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Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Vergil X Honkai Impact 3rd) by MunKumi
Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Kunimitsu
Dante and Vergil unknowingly transported themselves into a brand new world. Learning their ways im their new lifes while also finding a way to get back to the world wher...
Jaune the Dark Slayer - DMC by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune the Dark Slayer - DMCby Jaunedice
What happens when a Grimm evolves beyond it's base instincts and then finds purpose, and what would happen if it fell in love A High Grimm was born and found love in a H...
The DVIL of Remnant by Dami_Ren
The DVIL of Remnantby Dami Ren
There is a group of people out there in the world of Remnant. This group of people are the Protectors, the Saviours, they're Huntresses and Huntsman. They are the ones t...
Raven's Inferno  by Sp1derT1tan
Raven's Inferno by Sp1derT1tan
Raven's destiny was always to destroy the world. As the daughter of the all powerful Trigon, she always felt that her fate was sealed. However, a chance encounter with a...
What Its Like To Be Human | Vergil Sparda X Male Reader by Crazycontentcreator
What Its Like To Be Human | NotCC
Vergil Sparda. A man who once fell in love with a woman now suddenly falls in love with a man?! Who knows what fate has in store for these love birds? Will they ever f...
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Skullgirls 2nd Encore: Devil Among Us (Slow Updates) by TheGhost619
Skullgirls 2nd Encore: Devil TheGhost619
Done with their Job in the Underworld. Dante And Vergil manage to get out from that Hellish place. However,seperates the two once again..... Note: This story was made fr...
The Neglected Devil Hunter Izuku Sparda! by HammerKun
The Neglected Devil Hunter Izuku Hammer Kun
You would think being the son of the number 1 hero would be amazing right? wrong, my name is izuku midoriya and my life has been hell for over 14 years, I bet you're ask...
Arc May Cry by MK9Yamato
Arc May Cryby Your modivation
After Jaune's transcript was revealed by Cardin he was betrayed and disowned by one the once he called friends and family except for team CFVY and SSSN. During that nigh...
The Ascendance: Unleashing vergils Powers but why am i a girl? by hizoMHX
The Ascendance: Unleashing Mysterious Hizo
A man name John in his teen's always wanted to be vergil he even dye his hair white to be like vergil he has hundreds of hair gel in his drawer and even his gaming chair...
Like Sleep to the Freezing by CEOofCatboys
Like Sleep to the Freezingby
'"You see Nero, this is exactly why I didn't want you to come." He couldn't help but laugh bitterly. "You sure you want those to be your last words to me...
The Devil's Possession (Dante/Vergil X Reader) by Bruin1
The Devil's Possession (Dante/ Oreocookie
Original Devil May Cry stories! Can be Dante, Vergil or both! If you like, I shall update! Enjoy!
The Grimm Hunters of Vale (Devil May Cry X RWBY) by PhantomRider080
The Grimm Hunters of Vale (Devil Jack Phantom
One year after the events of Devil May Cry 5, Dante and Vergil were able to escape the underworld into a Kingdom known as Vale. Elsewhere, Nero gets called to work at t...
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Shall Never Surrender (Nero male reader X Pyrrha) by Cobaltblue1117
Shall Never Surrender (Nero male Cobalt sparten
After losing his parents and uncle at a young age. (Y/N) dreamed of becoming a huntsman to honor his family but upon breaking his arm he would discover a Grimm secret. W...
Devil May Cry: Witch of Fortuna by comedyxtragedy
Devil May Cry: Witch of Fortunaby comedyxtragedy
One month had passed after the Qlipoth's incident. Vergil and Dante returned back to the human world. Their peaceful life disrupted by an unknown enemy who put Vergil in...
Fortunate | A Dmc5 Reader Insert [On Hold] by jellyexhibition
Fortunate | A Dmc5 Reader Insert [ 𝙈𝙧. 𝙇𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘽𝙤...
She was a devil hunter just like him. Their power was strong alone but together they were greater. They were family, just like Dante and Vergil. Nero might of had a l...
Sparda's Heir by Hambo_Again
Sparda's Heirby Hambo
Legends speak of a powerful demon who sealed off the Demon World from the Mortal Realm. This great demon was known as Sparda. He allied with humans and fought off the de...
The Demon Hunter Hero:Nero by KnightRider_35
The Demon Hunter Hero:Neroby Knight Rider
Izuku Yagi led a horrible life as he was abused by his so called friends and ignored by his parents and uncles and aunts. Only Sir Nighteye was the only one good in his...
Cyber motivation (Cyberpunk edgerunners x DMC male reader) by Springtrappola
Cyber motivation (Cyberpunk Springtrappola
A mysterious man arrive at night city. He have a job that must be done, and in order to, he need to join in an edgerunners gang.
Lone Knight (Oc X DMC Character X Date A Live) by DZULD4C
Lone Knight (Oc X DMC Character Raiden Dzul
Arthur,Twin Brother Of Nero Who Just Moved From Fortuna To Japan To See Spirit That Has Been Rumor Around That Take His Interest And At The Same Time,There Is Demon Aro...