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Y/n The Strongest son of goku by TheBestVirgil
Y/n The Strongest son of gokuby TheBestVirgil
This is the story of y/n, the legendary son of goku. We shall see his journey to becoming one of the strongest beings in existence. I might be using characters from Movi...
Dragonball Super "Assassin of universe 7" by UnusualSamurai
Dragonball Super "Assassin of univ...by UnusualSamurai
universe 6 and 7 are twin universes. We each has something in their universe which are similar to each other. Both have saiyans, namekians, and Frieza races in both of t...
Female Vegeta X Male Saiyan Reader by Silver_B657
Female Vegeta X Male Saiyan Readerby Silver_B657
+After two Saiyans arrived on Earth, they both began their adventure to find the Dragon Balls, during that trip they both met many people who became friends but their...
Avatar: the Legend of Goku by MitchW565
Avatar: the Legend of Gokuby Doodleboy565
After defeating King Piccolo, a 15-year-old Son Goku has agreed to train with Kami and his assistant, Mr. Popo, on the Lookout in preparation for the 23rd Tenkaichi Budo...
Time Blunder (Trunks x RWBY) by SixthHaven
Time Blunder (Trunks x RWBY)by Sixth Haven
It is after the Battle with Goku Black and Zamasu and you say your farewell to all your friends, you then get in the time machine and try to go back into the future but...
Back to Square One by Xx_Cocaito_xX
Back to Square Oneby Xx_ThePu$$¥Sl@y€®69_xX
Both Goku and Vegeta got sent back to the past to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, see our two legendary super saiyan gods, back to the age of the Raditz saga.
Anime Imagines! by VioletArks
Anime Imagines!by Violet Arks
Dragon Ball:  Pride Of A Saiyan ( Male Saiyan Reader x Android 18 ) by Dankius
Dragon Ball: Pride Of A Saiyan (...by Dankius
You know why you're here. After bio just skip to part 6. Ignore the rest And somehow #1 in android18 and db at one point
Dragon Ball Z: Kaizo by StarWaver
Dragon Ball Z: Kaizoby Seven Hearts of Light
Kaizo (Literally the name of the male lead of the story...) died and reincarnated into the world of Dragon Ball but...he was reincarnated as a character that never exist...
The Most Powerful Students Of U.A Male saiyan reader & Goki x my hero academia by lawsoncharlie2005
The Most Powerful Students Of U.A...by lawsoncharlie2005
(Y/N) and goki were both 4 and their parents were both heros and friends so goki and (Y/N) hung out alot and were great friends but sadly one day when the two of them we...
Male Reader Time Breaker X Dragon Ball by Silver_B657
Male Reader Time Breaker X Dragon...by Silver_B657
+ After a great fight he had, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself for his family and friends but instead he arrives at a place he does not recognize, due to this...
Dragonball Mae: The Early Years by kadenzajinx
Dragonball Mae: The Early Yearsby Dragonball Mae
*Completed* A prequel to Dragonball Mae. Mae is the daughter of Goku and she is Gohan's twin sister as well. After Goku died fighting Cell, the world went back to normal...
(Y/N) (L/N)'s Neptunia Adventures! - (HDN X Ultra Instinct Male Reader) by CrazyPlatinum1899
(Y/N) (L/N)'s Neptunia Adventures...by AJMasion1937
(Y/N) (L/N) is 16 year old kid. He had close friends on his school, but something changed on him...Something more special...He had a power that could be able to dodge an...
The Saiyan of Legend: Male Saiyan Reader x Dragon Ball Harem by OverlordAKX
The Saiyan of Legend: Male Saiyan...by OverlordAKX
During the Legendary destruction of the Planet Vegeta, due to the tyrannical warlord Freiza the 2nd born son of King Vegeta, simply known as Y,N. While he and his brothe...
The Daughter of a Prince by CassidyGreyson
The Daughter of a Princeby Cassidy Greyson
Arlice was a Saiyan sent to Earth as a baby. Not to kill the planet, but sent to escape being under rule of Lord Frieza, or worse, be killed like the majority of her kin...
The Ultimate Union: OP Male Saiyan Reader x OP Crossover Harem by shadowenclave47
The Ultimate Union: OP Male Saiyan...by Shadowenclave47
What if {Y/N} entered Union Academy and was never bullied/betrayed/abandoned and most of the students, teachers and headmasters were nice/good people and {Y/N} is an abs...
Tuffle/Saiyan Male reader x Dragon ball Z Harem by MixedHutchers
Tuffle/Saiyan Male reader x Dragon...by Hutchy
(Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT are owned by Akira Toriyama and Toei animation. None of the images used in this story belong to me unless specifically sai...
Goku's Daughter (DBZ) by KiaraDiazZ
Goku's Daughter (DBZ)by ☆ Kiara Diaz ☆
Chi chi wasnt just pregnant with Goten, he was born with a fierce twin sister called Gine. This is the story about the events leading up to the the young twins meeting t...
Dragon Ball Z: Awakening by DragonBallFanfiction
Dragon Ball Z: Awakeningby DragonBallFanfiction
What if Goten had never stopped training after the horror that was Kid Buu? What if he hadn't lived in peace? What if a new enemy found his way to Earth and Goten was th...
Issei's new life (rewrite) by Blocky3009
Issei's new life (rewrite)by Blocky3009
Rewrite of the original Issei's new life. Issei Hyoudou was known for being a good for nothing pervert. Despite his selfless actions, he was shunned insulted and later...