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Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic by Archer__Phoenix
Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-ficby Archer__Phoenix
She really wasn't expecting things to be this way. She wasn't expecting to die. Not so early. She had dreams she wanted to achieve. She wanted to change the world. To ma...
Powers Of A God Rwby X Male Reader by Saiyan8899
Powers Of A God Rwby X Male Readerby Goku Black
Y/n L/n A boy who loves watching the show Rwby and just wishes he could enter into that world and enter Beacon Academy but one night he meets the gods of light and darkn...
His Kryptonite - Broly X Reader by AshliKiwii
His Kryptonite - Broly X Readerby AshliKiwii
*SPOILER ALRET/WARNING! - This story will contain somethings from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest DBZ movie. If you haven't seen the movie proceed with caution* You...
The Lost Female Saiyan [COMPLETE] by HowlingAnime
The Lost Female Saiyan [COMPLETE]by HowlingAnime
(COMPLETED) A lost female Saiyan traveled through a dimension to this world from a fateful encounter? Figuring out she is the daughter of Bardock? Sister of the one and...
Y/n The Strongest son of goku by TheBestVirgil
Y/n The Strongest son of gokuby TheBestVirgil
This is the story of y/n, the legendary son of goku. We shall see his journey to becoming one of the strongest beings in existence. I might be using characters from Movi...
Time Blunder (Trunks x RWBY) by SixthHaven
Time Blunder (Trunks x RWBY)by Sixth Haven
It is after the Battle with Goku Black and Zamasu and you say your farewell to all your friends, you then get in the time machine and try to go back into the future but...
Issei's new life (rewrite) by Blocky3009
Issei's new life (rewrite)by Blocky3009
Rewrite of the original Issei's new life. Issei Hyoudou was known for being a good for nothing pervert. Despite his selfless actions, he was shunned insulted and later...
Dragonball Super "Assassin of universe 7" by UnusualSamurai
Dragonball Super "Assassin of univ...by UnusualSamurai
universe 6 and 7 are twin universes. We each has something in their universe which are similar to each other. Both have saiyans, namekians, and Frieza races in both of t...
Tuffle/Saiyan Male reader x Dragon ball Z Harem by MixedHutchers
Tuffle/Saiyan Male reader x Dragon...by Hutchy
(Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT are owned by Akira Toriyama and Toei animation. None of the images used in this story belong to me unless specifically sai...
Izuku yagi the ultimate saiyan by red10000g
Izuku yagi the ultimate saiyanby red10000g
Izuku yagi Once thought that he Was never going to become a hero best friend constantly encourage him all the time but I never helped Now all of that is different now th...
Deku. The mortal god by Cadjtf4
Deku. The mortal godby Cadjtf4
MHA x dragon ball. Izuku is born different from everyone. He could sense life's natural energy, or ki. He could not only sense it, but manipulate it at his will for ener...
Naruto is a Girl~ by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Naruto is a Girl~by Naruto Namikaze
Naruto is actually Naruko Uzumaki. She is banished because she hurt the "Last Uchiha". She wondered around between the Nations. She meets a man and a boy. She...
Son of The Emperor by TheBoarSin
Son of The Emperorby StaidAlarm42056
While fighting Sasuke at the Valley of The End, Naruto awakens a power never seen on the planet. At the same time, Two people are on a mission of their own to find him...
Op Male Reader X Crossover Harem by LainKraft
Op Male Reader X Crossover Haremby absolute reader
Basically you having life in fantasy world with bunch of waifus I own nothing UwU.
Vegito x hotel Transylvania  by kenshir0_kazumi
Vegito x hotel Transylvania by Kenshiro_kazumi
(In this story imma basically replace gogeta with vegito in the broly movie) when vegito and broly clash a crack appears in reality itself. Broly swaps with a different...
Goku Black's revelations Book One (Goku Black x RWBY) by Spector45
Goku Black's revelations Book One...by Spector45
Its Goku Black - sickest bad guy ever - in RWBY - where everything is also a gun.....or a weapon- I do not own Dragon Ball super or RWBY those go to their respective cre...
The Most Powerful Students Of U.A Male saiyan reader & Goki x my hero academia by lawsoncharlie2005
The Most Powerful Students Of U.A...by lawsoncharlie2005
(Y/N) and goki were both 4 and their parents were both heros and friends so goki and (Y/N) hung out alot and were great friends but sadly one day when the two of them we...
Male Reader Time Breaker X Dragon Ball by Silver_B657
Male Reader Time Breaker X Dragon...by Silver_B657
+ After a great fight he had, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself for his family and friends but instead he arrives at a place he does not recognize, due to this...
Male Saiyan Reader X Kefla by Silver_B657
Male Saiyan Reader X Keflaby Silver_B657
+He has always wanted to become stronger, just to make his father proud ... or rather to survive the great challenge that was going to be put in front of him +Dragon Bal...
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High School DxD: Burcol The Last Saiyan (High School DxD X Dragon Ball) by J_Sawbridgeworth_8
High School DxD: Burcol The Last S...by JS8
Burcol is a Saiyan who was born on planet Vegeta and was sent to Earth because of he's planet getting destroyed when he was young, but was later found by the Hyoudou fam...