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I'm sorry...for everything  by summerghost_05
I'm sorry...for everything by Billie🐈‍⬛🐈
How I would imagine things happen after ep 6 of only friends. ___ Nobody had ever loved him. Not his so called friends nor his father. Not even his own mother had ever t...
My Beautiful Omega by YuzuMumu6
My Beautiful Omegaby Yuzu Mumu
" ကိုယ် မင်းနဲ့သူငယ်ချင်းမဖြစ်ချင်ဘူး။ မင်းကို ချစ်တယ် သူငယ်ချင်းလို မဟုတ်ဘူး။ မင်းကိုယ်နဲ့ တွဲနိုင်မလား။ မင်းမတွဲနိုင်ဘူးဆို ကိုယ်နဲ့ဝေးဝေးနေပေးပါ။ မင်းကိုယ့်အနားမ...
 You're Mine, I'm Yours by Yooni__Yoon
You're Mine, I'm Yoursby Yooni
Khautong, a university student and a part-timer, accidentally hit the Mafia boss with his bike. The Mafia boss forced him to work for him as compensation for breaking hi...
You Only Love Once: A FirstKhaotung Story by AllThingsFK
You Only Love Once: A Gliza
First & Khaotung are soulmates who had to live multiple lifetimes to find again the love they once shared as Kanaphan- the sugarcane plantation owner's son and Thanawat...
DYSTYCHIPHOBIA by kluen_talay
Pawin is a soft hearted person who is also the popular boy that makes him hard to turn down on someone. He fears that the person he rejected was feeling down by his acti...
Clumsy - AkkAyan by myjoongdunk
Clumsy - AkkAyanby Lis 🌻
In which Ayan owns a bakery and hires Akk as his new employee soon realizing he's the incarnation of the word clumsy. And what if that's exactly what Ayan finds so cute...
My Precious Ray Of Sun [ SandRay - Only Friends ] - complete by myjoongdunk
My Precious Ray Of Sun [ Lis 🌻
My take on the deep bathtub talk we were robbed off everything written in cursive are thoughts. TW : implied suicidal thoughts
Unexpected Love by blworld13
Unexpected Loveby bl world
Khaotung and First met when First and his girlfriend broke up, and instantly they became bestfriends. They have a pretty normal friendship until First started holding Kh...
Only You by idgaffdudee03
Only Youby notyrbabe
Cut scene from Only friends ep 6 4/4
Ex-Boyfriend's Call At 2:39 AM •Firstkhaotung• by Tearjerker_Toska
Ex-Boyfriend's Call At 2:39 AM • Jouska
At two o'clock in the morning I was playing a game in bed when I suddenly received a call from a familiar phone number.
Chasing Aurora: A FirstKhaotung Story by AllThingsFK
Chasing Aurora: A FirstKhaotung Gliza
First & Khaotung dreamt of chasing the northern lights together one day, preferably in Iceland. Together. In truth, it was Khaotung's dream for him and First to go and...
Cloudburst  / YokLongtae [ complete] by myjoongdunk
Cloudburst / YokLongtae [ Lis 🌻
I need them to kiss in the rain after a fight, one running after the other, drenched from top to bottom, confessing their love. (me @rayssunflower on twitter) I wrote th...
I will Find You |season2| by lurvecapy
I will Find You |season2|by amor
Arree they really gone or dead? What will happened if they came as a enemy... Will their lover will still protect them or fight them...
AlanGaipa Story (Ending) by Fknotkf
AlanGaipa Story (Ending)by Fknotkf
Not an original story, the result of imagination. I wrote it because I like AlanGaipa. English is not my first language so sorry if there are any wrong words^^
you are my everything |FIRSTKHAO by firstkhao_meow
you are my everything |FIRSTKHAOby Pranjal Sharma
Badfriend: To Be With You by Fknotkf
Badfriend: To Be With Youby Fknotkf
U need to read the season 1 before read this one, thank you!!
Love had no answer - ស្នេហ៍គ្មានចម្លើយ  by ShlieJinnn
Love had no answer - ស្នេហ៍គ្មានចម Shūlie Jinnn
I'll hold and kiss you better. | AkkAyan by hzkzsc
I'll hold and kiss you better. | hzkzsc
based of that episode where akk sees Ayan is having a nightmare (I might add more?) #34 firstkhaotung #26 firstkhaotung #11 akkayan