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The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant  by User456as
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant by User456as
When a young Ex-Gang lord was betrayed by his own blood is suddenly transported Remnant to start again... or not. Instead using his intelligence, wits and violent tenden...
After School Detention by GalaxyTachyon
After School Detentionby GalaxyTachyon
WARNING: CONTAINS LEMON! MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! Everything was all set and stone for today's school day until throughout the middle of the day, Glynda Goodwitch caught...
"The Grimm Reaper" : A Glynda Goodwitch Fanfic! by TysonYang
"The Grimm Reaper" : A Glynda Reverse Decay
-Remake of "The Reaper Of Grimms"- (It had horrible English, btw) Glynda Goodwitch, cold-hearted yet beautiful teacher at Beacon. Famous retired huntsman, glor...
Glynda X male reader by NewDeath01
Glynda X male readerby Death
You're also Ruby's uncle
The Demon Huntsman On Remnant (Discontinued) by NeverEscapeForLong
The Demon Huntsman On Remnant ( NeverEscapeForLong
Y/n Schnee was unwanted by his family after they realised that he was a faunas, now it wasn't a case of one of the parents cheating, he was just born different. The type...
Glynda's husband by TarraingMeek
Glynda's husbandby TarraingMeek
What if glynda was married?
A Witch's Love can Last Forever by ETGxPhantom
A Witch's Love can Last Foreverby Noble
"It has been quite some time, I'm glad to see you haven't changed much." Find yourself thrust back into the world of Remnant with this new story! Discover your...
The Male Maiden (RWBY & Male Reader) by MLGRed
The Male Maiden (RWBY & Male Red
What if, a man somehow inherited the powers of a Maiden? Well, more so a teen. Join (Y/n) on his adventure against criminals, grimm, and a vengeful ex!
Jaune the Jedi Knight by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune the Jedi Knightby Jaunedice Forever
After Order 66, Jaune a Jedi Sentinel formerly on Guard Duty was able to survive and escape. He made his ay back home to Remnant in the Unknown Regions. He hopes that no...
Two Souls (Male Ghost Rider Reader X RWBY) by yodudehaha
Two Souls (Male Ghost Rider -_Jordan_-
Cover photo made by @TimmyShadowKing (Y/n) (L/n). A young man who suffers from a dark past. After some unfortunate events leading to his father's death and ultimately hi...
betrayed juane becomes a monster slayer by Edaj1908
betrayed juane becomes a monster Edaj1908
juane arc is a student of beacon academy he was a friend of team rwby and npr. and one day juane saw cardin was about to get stab by a grim and he decide to save him. b...
Beacon's dark Knight  by leone_solaris
Beacon's dark Knight by leone_solaris
All he wanted was to be a hero a shining knight like his ancestors before him. Now that's impossible no team, no family, no friends, no future. All he has now is to wai...
Professionals! (Glynda X MaleReader) by GiexesAdris
Professionals! (Glynda X Christopher Umbra
A lot of the students of Beacon has been wondering "Does Ms. Glynda Goodwitch have a boyfriend?" "How's her love life?" "Is she interested in so...
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant: Rising Storm by User456as
The Mad Bounty Hunter of User456as
After the fall of Beacon Academy and the death of the Fall Maiden who Hector killed himself, he has decided to do something neither side has considered ever happening: F...
I Mean Disrespect : ( RWBY ) Harem x A**hole Male Reader by Ninjamain
I Mean Disrespect : ( RWBY ) Ninjamain
One super cocky and badass teenager headed for Beacon. However, he will have to endure a crappy life before the fun stuff happens. Join (Y/n) on his journey to kick ass...
Tough Love by cc282972
Tough Loveby Toonz
You guys already know this shit gonna be good!!!! Fair warning if this book does really well I will put a special chapter in the story for those dammed wankers out there...
The Good Witch by defyes
The Good Witchby defyes
Grace and Xander have been best friends since Xander's family moved to Middleton six years ago. One night a new family moves into Middleton. The town's new doctor, Sam...
Nick and Grace true love book 1 by rosie75465
Nick and Grace true love book 1by rosie75465
Nick is new in town and moves in next to Grace who lives in grey house
Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader) (Discontinued Temporarily) by Reaper-fire
Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader) ( Reaper-fire
Little y/n isn't like everyone else in remnant, the first thing is they were born a fanus to human (and quite racist and crappy parents at that) who were strongly agains...
Inappropriate Conduct in the Workplace (Glynda Goodwitch x Male reader) by Filthy-meme_star
Inappropriate Conduct in the kek cuck
A brand new combat teacher arrives at Beacon to open a new more advanced combat skills class. There you meet Glynda Goodwitch, the teacher of the current combat class. Y...