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Vision (Original) by Lauren_Sophie_
Vision (Original)by Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED Please note this is the original version of 'Vision', you can find the new rewritten version that I am currently writing on my profile. Nineteen-year-old Charl...
To Love a Demon by Lauren_Sophie_
To Love a Demonby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED. Avery was best friends with the soon to be alpha of the pack, she was so sure they'd be mates. But her world is abruptly ripped apart when her pack is attacke...
A New Dawn (completed) by Yellow1017
A New Dawn (completed)by Yellow1017
What would you do if you found out everything you grew up to know was a lie. And the day you figure it out you turn into a freaking wolf! The whole time you grew up you...
The Rejected Mate's Children by mmacdonald22
The Rejected Mate's Childrenby Morgann McDonald
Highest Ranking: #1 in triplets Meeting your mate, or as the case may be, mates at a party drunk is not the best way to get to know each other. Them leaving you in bed a...
The Alphas & The Heiress by Sylibant
The Alphas & The Heiressby Sylibant
Mature: 18+ He kisses along her neck, between her breasts, and down her stomach. "You look beautiful like this. Your tight, pink p***y stretched around his c**k.&qu...
I'm [Not] An Alpha!  by Ggukie_Tokki
I'm [Not] An Alpha! by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Jungkook presents as an omega, but his family are all alpha? So, the only way he had thought is... Act like an alpha... Meaning he also have to lie to his family, not...
The blood alphas little girl  by kiramcdonaldhello
The blood alphas little girl by Kira mcdonald hii
She is shy caring submissive and is loved by all but what happens when her 16th birthday comes around and she is the mate of two daddy Dom alphas. They are known as the...
The Guardian Wolf and Her Alpha by FriendlyMenace98
The Guardian Wolf and Her Alphaby Mikayla Lawler
Tessa Parker is on the run. She has the strength and speed that is greater than any werewolf even an Alpha. She is a Guardian Wolf. Once respected protecters of packs ev...
Double the Trouble, and Maybe the Fun by drunkteddybear
Double the Trouble, and Maybe drunkteddybear
Haven was an alphas daughter. Although she thought she was just an ordinary girl, her father always told her she was destined for greatness. When news of a great pack i...
The rogue king and the alpha (malexmale) by InfamousLove
The rogue king and the alpha ( Skylar
Ziathe , the leader of all rogues. Not a wolf to mess with and a cold hearted murderer with his mind set on taking over the werewolf packs. Aspen , the king of all alpha...
Alpha Issac by HopelesslyNatalie
Alpha Issacby HopelesslyNatalie
"Come here." Two words. Two simple words spoken in a manner that left no room for anything but complete compliance. My body following the command as though th...
Her Married Mate by DayDreamWriting158
Her Married Mateby Cydney Amia
Eliza Harris, daughter of Alpha Harris of the TidalMoon pack has been looking for her other half, her soulmate, her one and only since she first shifted at 18. Travelin...
We can share  by cheeriki
We can share by cheeriki
This story revolves around a girl omega, she does NOT get along with ANY alpha.then why does she feel safe with the twins?(contains incest and heat)
Love, Lust and Alpha Mates by KaySea
Love, Lust and Alpha Matesby KaySea
Tia isn't your average teenager, she speaks her mind and doesn't take shit from no one. Moving states to get a way from harm, two godly dangers arise this time... threat...
Mated to the Alpha King by AnastasiaL
Mated to the Alpha Kingby AnastasiaL
Life as a werewolf is great, especially when you are a she- wolf fighter with a special power. Of course everything changes when the kingdom requests your presence and...
𝐩𝐢𝐱𝐢𝐞 𝐝𝐮𝐬𝐭 - 𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐰𝐨𝐥𝐟 by howdyhoors
𝐩𝐢𝐱𝐢𝐞 𝐝𝐮𝐬𝐭 - 𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐰� melia ur one tru luv
In which Scott's little sister is practically clueless to the supernatural world and what's going on around her, but she soon realises she is much more involved than her...
Daddy, am I your princess? by 0wonism
Daddy, am I your princess?by Onism
'PUNISH ME?' WHAT'S HE GONNA DO BEND ME OVER AND SPANK ME?!" I said out loud again by accident. He chuckled. "Yes babydoll that's exactly what we will do and i...
The Stilinski twin | Aiden by random_shuck
The Stilinski twin | Aidenby H.G
When Haley Grace Stilinski was awoken one night by her brother- bat in hand and begging her to 'find a dead body.' She didn't realise saying yes would screw her life up...
The Mate I Was Knotted To by SquishyMinMinMing
The Mate I Was Knotted Toby Raccoon Lover
"We were a one-night hook up, Jeongguk. That is it." "But baby, it is far more than that..." ••• Jimin never expected much to happen when he went out...
An omega, that to a strong one!  by arzootiwary4
An omega, that to a strong one! by Arz🍀
Park Jimin, an omega was an orphan till he was adopted by the beta of the Oceans Howl pack, Jung hoseok. The other wolves in the pack looked down on him , But the person...