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The One Who Got Away by imagined_reality
The One Who Got Awayby imagined_reality
(Also posted on AFF.) They met when he was the newest singing sensation to rock the kpop music scene. He had the perfect blend of looks, wit, charisma with the added b...
Sunset | Kwon Ji Yong by negan_trash
Sunset | Kwon Ji Yongby 지연
I'm Ahn So Young , my mother abandoned on the side of a road at the age of 12. Not much later I was found by a notorious gangster. As he took care of me I realized, I h...
If You by keepcalmandyehet
If Youby Mikayla Tyler
Emily Carter is one of the hottest up-and-coming writers in America, but when she gets hired to write a book about BIGBANG, she finds herself butting heads with G DRAGON...
yandere // Possession & Obsession by dark_ashley
yandere // Possession & Obsessionby Dark_Ashley
~ I write yandere chapters for you. ~ { Requests are open } ~ Book started 7~21~17 ~ *Might be a slow on updating since I have school *Credits to the owner...
Ji yong & me [G dragon/ Kwon Jiyong fanfic] by soberparties
Ji yong & me [G dragon/ Kwon soberparties
Ji yong has never had anyone special in his life, but he can't help but notice his makeup artist, Chang Bora. They both start to fall for each other, but how will his pa...
kwon jiyong x you; blurbs by kwnjyng
kwon jiyong x you; blurbsby kwnjyng
stories of you and your one and only, kwon jiyong aka gdragon.
Insomnia (blackvelvet) by bpstars
Insomnia (blackvelvet)by 𝓒𝓱𝓪
Nine girls. One death. Can you survive the night?
Mentor (G-Dragon Fan Fiction) by virtualunnie
Mentor (G-Dragon Fan Fiction)by virtualunnie
"I don't want to see more doctors and get more pills and pretend that it's fixing things when it's not...I'll deny her in public, I'll do whatever you want. Just do...
𝐑𝐄𝐃 ; 𝟐𝐍𝐄𝟏'𝐒 𝟓𝐓𝐇 𝐌𝐄𝐌 永远
❝ she is the fucking red queen ❞ in which 2NE1 was a group of five members instead of four 2ne1's 5th member T0KY0NIGHTS ® 2018
My Bully Loves Me!? ✅ by valerialeyva123
My Bully Loves Me!? ✅by Hongjoong’swifeu
Where Park Y/N's bully a.k.a Lee Know falls for her through out the time they have left in school. Would they be able to fall in love in just 3 weeks?
LA DI DA- kpop girl group  by peachxlic_
LA DI DA- kpop girl group by A.
踢它- #.LA DI DA- kpop girl group "Yeah, We some bitches, You can't manage" #IN WHICH you get to known the girls who rule the genre of Kpop (girl group! oc x...
Sucker for Love by TheGorjessica
Sucker for Loveby heavenanddisaster
Sometimes, people are blinded by the whole idea of love. They tend to do actions, make the wrong decisions, and feel the wrong emotions just because of a person. They te...
Crooked by lynn_tabby
Crookedby Tabby Lynn
Tabby is a member of one of the biggest Kpop groups, BTS. Being the only girl can be hard sometimes, but loving someone who doesn't want to be loved is even harder. Jiyo...
G-Dragon and You by stickysweetspice
G-Dragon and Youby stickysweetspice
"G-Dragon and You" is a collection of drabbles, or scenarios. Ever thought about what would happen if you were on a date with G-Dragon? Or if you were fina...
REALLY (Completed) by yyeogi
REALLY (Completed)by Pam
"If you really love me, tell me. That you can't go out a day without me, that you want me so much, that you obsess over me." Main Characters: Lisa Manoban Jen...
ONLY BAE ❁ KPOP IDOL by babybird211
❝ YG PRINCESS ❞ ❝ NATION'S FIRST LOVE ❞ ❝ BAE DAISY ❞ ❝ Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch? ❞ ➳ BAE DAISY, YG FEMALE SOLOIST, WHO DEBUTED IN 2012 ❁
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Android 0327 by AuthorManoban
Android 0327by Zoey
[COMPLETED] Android 0327 Lalisa Manoban created by a couple of engineers namely Kwon Jiyong and Lucas. Android 0327 was entering a risky society where robots are secretl...
Kwon Siblings | vsoo  ✓ by euphoricninja
Kwon Siblings | vsoo ✓by chibwi
What is it like to have 3 famous idols/good-looking brothers? Jisoo can tell you about that. Idols family members are dug up by fans. It seems that their family members...
[COMPLETED] Bad Reputation II Myoui Mina x Reader (Female) II by R2E4D_
[COMPLETED] Bad Reputation II _T W I C E_
Blaire Ashley, Her Korean name is Jaeheum. She's the Main Vocalist of a three member group. She's not like any other K-pop idols. Before she even debut as an Idol she ha...
My Cold Princess [J.J.K] *Editing* by Niniko13
My Cold Princess [J.J.K] *Editing*by ^^NINI^^
What I'm about to say is probably the most selfish thing I've ever said in my life. I love you...