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A natural born five star chef by oauyshaji
A natural born five star chefby oauyshaji
(Warning, if you're hungry, do not read!) After traveling all over the world, Y/N trussardi decided to make japan his home What will the people there think of his food (...
Murasaki x Male Reader by SusanooHands
Murasaki x Male Readerby The Yandere Chadly McChaderson
This is Murasaki x Caring Male Reader Age : 17 Hobbies : Playing video games Height : 162 cm (5'4") The 3 very important measurements : B105-W59-H88 (41"-23&qu...
senran kagura: Strangereal (Tsubaki X Oc) Completed by lockheedhenesy
senran kagura: Strangereal ( lockheed henesy
Lex hills is a deadly ace pilot they called him destroyer 2 years of peace until lex is sucked in the world of shinobi. Mature
Senran Kagura Gamer by jonathanwynn777
Senran Kagura Gamerby Ultimate Lightning 2.0
Not Male Reader This will set during season 1 on Senran Kagura enough said.
Ninjas Among The Devils (Kamen Rider Shinobi x High School DxD)   by Gno_Read
Ninjas Among The Devils (Kamen Gno Read
In a world where Devils, Angles and Fallen Angels exist. They keep their existence a secret form humanity but unbeknown to them, their existence have already been discov...
Shinobi Hero (Badass Izuku x "Yandere" senran kagura)  by NasimaKhatun5
Shinobi Hero (Badass Izuku x " RED Z
(My number 6 fanfiction) This is a (My hero academia x Senran kagura) story Izuku midoriya or known as the Hero in training 'Deku' died in his own universe. Before dyin...
Y/N Neo VS Union Academy by ShinzaGodWarrior
Y/N Neo VS Union Academyby TechnoGodSaga
Y/N Neo was just your average boy. He hated school and loved video games and manga. He was at the moment of graduating he was then pulled into another world and is gifte...
Reawakening {REWRITE}: Legendary Male Saiyan Reader x Mass Crossover Harem by shadowenclave47
Reawakening {REWRITE}: Legendary Shadowenclave47
As an ace student of Union Academy who excelled in ki, {Y/N} had a bright future ahead of him. Unfortunately, all of his hopes and dreams came crashing down when he sudd...
The Blind Ninja (Marvel's Daredevil x Senran Kagura) by trooper19000
The Blind Ninja (Marvel's TheAtomsphere
Jack Murdock, named after Mathew Murdock's father the original Daredevil. Has arrived in Japan where he carries the title of "Man Without Fear" until he encoun...
broken heart who lost everything ( Senran Kagura X Male Reader X Crossover Girls by Arthurpendragon285
broken heart who lost everything ( Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
this would be about a boy name Y/n who has normal boy who was transfer to hanzo academy, however was betray by them only realize what they have done, a boy who lost His...
The dark Y/N's multiverse  by DJMM15
The dark Y/N's multiverse by Masked writer
Vortex:same has the original multiverse but what if different versions of Union may have taking things to far Wait of they created Y/N's that welcomed the darkness and a...
Senran Kagura hero by JumboIgnir
Senran Kagura heroby JumboIgnir
Deku suddenly teleports to Senran Kagura universe and will become hero there while in the way gaining a big ninja harem hehe 😈
Senran Kagura X Kamen Rider Shinobi: The Tale of the Legendary Super Ninja by KRNexusZ99
Senran Kagura X Kamen Rider KR Nexus
Ryuuto Kagemaru, a normal highschool student, stumbled upon an mysterious bottled gourd in a hidden room at the Kyoto tower. Within the bottle is a powerful artifact use...
The Shinobi From The Hidden Leaf(Male Reader x Senran Kagura harem) by MEMEmasterr420
The Shinobi From The Hidden Leaf( .
You left Konoha to find some adventure.Adventure you did find but in the form of meeting the Hanzo girls.As both of your worlds collide you have to defeat a new evil tha...
Union's Enderian Crafter by Beta_A76
Union's Enderian Crafterby Blazing_Beta_C3
A Minecraft Gamer just died in his world but what if he's going to be Reincarnated into the world of Union but before he was going Reincarnated he met God that is goings...
Female Characters x My OC by SonicKev101
Female Characters x My OCby SonicKev101
(Disclaimer: I do not own these characters they belong to their owners. My OC belongs to me.) (Warning: This following book series will contain depression, incest, sucid...
the god of the monsters of Union (op Abused Male Reader x Union Academy)  by DezsoTeo
the god of the monsters of Union ( omni godzilla 9000
(y/n) (l/n) lived on earth, where 99%of the population had powers like quirks, semblances, sacred gears, ninja arts. Etc the best of these people with powers go to union...
River bear by MCPELuisTuican
River bearby MCPELuis Tuican
Kumagawa Misogi has long since absolved the Hokinawa academy. He has gone through the world trying to satisfy his never ending hunger for distruction. When he got a requ...
Rin x Male Reader by _Ice_is_Cool
Rin x Male Readerby Ice
Another Senran Kagura story?! Yep. I'm very excited to be writing this one and I hope you all enjoy it! I do not own Senran Kagura or any of it's characters. I also do...