New World, New Peop...
By ShaNEON_757
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This is a Crossover Harem x Necromancer Male Reader story I wanted to do for a long time, the animes involved in this story will be in the cover, but in the Bio I will take requests of any other anime you want to be in this story. On a world there was one guy who was outcasted by everyone because of what he is and this is a Necromancer, he was insulted, beaten, bullied, rejected, and hated by everyone. One day he had enough and decided to destroy the city he lived in and flew out into the planet's orbit traveling through space, through his travels he crashes into another planet which surprisingly to him doesn't hate him, but also accepts him considering the population is mostly not human. He gets invited to the academy where he learns everything about that world and also gets the attention of female students and teachers at that academy, and that makes him one lucky Necromancer. Disclaimer: I do not own the animes included in this story, they belong to their rightful owners.

Bio-Hairstyle, Outfit, Magic Circle

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New World...
by ShaNEON_757