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LOTR/THEHOBBIT PREFERENCES by sherlockedthranduil
LOTR/THEHOBBIT PREFERENCESby sherlockedthranduil
mainly what the title says, also doctor who, sherlock, harry potter, the hunger games, star trek, star wars, teen wolf, marvel movies,ahs, and the mortal instruments. p...
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One-Shots [Multifanfom] by DorkyPixels
One-Shots [Multifanfom]by Queen Dorkenstien
When I get bored I write, so let's see how this goes. I do- • X Readers • Random One Shots • My Personal OC stories • Multifandom stuff I don't- • Personalize oneshots...
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Various X Reader by Cyarynn
Various X Readerby Cyarynn
Hello Reader-Chan! Welcome to my Various X Reader! Where you will experience intense fluff, casual nosebleeds, and fangirl mode on over drive. So please do enjoy keep e...
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When Fangirls and Fanboys United by bloodthirstyrebel
When Fangirls and Fanboys Unitedby bloodthirstyrebel
Fun Fact : this book cannot be seen by Mortals, Muggles, and Mundanes Just a bits of Fandoms Randomness Our motto : Fandoms before blood, always(in case you're in TFIO...
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The Fandom School by wholockfan11
The Fandom Schoolby wholockfan11
Every once and a while there will come a time when something... Different will happen for anyone, anything around the world. Well, this specific one is for a band of hig...
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Fandoms by _izzabeell_
Fandomsby _izzabeell_
Izabell is a 14 year old girl that received a letter to go to school out of town, but tragic comes when she figures out she has to leave her family behind. There she wil...
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Book of  Oneshots by bxckyslxt
Book of Oneshotsby check bio
(Requests are open!) just a bunch of gay oneshots about people being gay
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Help, I'm Alive {A Multi-Fandom Hunger Games} by KatieWeasley394
Help, I'm Alive {A Multi-Fandom Fandom Trash
~I tremble They're gonna eat me alive If I stumble They're gonna eat me alive Can you hear my heart Beating like a hammer Help I'm alive My heart keeps beating like a ha...
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Random Fandom Imagines by Breeanyn
Random Fandom Imaginesby Breeanyn
This is for all the odd shows I watch that I won't be able to categorise. I will write the characters name and the name of the story as the title. If you would also like...
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THG IMAGINES by The_Fangirl_Issuess_
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Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and other fandoms imagines by tardisonic
Supernatural, Doctor Who, tardisonic
Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and other fandom imagines. Also contains reality.
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One - Shots about every ship in Sherlock by JosephineBrine
One - Shots about every ship in Human Error
This is a collection of all ships and OTP's in Sherlock. I hope you will like it and an update will come every second Day. Here are all the Ship's and OTP's : - Johnlock...
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Gems ⇢ playlists by fantasticalfandoms
Gems ⇢ playlistsby ⌯ Clarila ⌯
| In which I make soundtracks that represent my interests |
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Imagines ☺ by multifandom_oh
Imagines ☺by multifandom_oh
This isn't an actual fanfic , it's more of an imagine book and I hope you like it ☺
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Fanfiction Covers by _multifandomgirl_
Fanfiction Coversby your worst nightmare
Request your fanfiction cover by filling in my form and I'll have a cover for you right away <3
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Fandom One-Shots by SMF420
Fandom One-Shotsby Carrot Eating Python
Well, I have countless of fandoms and it seems I can't stop thinking of one-shots. So, I decided to make this a Reader insert, pairing or OC X character. Let's just see...
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Not as Easy as it Seems: Superwholock High School AU [EDITING ATM] by bulletsbelleville
Not as Easy as it Seems: bleh
This could either be the best or the worst year for a group of sophomores at boarding school. Not to mention that there's an apparent psychopath that seems to be killing...
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A Sacred Bond by 47Souls
A Sacred Bondby “A” the Enigma. 🕉
a fateful encounter begins the friendship of 7 teens in Brooklyn, NYC in Seishin High.
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Live To Serve! An Idea Book by fiktionkat
Live To Serve! An Idea Bookby Fikky Foo~
In honor of 30 followers... And totally not stolen from @immortalpotato You guys can get some descriptions for the millions of ideas I have... Ranging from Bravely Defau...
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Fandom One Shots by DoctorDestiel221b
Fandom One Shotsby Melissa Dawn
These are just some AU multifandom one shots. If you're looking for a specific one shot of your OTP but I haven't written it yet, let me know and I'll do my best to put...
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