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Love Leads To Pain by kiaranicole17
Love Leads To Painby kiaranicole17
Mia and Zach fell inlove at a early age. in 9th grade. Ten years later they are still inlove, thinking about getting married but what happens to their love when Zach mee...
The Empress's Revenge  by Bird-Goddess
The Empress's Revenge by Nevaeh
"You really have forgotten your place!" I looked up from my documents. Tasheyo was standing over me, trembling with fury. "I beg your pardon?" He...
Bitter sweet affair  by kayyyceee16
Bitter sweet affair by Christabel kennedy
You know how they say, marriages are made in heaven? Well her's was arranged by her parents. Not able to defile her parents,she reluctantly agreed.. Living with an unfam...
To Love A Gangster by rachel2k22
To Love A Gangsterby Rachel
When rising Gangster Danny Capardi takes over the family business, his first job is to collect a debt from Joey O’Connor anyway he sees fit, but things are about to beco...
A Deal With the Devil by daddyugh31
A Deal With the Devilby Meklorka
Prince Karanos of Wales is betrothed to Princess Meklorka of England since the age of 3. As they are born, a dragon egg is placed along side them in the crib to hatch in...
Love Brews at Café by Secrets_lilyx
Love Brews at Caféby xoxo
In the enchanting small town of Willowbrook, Samantha and Noah's lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Samantha, a dreamer with a heart full of hope, yearns for adventure...
Klaus and Elena one shots by The_oak
Klaus and Elena one shotsby The_oak
Klena one shots, may include human au
One Little Lie by abbaswife
One Little Lieby Little One 🤭
Divorce. Fame. Love in the limelight. Frida Lyngstad and Benny Andersson married in 1978 and were together since 1969. They had it all. They were together for 12 years...
Defenders by MP13Girl
Defendersby McKenna
The Defensive Affairs Unit is a top-secret, super-powered society that protects the planet from threatening villains. After being recruited, the new recruits are split i...
The Show Goes On by hynabeana
The Show Goes Onby Malparida
In 1987, Brandi Marciano turned 22, dropped out of college and went to work for the man who would ultimately become the biggest name in Wall Street anyone had ever heard...
The Bodyguard by imcooltbh
The Bodyguardby kaye <3
My first short story. I hope you love it <3
Shattered Trust: Secrets of the Oak Tree by Sherisery
Shattered Trust: Secrets of the Jeanel9
In the story "Shattered Trust: Secrets of the Oak Tree," Lily, a girl with unwavering trust in her best friend Emma, faces a devastating discovery. Unbeknownst...
𝐇𝐎𝐔𝐒𝐄 𝐎𝐅 𝐁𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐍𝐒 || Scaramouche || by SCYKHS
"If it hurts to breathe, open a window." Scaramouche falls in love with a girl who is not emotionally available, and while she's seeing him drama occurs within...
Clandestine : A SasuNaru Story by fishcaketomato
Clandestine : A SasuNaru Storyby Hyde
🔞 Naruto and Sasuke were once lovers. But mistakes and circumstances had caused them to go their separate ways and marry different people. Unable to contain their love...
Hugs & Kisses (COMPLETED) by thebwoodgirl
Hugs & Kisses (COMPLETED)by Advani Malhotra
Love bloomed between Ayan and Anya within 4 days of meet and they got married.. 2 years after Anya found herself in a bad condition with Ayan, when she started to feel s...
my father's dirty Little secret by LenoraWalker840
my father's dirty Little secretby Lenora Walker
this story is about a girl named Nisha Williams Nisha is 23 years old she lives in New York when she was grades in Los Angeles her parents are both attorneys Nisha adore...
Katniss and Peeta by mill_1234
Katniss and Peetaby Millie A.
After Mockingjay we all thought that Katniss and Peeta would live happy, stress and terror free lives. Unfourtantely this is not the case. Katniss and Peeta are married...
Him. Life wasn't easy for him in the past. He was kind and caring until he learned how the world treated us in return of kindness. He swore, swore that he would be back...
Affairs of the heart by xxxTheKinklesxx
Affairs of the heartby xxx The Kinkles xx
John McVie finds out his wife, Christine is having an affair and deals with it best he can...
You're Busy Drawing Hearts // Tony Perry by ChloeLouiseT__
You're Busy Drawing Hearts // Chloe Louise
((Sequel to This Love Was Out Of Control)) "We're about to have a baby!" I scream at him, obviously frustrated. "You know what, I'm going to call the guys...