Metal Gear RWBY: Bi...
By carpboy009
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Update To Description: March 29, 2019 HOW THE F*CK DID THIS STORY HIT #1 in the metalgear tags?! Hot damn! Thanks guys Seriously! Venom Snake AKA Big Boss had one purpose. to mislead the world. while the Real Big Boss was out doing what he does best, Venom Snake was taking his place forming the Diamond Dogs. But that was years ago. Since then times have changed, War has changed, but Venom never got to see any of it. He wakes up in a mysterious forest with old weapons and a younger body, where he meats 8 young kids who say they've come to take him to a school? why would a school want him? All he knows is how to fight, how to shoot, and how to not get caught. just where did he end up finding himself?

Waking up in unknown territory

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Metal Gea...
by carpboy009