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Thicker Than Water Volume 1: Ominous Omens by SunsetsMarch
Thicker Than Water Volume 1: SunsetsMarch
(F/N) Xiao Long. This year marks his second as a student of Beacon Academy; one of the greatest schools dedicated to training of future huntsmen and huntresses. And this...
Death's Disciple | A RWBY x M!Reader by Kousei_96
Death's Disciple | A RWBY x M! 構成 –[Kousei]–
Remnant, a world of chaos, destruction, amd Grimm. Death was constant, and living beings was scarce. Well, that was centuries ago. Now, the present times, Human race thr...
Who Is The Stranger? by NewDeathIII
Who Is The Stranger?by Death III
Glynda Goodwitch x Male Reader I don't really know how to describe it. Beacon isn't what it seems when it's behind closed doors. Who better to know than one of the prof...
"The Grimm Reaper" : A Glynda Goodwitch Fanfic! by TysonYang
"The Grimm Reaper" : A Glynda Reverse Decay
-Remake of "The Reaper Of Grimms"- (It had horrible English, btw) Glynda Goodwitch, cold-hearted yet beautiful teacher at Beacon. Famous retired huntsman, glor...
Grimm Life by lonegamer2020
Grimm Lifeby hugh mungus 69
What separates man from beast? If a man can be both where does one begin and where does the other end? If a man can take the form of a beast will he lose himself to his...
Rwby reacts to y/n by Ninjacomix
Rwby reacts to y/nby Ninjacomix
(Ive see way too many of these focused on jaube or ruby so I'm gonna take a crack at this) so what happens when the 3rd and most powerful brother God with the mindset o...
The Grimm Reaper by soulfox1305
The Grimm Reaperby Dom
Ruby and Yang both have a older brother that went missing before they were born.
A wizard in a woman's world  by Ninjacomix
A wizard in a woman's world by Ninjacomix
Remnant a world home to many strange phenomenon and people ranging from humans with animal like features to creatures created from pure darkness with the sole purpose bu...
After School Detention by GalaxyTachyon
After School Detentionby GalaxyTachyon
WARNING: CONTAINS LEMON! MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! Everything was all set and stone for today's school day until throughout the middle of the day, Glynda Goodwitch caught...
Jaune Jedi Knight by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Jedi Knightby Jaunedice
Jaune being the first born child of the Arc Family was gifted with something that Remnant hasn't seen before....And then come hooded figures and whisked him away from hi...
RWBY female oneshots by Qrowbar
RWBY female oneshotsby Roxy24
RWBY oneshots RWBY belongs to It's respectful owner
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Jaune Arc: Fate System by Seraoyne
Jaune Arc: Fate Systemby Caius Eve
As a child, Jaune Arc always dreamt of being a huntsman. After hearing the bedtime stories his mother used to tell him and the history of their family name from his fat...
Jaune : The Ultimate Faker by Thy_novel
Jaune : The Ultimate Fakerby Thy
What if Cardin expose Jaune transcript. His Friend left and his family disown him. What if Jaune tried to kill himself but what if a reincarnated Weeb soul merge togethe...
RWBY: Symphony of the Multiverse by valsparov
RWBY: Symphony of the Multiverseby wholesome
The time has arrived! To celebrate the birth of a world, they shall witness them! Let the world of Remnant gaze into a different kaleidoscope of reality. or RWBY cast...
Perilous Arc |AU| by CoolGuyYami
Perilous Arc |AU|by CoolGuyYami
Jaune doesn't listen to Pyrrha during the attack. He doesn't want her to fight that Cinder woman alone. Instead of following Pyrrha's request, he fights his way back to...
The lost soldier (re-write) by saian2001
The lost soldier (re-write)by The Commandant
A soldier has been guarding a forest for over one thousand years. He hasn't set down his weapon since he first marched into the forest. His past haunts him. But will tea...
Defenders of Twilight by LionKing232
Defenders of Twilightby LionKing
What would happen if someone from another world came into the world of Remnant? What changes would they bring? What kind of consequences would happen from their actions...
The lost soldier RWBY X Male reader by saian2001
The lost soldier RWBY X Male readerby The Commandant
A soldier has been guarding a forest for over one thousand years. He hasn't set down his weapon since he first marched into the forest. His past haunts him. But will tea...
Teachers and Academies (Glynda Goodwitch x Male Reader) by The789Guy
Teachers and Academies (Glynda SomeRandomDude
After the war against the Grimm and a radical faction ended, the world of Remnant was beginning to rebuild. Schools have started to begin teaching again and Beacon Acade...
The Jaune Villain's Squad by FunbariVoid
The Jaune Villain's Squadby FunbariVoid
RWBY was been transported into a dimensional cinema where they've met a cosmic entity that taken the appearances of a teenaged boy, they will be reacting to a multiverse...