheeseBread
Y/N, a Villain, a Hero, a World Hopper, arrived at Remnant for adventure. With some convincing and bribery, he somehow has to save the world from the vicious creatures o...
New Kind Of Villain by lonegamer2020
New Kind Of Villainby hugh mungus 69
We all know the story of Salem. But what if there was someone else besides her? Watch as the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a single girl and her ability to...
Male healer reader x yandere RWBY harem by wolffrost789
Male healer reader x yandere Robbe Nijs
a cute boy found by summer rose and becomes Rubys and yangs younger brother that they love Very much enjoy!