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The Pain he hides. ( Male suicidal "Jaune" Reader x Rwby Harem) by SkullOfTheDeaths
The Pain he hides. ( Male SkulloftheDeath
So what happens if your secret was revealed. After the events of Fall forest Cardin tells everyone your secret. It was bad enough to be bullied but now your very friends...
Heroes of Remnant (Male Reader X RWBY X MLP EG harem) by Math4523
Heroes of Remnant (Male Reader X Math4523
You are (Y/N) (L/N), longtime ally and friend to Ozpin, and Glynda Goodwitch, heads of Beacon Academy! However, you are going to become a leader and lead 1 year students...
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnant by Shirou_Hakeyama
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnantby Shirou_Hakeyama
A young Rose who has yet to find her thorns, runs away from home at the news of her mothers death, after getting lost in the forest surrounding her home she gets cornere...
Project Prototype ( Male Reader x Rwby Harem.) by SkullOfTheDeaths
Project Prototype ( Male Reader SkulloftheDeath
Years after the event of Prototype. But Prototype 2 never happened. Alex founded the perfect woman for him. But atlas his pain repeats as the one he loved was killed by...
Queen Ruby by mearcel
Queen Rubyby MaceInTheMaze
When Ruby Rose, leader of team RWBY, turns sixteen her world gets turned upside down as she learns about her Family history and the secrets the Leaders of this World hid...
Darkness Over Remnant-Male Reader X RWBY (Sequel To King Of The Grimm) by Legitfnafshipper
Darkness Over Remnant-Male FandomGuY
It's been 3 years since the Fall of Beacon. The students and teachers of the lost school have banded together to fight this new threat. But Y/N has something planned for...
Genius male reader x Nora Valkyrie volume 0 by Doodlebug101307
Genius male reader x Nora Doodlebug1013
The beginning of my long-term project. Rwby is owned by Monty Oum and rooster teeth. Criticism is welcomed and encouraged.
my little chocolate chip~ ( Neopolitan x oc child reader ) by dabi-blueflames24
my little chocolate chip~ ( touya todoroki
After his father gets into some financial trouble with roman torchwick and his gang, he tries to sell away his own son, kit. but little did the boy know that he would en...
RWBY REACTS TO THE MULTIVERSE (Discontinued) by KingSaber611
Join the cast of RWBY as they all react to the Multiverse
Rwby reacts to Y/n 2 electric Boogaloo  by Ninjacomix
Rwby reacts to Y/n 2 electric Ninjacomix
Comix leader and founder of the Guardian council a team of Y/n's brought together to protect the multiverse from harm gets bored as God's of creation do so he grabs the...
The Purple Petal(Fnaf Bonnie Male Reader x Rwby(Penny) by EybiSea
The Purple Petal(Fnaf Bonnie EybiSea
Status:(Complete?) Date: March 18,2019-June 21,2019 The book have: Volumes 1,2,3. No Volumes 4,5,6. Up to 12Volumes. (Mostly made up) No Harem. Lemon on CH 70 If that...
𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖎𝖊𝖉 𝖇𝖚𝖙 𝖀𝖓𝖇𝖗𝖔𝖐𝖊𝖓 by TheDyingDevil
𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖎𝖊𝖉 𝖇𝖚𝖙 𝖀𝖓𝖇𝖗𝖔 Nito
Dante Alighieri. The name of a man who trekked through Hell and back. It was not his name, but he felt the meaning behind it fit his current situation. He found the name...
Jaune Arc: The Wrought Iron Hero by FBI_Agent303
Jaune Arc: The Wrought Iron Heroby
Heroic Spirits, are the souls of heroes who achieved great deeds in life and having become an object of worship. They are freed from the constraints of time itself and r...
King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBY by Legitfnafshipper
King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBYby FandomGuY
Y/N hated the huntsmen and huntresses of Beacon Academy for his whole life. Then one day he discovers something... he has a secret semblance that has been never used. No...
Criminal turned Hero (reincarnated as Roman Male Reader) by BaccaGod7
Criminal turned Hero ( Bacca God
This popped in my head. Another day another tragedy just walking home after my stupid job and a-hole of a boss. I of course get killed in the most iconic ways a isekia c...
Vegeta the legendary Super Faunus! (DBZ x RWBY) by DarkStone101
Vegeta the legendary Super Little Lad
"Do you honestly think that you can defeat me?!" She yelled. "Heh heh heh" Vegeta chuckled. "Let me ask you this, Salem. Can a grimm feel fear...
RWBY: Vale's Vigilant by farmerabe
RWBY: Vale's Vigilantby Farmer Abe
The Capital of Vale has always claimed to be the safest city of the four Kingdoms, but Ozpin knows that is nothing more than propaganda. With the White Fang and organize...
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Grimm Never Cry by farmerabe
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Farmer Abe
After a long hiatus, Grimm May Cry has finally come back! Join Team RWBY, Team JNPR, and their friends as they kick back and watch the next exciting installment of the G...
The Perfect one ( Abused,Neglected Mass effect Reaper Male reader x Rwby Harem) by SkullOfTheDeaths
The Perfect one ( Abused, SkulloftheDeath
You can't stop us Shepherd.!.!. Brzzz I will find bezzzzz another way... Y/ son.......go...... The Perfect one...... My son..... I.....will always be with you...
Out of the Ashes by Bwahahauthor
Out of the Ashesby Generic Author
(Y/n) (L/n) is a lion Faunus with a very powerful semblance - She can fully transform into her natural animal form. A skill that naturally places her among the best. Aft...