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My cold husband - Tk ✔️ by _kookielucious_
My cold husband - Tk ✔️by kookielucious
Complete ♡(∩o∩)♡ where jungkook get married to taehyung because of business deal made by their dads but taehyung hate jungkook because his gf leave him will he ever lov...
Lesbian smut 🩵 by writerxoxobae
Lesbian smut 🩵by writerxoxobae
Just a bunch of short Story's filled with smut and a little plot 🩷🩷🩷
Step Dad(dy) ||Jungkook 21+|| by JiminsLostjams420
Step Dad(dy) ||Jungkook 21+||by 🚶🏻‍♀️
"Shhh lower your voice, your mom is outside bathroom she..... should not hear this should she?"
Bad Boy taekook ff by Btsf580
Bad Boy taekook ffby Btsforever
The new transfer student meets school bad boy on the first day...what will happen? nothing can go wrong right? "well not president..but he is kim taehyung..he is th...
Daddy's Baby Girl by Russian_Cow_
Daddy's Baby Girlby Russian_Cow
*Ally blushed and turned back to the mirror, still covering herself. Ted slowly walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her naked waist. Ally pushes his hand away...
Yoonmin oneshots and short stories  by ilovejm2016
Yoonmin oneshots and short stories by BTS ARMY 💜💜
*ONLY TOP JIMIN * Jimin top yoongi bottom If you are looking ofr top jimin then you are in right place this is my first writing hope you don't mind if there is any mi...
Mr.Jeon's Heart|Taekook FF| by Plutocracy4820
Mr.Jeon's Heart|Taekook FF|by Armani
Jeon Jungkook: A 26 year old rude and short tempered CEO of JK Jewels and Cars. Very ruthless with his words. His employees are absolutely terrified of him and the thoug...
automatic stop, bradley bradshaw by hollywillow-
automatic stop, bradley bradshawby bri ˎˊ˗
❝ i wanted you, you wanted me ❞ b. bradshaw x mitchell!oc top gun: maverick (2022) 🛩 lowercase intended © hollywillow-
ស្អប់ប្រែស្រលាញ់ ( Complete ✔️)  by iamrielriel
ស្អប់ប្រែស្រលាញ់ ( Complete ✔️) by RIEL-រៀល
|មានលក់ជា File PDF| ប្រភេទប្រលោមលោកខ្លីបែបស្រើបស្រាល🔞 BL TAEKOOK Jeon Jungkook Top/ Kim Taehyung Bottom អ្នកនិពន្ធ: Riel
Top Gun Imagines by honeybeeDewdrops
Top Gun Imaginesby Honey Bee
All Imagines are about Top Gun and are mine you can also find them on Tumblr.
ស្វាមី38ឆ្នាំ ( Complete ✔️) by iamrielriel
ស្វាមី38ឆ្នាំ ( Complete ✔️)by RIEL-រៀល
Only His. ✔︎ by loveologyyy
Only His. ✔︎by
"Sir, im not sure if"- he cut me off with one of his dark chuckles. His hazel eyes looking into mine, his black fluffy hair messed up over his eyes. I won't li...
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My Husband and Son Suffocated by my Care by KimjJeonT3001
My Husband and Son Suffocated by TaeKookFF
This is a story of Family where both the husbands care and Love for each other. But, When the top one and his son feels suffocated by bottom's care .... Let's see what...
Rebirth Of A Male Empress by Alanyx_04
Rebirth Of A Male Empressby Alanyx
Author: QueenOfAllTrix Status: Ongoing [Rebirth Series #1] Synopsis A modern man whom all wanted is to survive in this cruel world ended up being pitied by the world and...
Don't Give You a Bite   by coffeenrie
Don't Give You a Bite by lilyarie
Short Title: DGYB Alternate Title: 不给你咬 Status: Completed Author: White Clouds Genre: Yaoi Chi Le had a dream. In the dream, he was sleeping with his deadly rival. He sm...
Random  skz oneshots by Sannaloveskz
Random skz oneshotsby Sannalovesskz
Short smutty stories of skz. Please tell me what you think, I'm open for suggestions! Thank you for reading. <3
Baby Mav by BriNanny17
Baby Mavby BriNanny17
Pete "Maverick" Mitchell has lost a lot over the years; his best friend, his wife, and the sudden risk of losing his career. After over thirty years of service...
Stepmother  is my darling by Candy3911
Stepmother is my darlingby Candy 🍬 🍭
ဒေါ်နွယ်နီခင် + ညှို့ရတုငယ်
Dressed as the cannon fodder boss of the disabled heroine [GL] [MTL] by yurimtl
Dressed as the cannon fodder YuriMTL
Pei Yuxuan in the last days is the endorsement of cold and abstinence, iron-faced and selfless, and is notoriously difficult. After the death of the bloody battle, Pei Y...
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Maybe This Is Love, |✔️ by killerberri
Maybe This Is Love, |✔️by N I C O L E
Harley-Blair Thompson is afraid to speak... Parker Sorrisi is afraid to love... She has a personality disorder and he doesn't know. A slightly awkward tale of how two ve...