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Frozen Rose (Male Reader x RWBY Ruby Rose) by 8_Bit_Bastard
Frozen Rose (Male Reader x RWBY Ru...by 8Bit Bastard
(This is a Schnee Male Reader x Ruby Rose) Y/N Schnee a kind hearted boy growing up in the icy Atlas, The powers of the world are going to be out to get him, Will a cert...
The New King {RWBY x OP Male Reader} by ImSpecial0706
The New King {RWBY x OP Male Reade...by ImSpecial
Y/n Ozpin is the adopted son of Ozpin, The headmaster of beacon. His village was destroyed, but during that he awakens his semblance, and becomes the new king of remnant...
Rwby react to other Jaunes And Other AUs by ChristianneFaeRemias
Rwby react to other Jaunes And Oth...by lilygreenfae
You see the title ok Also I don't own Rwby and anythings I do it for fun
Immortal Bounty Hunter by ZweiRose
Immortal Bounty Hunterby Zwei Rose
Salem and Ozma weren't the only one cursed with immortality. Salem's brother was also cursed but unlike them he asked to be immortal. He was given a task by the brother...
RWBY's Universal Trailer by KyleAlingus
RWBY's Universal Trailerby KyleAlingus
The RWBY cast are sent into another realm to watch trailers of them in different universe's. Can they enjoy their time or will their other selves be too much to handle?
Rwby reacts to y/n by Ninjacomics
Rwby reacts to y/nby Ninjacomics
(Ive see way too many of these focused on jaube or ruby so I'm gonna take a crack at this) so what happens when the 3rd and most powerful brother God with the mindset o...
A being of great power has taken the RWBY Cast to another realm to watch themselves in different situations and adventures. How will they react to the things their other...
RWBY: Multiverse Cinema by KiddoIsTheBest
RWBY: Multiverse Cinemaby Melian Playz
The RWBY characters were kidnapped by a one-eyed pyramid onto the MCT (Multiverse Cinema-Theatre) to witness their counterparts' lives across the multiverse through a gi...
Multiversity Of Arc [Vol.1] by Dreadfuljoy
Multiversity Of Arc [Vol.1]by Dabi AU
I finally decided to make it.Prepare for a lot of Pyrrha Clam jams.
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Etyion37
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil...by The Alpha and Omega
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
another day at the school of union academy where our protagonist y/n l/n attends being the only student without a power made him a target to the bullies of the school wh...
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry by farmerabe
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cryby Farmer Abe
After the events of Volume 1 of RWBY, a mysterious force that in no way was caused by Yang breaking a form of rare dust ends up spitting Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha...
A Thorned Ghost: Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY by gridcz1
A Thorned Ghost: Abused and Neglec...by GRIDcz1
Y/N Rose was nothing but a punching bag to his 'family' and this is his story. I do not own RWBY, all rights belongs to their rightful owner Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum
Two Souls (Male Ghost Rider Reader X RWBY) by Square4you
Two Souls (Male Ghost Rider Reader...by -_Jay_-
Cover photo made by @TimmyShadowKing (Y/n) (L/n). A young man who suffers from a dark past. After some unfortunate events leading to his father's death and ultimately hi...
The Son Of Lucifer(mreaderxweiss) by _Abstractz_
The Son Of Lucifer(mreaderxweiss)by _Abstractz_
(Vol1-8)Millions of years ago, Lucifer went back to hell to save the ones he love, leaving his unborn son as well, millions years later y/n have seen it all, humans have...
Pestilence Over Remnant [Reader X Neo] by KiriKiwiS
Pestilence Over Remnant [Reader X...by KiriKiwiS
Plague Doctor X RWBY You were once a fairly average young-ish man. You enjoyed a plethora of "fun" activities such as dissecting toads, "experiments"...
Unreminiscent Fate [RWBY x Fem!Reader] by AltairMorpheus
Unreminiscent Fate [RWBY x Fem!Rea...by AltairMorpheus
When the Goddess of Light and Darkness made a mistake just to save a woman who stood up against her brothers. She's been casted out into the realm of the gods and sent h...
It's Not A Semblance (Male Ajin Reader x RWBY) by Simulation49
It's Not A Semblance (Male Ajin Re...by Simulation49
Y/n has a hard past. Because of this he likes to keep to himself. Never bothered to talk to anyone, never took place at fun activities, not that it mattered to him. He l...
Iroh The Lotus Of Remnant by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Iroh The Lotus Of Remnantby NeverTheLess
After the events of Avatar The Last Airbender, Iroh, Uncle to Zuko, and Brother to the once named Firelord Ozai, dies. Due to his spiritual nature and extreme kindness...
My frist abused and neglected story so it might not be that good. In patch there was a loving family that had two kids,but what if i told you there was a thrid. This chi...