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Reading:God brought us together by MarcRios6
Reading:God brought us togetherby primelll
My story of god brought us together only in reaction
Casita Presents: Encanto by AlexTsukino
Casita Presents: Encantoby Alex Tsukino
After a new door appears where Antonio's door should be, Mirabel disappears and the Madrigals go looking for her, without knowing that, by passing through that door, the...
I Wish: A Descendants React by JuliesDahlia95
I Wish: A Descendants Reactby 🌹Dahlia 🌹
Family Day was a complete disaster, and it only made Mal and her friends more conflicted about stealing the wand. Tomorrow was the coronation, were they still going thro...
Their Revelations by slackerlife
Their Revelationsby Dreamless Reality
[Previous title: TCF Reads Their Past And Future] Timeline: After Cale got his first ancient power and was preparing to meet the protagonist, Choi Han. ---------------- ...
WMMAP{Watch}: Killua{Athy's Friend} by NotSo_PopularProfile
WMMAP{Watch}: Killua{Athy's Friend}by NotSo_Names
This is my Au where Athy in "Who Made Me a Princess" is killua's friend, Athy knew that Killua is from a family of an assassin and that he is an assassin himse...
Classroom of The Elite: Secrets Revelation by WolfEatHoney
Classroom of The Elite: Secrets
This is your typical COTE future/random events reaction. I just write this for fun since I really like future reactions in general because different order of future vide...
Demon Slayer Cast Watch the Future by samhaoyumax
Demon Slayer Cast Watch the Futureby I am a cactus
Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke had just defeated the former lower moon 6. Zenitsu was crying and begging Shoichi to come along with them to protect him as the boy looked a...
our Happily Ever After by MaissaBiaa
our Happily Ever Afterby maissa biaa
the the cultivation world they will see how is wei ying life in the Gusu clan. the timeline is before Wei ying come back . they will see the future and they will know so...
Watching The Truth about Maleficent by Roh594
Watching The Truth about Maleficentby Roh
All the characters from Descendants watch the real atroy of Maleficent.
Medaka box reacts to the multiverse of Kumagawa Misogi  by MCPELuisTuican
Medaka box reacts to the MCPELuis Tuican
All was normal at Hakoniwa Academy, well as normal as a school full of abnormals can be. That is, until an interdimensional demon transported important figures to a thea...
AOT: Paradis React . . .  by thorinprime
AOT: Paradis React . . . by thorinprime
Now what if an Cosmic being had taken the island of paradis into his care and used them to react the future and other things? let's find out shall we . . .
COTE react to Elite Minus by MCPELuisTuican
COTE react to Elite Minusby MCPELuis Tuican
It was just another day in ANHS. But suddenly everyone was transported in a theater room and before them was a mischevious god who wanted to show them the acts of the mo...
Sanses React to other Multiverses by DaisyMellonwilow
Sanses React to other Multiversesby Mellon ♡
The Sans AUs get kidnapped by me to React to other Multiverses or Other versions of themselves. In this Multiverse the Stars are having a war against the Bad Sanses, Pos...
Empires SMP season 2 reacts to season 1 by JohannaJaneUn
Empires SMP season 2 reacts to Cat Jana
So I really like the gacha react videos and I always wanted to make one myself but I'm not really experienced with that kind of thing so I decided to make a sort of scri...
Roger and is crew find a special place where they can wish for something. Roger want to see the futur king of pirate and everyone , marine, tenryo, yonko, civils, pirate...
Avengers/PJO/Descendants React to Memes by IcyJade123
Avengers/PJO/Descendants React IcyJade123
Characters Reacting to their memes and funny videos Under Editing Started- April 26th 2021 6-26-2021: 1st Place in React 6-16-2022: 38th Place in React 12-09-2022: 19th...
Unknown Salvation(Rewrite) by CalliopeThames
Unknown Salvation(Rewrite)by Calliope Thames
A rewrite of the previous story "Unknown Salvation" As Kim rok soo transmigrated into the body of the minor villain Cale Henituse he found himself in a room wi...
Miss-not-so-sidekick react (MNSSK) react by Hummingbird671
Miss-not-so-sidekick react (MNSSK) Hummingbird671
I have seen a lot of WMMAP reacts but no MNSSK reacts and thought of writing my own. I have never written a fan fiction before and don't know how this will go so please...
Watching Legacies alternate reality. by Roh594
Watching Legacies alternate Roh
The Legacies characters and Mikaelson family watch a different reality about Alexander Phenex. This is fanfic is written by me on a different site.
RWBY Multiverse Theater (DSMP Animatic Edition) by SkyeFine
RWBY Multiverse Theater (DSMP SkyeFine
After being transported to a Multiverse Theater, the cast of RWBY must watch various versions of themselves across the multiverse. This particular fic focus on the tales...