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Endless / Varchie by varchie_xx
Endless / Varchieby Varchie_xx
What happens when new girl, Veronica Lodge arrives in Riverdale with her parents who have one goal? Will she help her parents or continue going against them by dating Ar...
Love & Lust || A Varchie story by kjmilaxvarchie
Love & Lust || A Varchie storyby kjmilaxvarchie
Veronica moves to Riverdale ready for a new start. She soon finds out Riverdale isn't what she thought it was, and her life becomes even crazier.
Almost Lover (Jeronica Fanfiction) by juliapedersen3
Almost Lover (Jeronica Fanfiction)by Lia
After 'Carrie: The Musical' gives Archie and Betty lead, romantic roles, old feelings resurface and Betty and Archie go for it. Leaving Jughead and Veronica in the dirt...
Dirty (Varchie Sex) by 1varchiedale1
Dirty (Varchie Sex)by 1varchiedale1
Listen I'm a dirty person and there ain't much Varchie smut out there. I suck at writing it but oh well this is mainly just for me to get out my dirty ideas. Literally s...
Barchie baby- Riverdale fanfic - The fire inside ! by darkxbettyxcooper
Barchie baby- Riverdale fanfic - Betty Cooper
What if Betty and Archie's kiss did just stop there. Betty gets pregnant but leads jughead to believe that he is the father! Does Archie know? What will Veronica say? An...
💕 Bughead Smut & One-shots 💕 by guilloteen12
💕 Bughead Smut & One-shots 💕by Draco's Angel
Just a group of Bughead stories. There'll be smut, fluff, regular plot, anything you can think of! Feel free to request stuff in the comments or message me. Happy readin...
Choni oneshots- SMUT/FLUFF by silje_nilsson05
Choni oneshots- SMUT/FLUFFby silje_nilsson05
It's all smut I tell y'all allll smut
Riverdale smut  by oliv_1093jkg
Riverdale smut by oliv_1093jkg
yup you read it correctly
riverdale imagines🌸 by riverdale_feed
riverdale imagines🌸by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
collection of riverdale ships, x readers, cast ships and cast x readers smut and fluff included! leave suggestions! (F) beside fluff (S) beside smut NOT WRITTEN BY ME
I Got You || j.jones by jetblackashx
I Got You || j.jonesby eves
The new girl in town somehow does the impossible and manages to tear down Jughead's walls within hours of meeting him. Jughead's confused, but he's bound and determined...
The Other Cooper by hawkins_2000
The Other Cooperby hawkins_2000
"I do everything for everyone. Everything has to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Why can't I just do something for myself...
The Serpent Queen || Riverdale | FINISHED |  by Sadlilgiirl
The Serpent Queen || Riverdale | Sadlilgiirl
"UNEDITED THERE ARE ERRORS" "They all screamed his name so loud it echoed all over Riverdale. I knew I never had the chance to win over him, I was weak a...
"i love you sweetheart." ~•~ [social media fanfiction] [COMPLETED]
A Light To My Darkness by river_dalebughead33
A Light To My Darknessby river_dalebughead33
Betty has always been broken, she has had a life of hell. A life or hurt, pain, abuse & being abandoned. She hate herself.....everything about herself. She finds it hard...
The Serpent of Love by Rivernugget
The Serpent of Loveby 🍀Lotta🍀
On their 15th summer, Betty and Jughead decide to take the 'best friend' status to another level. The two fall in love and Betty is forced to move to the other end of th...
𝑴𝒚 𝑻𝒓𝒖𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 | Season 1 by qtchoni
𝑴𝒚 𝑻𝒓𝒖𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 | Season 1by qtchoni☾
A normal teenager labeled as the HBIC rich bitch named Cheryl Blossom lives in a normal small town called Riverdale. New kids from the south side arrive at their school...
The tutor | bughead  by juggiesflowers
The tutor | bughead by A <3
[COMPLETED] Betty Cooper is one of the most perfect people you could meet. Maybe even the most. What happens when betty is forced to tutor a southsider- a certain beanie...
Bughead's Serpent Princess by atrashyfanficwriter
Bughead's Serpent Princessby it’s just me
Betty and Jughead are hopelessly in love, but when a baby comes into the picture and all heck is thrown their way, how does Bughead handle the pressure? TRIGGER WARNING...
Skeet Ulrich/ FP Jones Oneshots by Calumgirl22
Skeet Ulrich/ FP Jones Oneshotsby 1🆘1267
Oneshots about Skeet Ulrich and his Riverdale character FP Jones. The only characters I own are Lacey Carter and Lilah Hudson.