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I'm no Shinobi not anymore Kamen Rider Gaim reader x Senran Kagura by KamenRiderfan21
I'm no Shinobi not anymore Kamen R...by Kamen Rider Shinobi21
this a story where you are Kamen Rider Gaim and expect things to get sad later on in the story
Senran kagura x Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The New Doctors (Male Reader Insert) by Fenix1475
Senran kagura x Kamen Rider Ex-Aid...by Fenix1475
The previous Kamen Riders have left the CR in new hands of young Doctors, Shinobi continue their training in the dark. Little did they know, that a new threat involved S...
Kagura x oc by mscupcakie
Kagura x ocby mscupcakie
Akane uchiha is the sister of sarada uchiha,When akane was five years old she disappeared from her house and after some hourswhen she returned she unlocked the mangekyou...
Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer || Volume 1 (FT Women x fem!reader) [COMPLETE] by cowboydinkie
Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer |...by Tofu
This story features an OP (Y/n), who is a Fairy Tail mage. She follows the Fairy Tail storyline with the occasional original content. Oh and another twist? This kid is g...
Lovely (Ruby x Dyrroth) by nonafie
Lovely (Ruby x Dyrroth)by i have 0 inspiration c:
'And who are you?' Ruby asked warily. The man stepped into the beam of light spilling from between the leaves of two tall trees. Ruby's breath caught in her throat. He w...
Trying to Kill Each Other Doesn't Count as Flirting (or Does it?) by MargueritePartello
Trying to Kill Each Other Doesn't...by MargueritePartello
[Okita Sougo x Reader] When Okita is tasked with bodyguarding the daughter of a prominent noble family, he expects nothing more than long, boring days of shopping, and c...
Omae wa mou shindearu (Kenshiro reader x massive crossover) by RandomnessLord
Omae wa mou shindearu (Kenshiro re...by RandomnessLord
You are Y/n Kasumi, a young mechanic who was looked down upon and bullied by the Union Academy. The sadness caused you to unlock a power that triumphs over every quirk...
Senran Kagura Isekai! by Attackingoreos
Senran Kagura Isekai!by Oreo
A pretty self explanatory title, a boy named Will gets transported into the Senran Kagura universe. Will's job is to take down an evil ninja that was also summoned to th...
Silver Lining by MyrianCarydark
Silver Liningby Carrie
「雪はげし 抱かれて息の つまりしこと」 - "It snows violently - I was hugged - and choked." ~ Hashimoto Takako. It is snowing. It is so cold. So... very cold... I am being embr...
Lucy Heartfilia Higurashi (Sesshomaru love story) by FaiqahFarouk
Lucy Heartfilia Higurashi (Sesshom...by Puteri Raisya
Lucy Heartfilia Higurashi was adopted by Higurashi family. She was a same age as Kagome. Her biological mother was died since she was six years old but she never know wh...
The Shinobi Are Out For Blood (Finished) by DevinBates9
The Shinobi Are Out For Blood (Fin...by Dr. Mario
Asuka and the rest of the girls from each Academy were about to get marrried by a guy name James But he was killed by Dogen. The girls caught wind of this and are out fo...
Time Traveler Katsumi by Weezie_24
Time Traveler Katsumiby weezerz2490
Katsumi Dubois thought she was just your average American girl, until she visited a certain Japanese shrine. Join Katsumi on her journey through feudal Japan with Inuyas...
(Y/N)'s Multiverse by DemonMeliodas987
(Y/N)'s Multiverseby Mad Paradox
Wait, wait, wait, wait! Are you telling me that there is not only one or two (Y/N), but an entire multiverse of them!? The characters and images belong to their respecti...
MOBILE LEGENDS: Heroes background stories by hellodaeniella
MOBILE LEGENDS: Heroes background...by meow
Every heroes has different background stories. Each of them has different mission and what are they doing in the Land of Dawn? These background stories are from MOBILE L...
bullie Senran Kagura x bullied male x overprotetive sisters by RCN-1138
bullie Senran Kagura x bullied mal...by Not Imposter
everything wrong when your father passed away your mother ran out on you and your sister and it was up to her to take care of you but due to her being so overprotective...
The Cat's Daughter (A Fruits Basket fanfic) by weeb_forever21
The Cat's Daughter (A Fruits Baske...by Abigail Fireheart
After the curse had been broken the Soma family decided to have a party to celebrate.Shigure crack open the alcohol and decided to have a contest. Kyo becomes apart of i...
Okita as the Protagonist  by imanostalingrade
Okita as the Protagonist by Lady Emma 19
its a gintama fan fic when the protagonist is sougo, not gin-chan :) .. well .. that's obvious sence im writing a fic about him, and im feeling so stupid now .. so gomii...
The Monthly Couple: (Mobile Legends fanfic) by forlive4
The Monthly Couple: (Mobile Legend...by forlive4
(mobile legends popstar au) In which two people are forced to date for a month. all characters and events are fictional and belongs in the game MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG.
The Royal Romance/ Fairy Tail/ Royal AU (On Hold) by NvWlflst
The Royal Romance/ Fairy Tail/ Roy...by NøvàWølf ßlàst
-I Don't Own Any Of The Characters- This story includes - Gruvia, Nalu, Jerza, Gajevy/GaLe, Miraxus, Stingyu, Rogura, and Rowen A common thief has stolen from multiple k...
A Monster's Property by BabyShipper
A Monster's Propertyby BabyShipper
6 broken girls. 6 mystical boys. 6 magical love stories. They managed to find sanctuary in each other, but was it really a coincidence? Or are they all pawns in a game c...