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Mythology one-shots by Junecactus
Mythology one-shotsby June Mandarina
[On hiatus] Basically xreader one shots with gods and godesses from different pantheons (Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Roman...) Also, sorry if I make spelling mistakes. I hop...
Absent  by El-Marie18
Absent by El-Marie
Lila wakes up on a bus with no memory next to a boy she has a weird connection to. Meets two kids who think they're friends and gets taken to a camp for demigods. Wher...
Where You Go ― Jason Grace by -tayloryvonne
Where You Go ― Jason Graceby 𝐭𝐚𝐲
in which an oath sworn on the river styx complicates a goddess's plans, and ophelia imai wakes up memory-less on a school bus with her amnesiac boyfriend, two teenagers...
HEY, MERCURY  • PJM by dappleddaisies
HEY, MERCURY • PJMby hols 🎟🪐
"Do you wish to activate flirt mode?" "No... Fuck it, yes. Activate flirt mode." • • • • • • • • • Or, in which Park Jimin's A.I. assistant starts t...
RWBY: The Daughter Of Salem (Futa oc x Weiss) by Zillaworld
RWBY: The Daughter Of Salem ( ZillaWorld
(I do not own RWBY and I do not own the characters. They all belong to Roosterteeth.) Not a reader story Story starts at the beginning of Volume 1. A Futa oc x Weiss...
In the Year of the Cat (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
In the Year of the Cat (Queen or Sally Jay
NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK ON AMAZON! Worried she'll fail psychology and ruin her GPA, a young college girl named Julia agrees to be the guinea pig for a secret experime...
Bad habits - Roger Taylor  by mayrogers_
Bad habits - Roger Taylor by Who is Galileo?
"You know smoking is bad for you, right?" She shrugged, turning her back on the night and facing the blond male in front of her. "Maybe I like things that...
RWBY Multiverses  by supershot7
RWBY Multiverses by SuperShot7
Title pretty much says it all it's the multiverse of RWBY.
Queen Imagines!🤘 by queenstoll
Queen Imagines!🤘by sara
Queen fluff and stuff for people who love Freddie, John, Brian, and Roger!
Red~A George Weasley Love Story by rhoizm
Red~A George Weasley Love Storyby De Lioncourt
Mercury Iris Malfoy was a Slytherin. That is until she was mauled by a werewolf, suffered from a shift in personality and re-sorted into Gryffindor House. Iris quickly b...
𝐿𝑒𝑡 𝑌𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑊𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 𝑈𝑛𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑑 / 𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑘 2 {Freddie Mercury / Queen) by Original-Mikaelson
𝐿𝑒𝑡 𝑌𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑊𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 𝑈𝑛𝑓� 👑L👑
"I'm sorry." I whispered meekly. Freddie's expression was dark, his kind face now looked more cold than ever. His nostrils were slightly flared and I could tel...
Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Sally Jay
SEQUEL TO "IN THE YEAR OF THE CAT" - FOR BEST RESULTS, START THERE. Or don't. Your choice. ;) Now, the synopsis: It's been ten years since the T-Rod in...
Daughter Of A Queen by MKlein12
Daughter Of A Queenby MKlein12
Rosalie Jer Mercury, an extraordinary name given by an extraordinary Father. Freddie didn't just leave his music and his lovable personality that defined him, he also le...
Queen & Borhap x Reader Oneshots by cornfllakes
Queen & Borhap x Reader Oneshotsby milly
just some x reader oneshots of the queen boys and borhap boys aka the lomls :) includes: - freddie (i'll do my best) - brian - roger - deaky & - rami - gwilym - ben - jo...
A Man For All Seasons (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
A Man For All Seasons (Queen or Sally Jay
BOOK THREE OF THE "IN THE YEAR OF THE CAT" SERIES. Seven days is all it took for the world to go to hell. With Christmas just around the corner, the rest of Q...
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Grimm Never Cry by farmerabe
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Farmer Abe
After a long hiatus, Grimm May Cry has finally come back! Join Team RWBY, Team JNPR, and their friends as they kick back and watch the next exciting installment of the G...
Cinder's Rose (Mother! Cinder X Male Reader) (RWBY AU) by S1lver9
Cinder's Rose (Mother! Cinder X Silver
Disclaimer, I don't own any images, Characters, videos, or music used in this story. They belong to their respective owners. This is a story I've wanted to do for a whil...
RWBY||Rising Phoenix by DragonLord39
RWBY||Rising Phoenixby DragonLord39
|Slight RWBY AU | Fanfiction| Everyone knows that mercenaries fight for treasure. However, not all treasure is silver and gold. By personal invitation, Phoenix, the inf...
SPACE FACTS by _likeariot
SPACE FACTSby hallowed warriors
a random compilation of facts about the unknown.
Somebody To Love -{ English Version - Freddie Mercury Or Queen Fanfic} by msmayharold
Somebody To Love -{ English Miss May Harold
Julia Quinn, at the age of 22, after fleeing a forced engagement in Scotland, ended up in London in 1977. She needed a job, John Reid owed Julia's godmother a favor, th...
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