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Monster high: Hail to the King by budman94
Monster high: Hail to the Kingby buddy chumley
this is the story of my oc george zilla the son of godzilla and his journey on becoming the kaiju king
Rodan X (F) Reader ~Complete!~ by AuthorFox
Rodan X (F) Reader ~Complete!~by AuthorFox
(Y/N) Is a fourteen year-old girl who was about to enter her life as a stowaway when all of a sudden, the volcano of Isla De Mara erupts, from the depths of the lava eme...
Gigan's DOOMed Brother by DraconianLover009
Gigan's DOOMed Brotherby DraconianLover009
Many, many years ago, when Gigan was young, she had an older brother. He was immensely strong. Capable of leveling mountains in a single punch. He preferred heavy brutis...
Human among Kaijus (Kaiju girls x male reader) by Luzius1
Human among Kaijus (Kaiju girls x...by Luzius1
Our protagonist finds himself, after his ship got wrecked, on monster island, home of many creatures. But most importantly, the home of the Kaijus. And what happens, if...
Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titans by Zilla2000
Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titansby
For hundreds of years humanity thought that the titans were the top of the food chain but they were wrong now there are something that are more bigger,faster, stronger,s...
izuku the kaiju king by Dmain900
izuku the kaiju kingby Dmain 9000
this story is one where only females have quirks and our little izuku is ignored and bullied by all but his sister. Their will be a couple cross overs. nothing in this s...
Godzilla The King Of The Monsters x reader by blackdragon789
Godzilla The King Of The Monsters...by Black Angel of Darkness
(y/n) wishes that the Godzilla the king of the monsters are real she wanted to meet him she doesn't care if their city is going to be destroyed and the world as long she...
RWBY: Last of the Titans by TimmyShadowKing
RWBY: Last of the Titansby Tim Gibbons
(Be sure to read the description) The great Titans were Kaiju that were thought to be legends and worshipped by both humans and faunus's. When the Brother God's left the...
Male reader x various female monsters by MonsterKing8760
Male reader x various female monst...by MonsterKing8760
This story is about a guy called Y/n, kind of mysterious guy that has weird bloodline. Kind of a problem. Especially several female sci-if monsters are after his love! N...
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds(Male Eva pilot reader) by OnslaughtLives_27
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds(Mal...by Kevin Hernandez
Darkness assembles as the fate of many worlds hang in the balance. As timelines, reality, and events are being alter,destroyed and combine. A pilot named Y/n Ikari (a.k...
The Wrath of Gojira(Male Godzilla 1954 Reader x Cheater RWBY) by DraconianLover009
The Wrath of Gojira(Male Godzilla...by DraconianLover009
Pain. Betrayed. That's all that, (Y/n) a powerful dinosaur faunus. But when his girlfriends, the only people that supported cheat on him and shun him, he feels betrayed...
Pacific Rim - (Raleigh Becket) by trident_03
Pacific Rim - (Raleigh Becket)by Georgia Twilight
Kristen has lost her whole family to a Kaiju. She had lost her parents while running from one and her sister while fighting. Kristen meets Mr Becket, Raleigh after 5 yea...
Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x Godzilla Faunus Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x G...by ShaNEON_757
This is a crossover story I wanted to do for a while since I am a fan of Godzilla, and for all those fans that is both a RWBY and Godzilla fan. This is a story for you. ...
Fallen In Love ☑( Knb book 1?) by Cv_lee
Fallen In Love ☑( Knb book 1?)by Akaashi Yeril
Have you ever felt like you werent fit in? Well your in luck, cause this one is like that but its all about basketball. You were just a little one when your brother play...
The Lone Male Mutation (Human Zilla x MGE) by DraconianLover009
The Lone Male Mutation (Human Zill...by DraconianLover009
After Zilla's final death by his son, he wakes up in a smaller pudgier, more human form. He seems to be lying in a small woven basket, wrapped up in a small woven blanke...
Speed of the Gods {Request} (Ruby Rose X Male Reader) by RyanJersey
Speed of the Gods {Request} (Ruby...by Ryan Jersey
This was a request. So there's issues in Vale, one thing that no one truly knows about is what lives beneath. A true Savior of Humanity cast out.
Attack on Titan: King of the Monsters by bluewhale02
Attack on Titan: King of the Monst...by bluewhale02
Godzilla has went through a mysterious portal that sends him back in time and gives him the ability to talk. He ends up back in the year 845 where he meets Eren Yeager...
Staring~ Imallexx (Alex), Bluesdank (Henry), Kappa kaiju (Couldn't find this bitches name), QuackityHQ (Alexis), kwite(Tyler), wildspartanz (Brandon), pyrocynical(Niall)...
Long Ago before Dust was even discovered; Remnant was ruled by Gods. Many of these Gods had names. Mothra, Rodan, MUTO, and many others. And just like Wolves and Lions;...
Larger Than Life ~a Pacific Rim Fanfiction~ by Imnotwhatyouwant
Larger Than Life ~a Pacific Rim Fa...by QuoteTheRavenNevermore
Aliah Hansen, aka Ali, is daughter of none other than Hercules Hansen and Chuck's older sister. While she's still in the Academy she meets Yancy and Raleigh Becket. From...