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The Truth Brings Change  by one_direction_12_
The Truth Brings Change by one_direction_12_
Peter Parker discovers a family secret that changed his life forever. After the truth gets exposed it caused a major change in his life. A good change but with all good...
To Have a Home by cafe80s
To Have a Homeby ❤️❤️❤️
When Tony Stark and Pepper Potts receive a phone call, explaining that Peter and May Parker have been in an accident, they are thrown into parenthood in the time it woul...
Peter Parker one-shots. by P3t3rP4rk00r
Peter Parker PeterPark00r
Just different stories of Peter Parker with the Avengers. A few ships like Stucky, Stony, Pepperony, Clintasha, and much more. NO STARKER! English is not my first lang...
Finding Their Way Home by Elliahrose
Finding Their Way Homeby Rose
Peter Benjamin-Edward Stark went missing on a Tuesday. For months the entirety of the New York police department, as well as anyone else the Starks could convince to joi...
How'd You Get This Number? by my_favorite_natasha
How'd You Get This Number?by hola, soy dora
15-year-old Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man (but no one knows that yet), finally tries to tell MJ he likes her, but it goes wrong when he realizes that he was given the wro...
Family Secrets by BumbleRex
Family Secretsby BumbleRex
Peter Parker Stark has been living with Tony and Pepper Stark for nearly 6 years now, though no one knows. Now that Peter is 15 and in high school, its getting harder to...
You Are Not Tony Stark by newky1
You Are Not Tony Starkby Dospělé dítě ♌️
Basically Pepper and Peter scenes. Not all of them. There is also Tony and others. ••• I apologize for mistakes in advance, English is not my native language. However...
Where Do I Go Now That They're All Gone by 2020idontcare
Where Do I Go Now That They're WandaWakanda
What if Natasha Romanoff had a son in the Red Room? What if she gave the son to the Parker's'? What if 15 years later that son was mentored by Tony Stark? Read on to...
Oneshots... Assemble! by Aztecl
Oneshots... Assemble!by ⌬✰𝑨𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒕⊶☽
From fluff to angst to whump and all that's in-between, I present to you my Marvel oneshots! \\--∆--// I apologise now for most of these being about Natasha Romanoff and...
Wrong Number, Kid by ANGERY_SHREK_ATTACK
Wrong Number, Kidby Person
'Wrong Number Kid' but with Shuri instead of Tony. When Peter texts the wrong number, he never expected to get into this much trouble. Can he keep his secret safe? Will...
All My Life by leandrawoods
All My Lifeby Watts_on
"Pepper, all my life, every moment of it, I've begged for this. Nothing ever made me feel more desperate than losing my own son. I finally know what I have to do an...
We're Not Dead Yet (Split Souls part 2) by MarshmalowMilkshake
We're Not Dead Yet (Split Souls Kae Shipper
Part 2 in the Split Souls series. Check out part 1, Before I Die, first! With the new prophecy issued, the Avengers, demigods and gods have another trial on their hands...
Peter Stark One Shots by jk_imDying_inside
Peter Stark One Shotsby I’m lovin life
Basically what the title says. Some are Peter Parker but Most are Peter Stark. Suggestions are always open so make sure you tell me what you wanna read!!😁
peter parker one shots by holyymarvel
peter parker one shotsby h2hoe
this book includes -spideypool -spideychelle -peter stark -harley keener -stony/superfamily -irondad -pepper and tony -superfamily -spiderson - singer!peter -badboy!pet...
If They Knew All About You by MsHermia
If They Knew All About Youby MsHermia
Tony Stark had lost his son when he was only 2 years old, stolen away in broad daylight. Years later, his path crosses with that of a particular vigilante. They are stra...
Peter & Bucky Are Pals by Nzinghaabrams6556
Peter & Bucky Are Palsby @Blatantlystupid
This isn't mine and its by Aprilmallick, DJ_unicornsrgr8 and I don't take credit for their work i just think they did an amazing job
Characters Watch Phase 1 by ThatOneBiSlytherin
Characters Watch Phase 1by ThatOneBiSlytherin
The characters from the MCU watch Phase 1 which is Iron Man 1 & 2, Captain America: The First Avengers The Incredible Hulk, Thor and the Avengers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disc...
Living With Secrets by BumbleRex
Living With Secretsby BumbleRex
Peter Parker Stark, aged 17, is finally headed to college. MIT is right where he belongs. Peter is overjoyed when his roommate doesn't recognize him, he can finally just...
Avengers Group Chat | swkatie by swkatie
Avengers Group Chat | swkatieby —katie
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