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Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Spartan Reader by Jackal2Guud
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male S...by Jackal2Guud
After accidentally traveling back in time, Spartan Y/N joins Team Rainbow in their fight against the white masks. HALO X RAINBOW SIX
An Explosive Freelancer  by AgentTorterra04
An Explosive Freelancer by AgentTorterra04
Y/N L/N or Agent Colorado is the best EO (Explosive Ordinance) user in the whole project. Although he is no where near good enough to be on the leaderboard. One day his...
The Reclamation (halo x rwby) by SpartanII25
The Reclamation (halo x rwby)by Spartan II commando
When the Janus key has been completed and the UNSC saw a Forerunner outpost that is far away from the Sol system. They sent the Infinity and her fleet along with the Arb...
Agent Alaska (Red vs Blue) by Spartan_Abby_Wren
Agent Alaska (Red vs Blue)by Agent Alaska
[BOOK 1 OF AGENT ALASKA SERIES] Agent Alaska is known as the first Freelancer in the Project... and also the secret experimental agent. At first, Alaska thinks that she'...
Matt-038 (Halo Fanfiction) by Mattchew07
Matt-038 (Halo Fanfiction)by Matthew Leong
Spartans never die... They're just missing in action. These are the infamous words said about Spartan II supersoldiers. The Spartans are the last hope to stop the alien...
The Meta Of Remnant by CSArcAngel
The Meta Of Remnantby Duramax
I don't own RWBY or Project Freelancer. I own my oc's.
Halo reach noble teams new members by bloodraven47
Halo reach noble teams new membersby Carmine
Noble six Thomas was declared KIA. Noble team being short handed needed a new Noble six, although to their surprise instead of one new member their stuck with four. Nobl...
Humanity's Lost Identity by Friend_Of_The_Souls
Humanity's Lost Identityby Friend_Of_The_Souls
The one thing everyone knows is that the Reapers are systematic. They kill. They take. They kill again. They take more. Systems. Planets. Lives. The ground they walk on...
Star Wars: the Covenant by Author_Edmund_Marois
Star Wars: the Covenantby Edmund Marois
2500 years before the rise of Darth Vader, the Old Republic is faced with a new threat; an alien empire known as the Covenant. When conflict between these two galactic p...
Halo: In League with the Spartan by MLG_watermelown
Halo: In League with the Spartanby Chibi
Falling, that was all John-117 could remember. And her, she's gone. but before the Master Chief could get recovered, debris from ships and other radioactive material pro...
The Spartans on Remnant (Halo X RWBY) by SpartanJ114
The Spartans on Remnant (Halo X RW...by SpartanJ114
Two UNSC Spartans have crash landed on an unknown planet outside UNSC space onboard the wreck of the UNSC Winters Edge, a heavily damaged Charon class light frigate. Aft...
The odd one out (Halberd destroyer x azur lane) by Codmplayer2514
The odd one out (Halberd destroyer...by Codm
The unsc iroquois a unsc halberd class destroyer small but powerful, was patroling the sigma octanus 4 when a covenant strike group attacked, the destroyer managed to re...
The Legacy of Fiend-205 (OC Story) by FiendHalo205
The Legacy of Fiend-205 (OC Story)by Fiend-205
the Human-Covenant war came to an End... Chief, Arbiter and Fiend killed truth, put an end to the Flood and destroyed Installation 08. after Arbiter and Fiend got back t...
Rookie x Rosario+Vampire by vemonsnake
Rookie x Rosario+Vampireby vemon snake dead
you are the rookie from halo odst but Separated from your team because a Big Portal go to different dimension and it place that you never get use too
halo bimbo tf by lonesomeRoads
halo bimbo tfby Long roads
an O.N.I Research station accidentally releases a new virus into the Galaxy that targets humans and there A.I, it takes male and females and turn them into bimbos,
Emerald Spartan by MachineKing123
Emerald Spartanby MachineKing123
Sierra-009 was not the luckiest Spartan II. Being stuck in the deactivated hull of the UNSC Arcturus while falling towards a planet would make one think that. But why do...
Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story) (Cancelled) by Typical_Assassin
Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story...by Typical_Assassin
Don't hate on this please, this is my first fucking attempt at fanfiction. So expect some fucking gammer errors and some mistakes. This story was inspired by other RWBY...
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Halo: the Ghost squad by scorch5555
Halo: the Ghost squadby ALPHA SCORCH62
takes place after Halo 5. after the UNSC is scattered across the galaxy. Ezra Bridger along with his AI are sent on a dangerous mission with a new team. will Ezra be abl...
A Safe World: Neptunia x ODST! Male Reader by AxlSLL
A Safe World: Neptunia x ODST! Mal...by Axel P.C.
2552. You were one of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) that were meant to land on the Solemn Penance Covenant Ship in City New Mombasa, Earth. But things went wron...
Halo x RWBY (Ruby x Reader) by Sessylu75
Halo x RWBY (Ruby x Reader)by Sessylu75
There are those who sacrifice themselves in an effort to save humanity from the brink of extinction in the Human-Covenant War. Post Covenant War the UNSC has to contend...