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Justice League Preferences by JustaHyena
Justice League Preferencesby Hyena
Hey there! I loved the new movie Justice League and fell in love with the characters/cast so I decided to do some preferences on them! This is my first preference for an...
Paris' superhero duo meet Superman & Wonder Woman by nj09sj
Paris' superhero duo meet Superman...by nj09sj
Superman & Wonder Woman travel to Paris, France to see what Lex Luthor is up to. While there, they meet and team up with Paris' famed superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir...
Man of Steel: Loving Mia Jones by wattfan18
Man of Steel: Loving Mia Jonesby wattfan18
This is the revamp of Superman Fanfiction. Mia always struggled with her job and her long term crush with Bruce Wayne, who has been her friend since she was a kid. Mia f...
how it all went down {batfam} by lovelywasp
how it all went down {batfam}by andy
"I looked at all of you as a family one night and saw how you all didn't need me. You all were just talking and smiling. I knew that if I walked in that would be...
The Winter Soldier [2] by PeterusParkerus
The Winter Soldier [2]by Florence Fernandez
"Goddess of... I'm sorry what? I wasn't really paying attention when you talked about that." "Goddess of... beauty?" "Hey-" "Calm do...
Its Been a Long, Long Time ⇒ Steve Rogers {2} by midnighttstars
Its Been a Long, Long Time ⇒ Steve...by midnighttstars
{Steve Rogers x Diana Prince} The Avengers
Princess' Riches {ON HOLD} by DeeNOss
Princess' Riches {ON HOLD}by DeeNOss
(Y/n) Wayne is the twin brother of billionaire, Bruce Wayne. The explorer dares to go on his most daring adventure yet, only to find not warm hospitality but that of a f...
THE SHORE ♡ WONDER WOMAN | DIANA PRINCE  by hungryhippo-xoxo
AND WHEN SHE CRIED, I DROWNED. [WONDER WOMAN] [Diana Prince] 2017 ⓒ | hungryhippo-xoxo
Wonder Woman ᐅ Steve Rogers by pawdfoot
Wonder Woman ᐅ Steve Rogersby 𝒎𝒂𝒓
❝Of all people you know who I am. I am who the world needs me to be. I am Wonder Woman.❞ First Avenger - The Avengers #17 in Fanfiction - 06/12/17 ...
DC Super Hero Girls 2019 X Male Reader | One-Shots Reborn by AndrewAssassins
DC Super Hero Girls 2019 X Male Re...by AndrewAssassins
So.... I'm sorry, I didn't notice that the Book got deleted but as My friend History_Lemon said, they can be reborn and they Will this book Will contain: •One shots •Sce...
Life of the Batfamily|| Instagram AU by -DRAGOONLORD-
Life of the Batfamily|| Instagram...by -CC-
You can look into how the Wayne's act on Instagram, as the recently married Bruce Wayne starts to act more like himself, and the boys can say their age. Along with Batmo...
DCSHG One-Shots by Rugged_Noodle
DCSHG One-Shotsby Senpai Noodle
Male Reader x DC Superhero Girls (#1 in Jessicacruz) (#1 in Zeezatara) (#1 in jessica) (#1 in dcshg)
DC: Superhero Girls, Supergirl Scenarios by jackspackin
DC: Superhero Girls, Supergirl Sce...by toby
(REQUESTS OPEN!) dm me for a request! you need to at least have an idea of what you want for the oneshot plotwise. just one shots of dchsg and supergirl. disclaime...
WONDER ▹ TONY STARK by djarincyarika
❝don't ever hurt him again, i will hurt you worse if you do.❞ [MCU AU] [MARVEL AND DC CROSSOVER] [TONY STARK x DIANA PRINCE] JACKIE 2017, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED [COVER BY:...
Profession by Hephaestia
Professionby Hephaestia
Book Three of the adventures of Lys Wayne. What has Lys gotten herself into now? In the wake of a terrifying kidnapping, Lys is getting past her fears and has agreed to...
The Sick Day by ABisexualFool
The Sick Dayby I’m loving ⏫🥰
Hope you enjoy Batman's sick day!
The Justice League Groupchat | ✐ by astrababee
The Justice League Groupchat | ✐by 「✰」
|| #1 JLA 1•5•19 #1 BillyBatson 9•16•18 || Basically where a bunch of badass superheroes all come together in one groupchat filled with the most random conversations eve...
shadow of hell || a dc/jason todd oc by daddareo
shadow of hell || a dc/jason todd...by emilia
diana prince of themyscira, a known legend to the world and a loved hero. the only descendant of one of the three big gods, that people knew off. but there's also hadron...
Batman and the Justice League by Ashirogi28
Batman and the Justice Leagueby Ashirogi28
Series of one-shots mainly about Batman and occasionally his family and team