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Gypsies || Male Esmeralda x reader by imma_simposter
Gypsies || Male Esmeralda x readerby imma_simposter
At the age of four, (Your Name) witnessed something a child should never have to. She was raised along with her brother Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) by a madm...
Fem RWBY x Reader Yuri Oneshot by AsunaTiger
Fem RWBY x Reader Yuri Oneshotby The Great One
So this is my first story so sorry if it turns out really bad, there will most likely be spelling errors or just simple mistakes everywhere. My earlier works are kinda...
Emerald Sustrai x Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Emerald Sustrai x Male Readerby ShaNEON_757
Well like I said, here is the Emerald story I promised and this will not have the childhood friend aspect and in this story you (the reader) is not a huntsman, you're a...
The Blind Second Chance by MaddyisRoll
The Blind Second Chanceby Maddy
#40 in werewolf -/-/- #55 in werewolf 4/18/2018 #71 in werewolf 11/18/2018 Book #1 of the 2&2 novels I didn't see it coming. Well physically I cant see. I wear a mask t...
The Killer Duo// Mattheo Riddle by Howdy07
The Killer Duo// Mattheo Riddleby Howdy
Emerald Blackwood was the girl who had nothing. Mattheo Riddle was the boy who had something just not what he wanted. Together they made the killer duo. Will it all end...
The Greatest Swordsman Male Reader Oc X RWBY by DeadFizh08
The Greatest Swordsman Male Reader...by DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Y/n D. L/n and this is my journey to how to become the world's Greatest Swordsman in Remnant's history in the group of Team RWBY.
RWBY x male reader by lonegamer2020
RWBY x male readerby hugh mungus 69
This is a book of one shots that will hopefully cover all of the girls in RWBY.
This Is My Death March(RWBY harem x Male Gamer reader) by MEMEmasterr420
This Is My Death March(RWBY harem...by .
You were playing a videogame called Death March to Parallel World when you learned a new spell!!However the spell was......out of this world......Ehh?No?Not funny?Ok.I d...
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Grimm Never Cry by farmerabe
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Grimm...by Farmer Abe
After a long hiatus, Grimm May Cry has finally come back! Join Team RWBY, Team JNPR, and their friends as they kick back and watch the next exciting installment of the G...
Emerald - (Female Pokemon Gjinkas x Trainer Male reader) by PokeKoopa10
Emerald - (Female Pokemon Gjinkas...by Moe-rio
Recently moved to Littleroot town, Y/N L/N finally has a fresh new start in life. That would mean new experiences, friends, and a hot-blooded partner that always gets i...
Rwby reacts to Y/n 2 electric Boogaloo  by Ninjacomix
Rwby reacts to Y/n 2 electric Boog...by Ninjacomix
Comix leader and founder of the Guardian council a team of Y/n's brought together to protect the multiverse from harm gets bored as God's of creation do so he grabs the...
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His alpha her Omega (Book 1 of the His Alpha Her Omega Series) by Rose_Wolf_
His alpha her Omega (Book 1 of the...by Rose_Wolf_
Highest ranking #61 in Werewolf 4/17/2016 When Sophie Peterson meets her mate, she realizes he's Luka, an Omega; the lowest and most disrespected rank of the E...
Lone Wolf (Tails x Male Reader) by Noobster96
Lone Wolf (Tails x Male Reader)by Noobster96
Movie tails x male reader. Basically cowboy wolf in love with a genius fox cover credit to Nagemzcat on twitter I made this because I was bored that nobody made...
Emerald eyes (Raph x reader fanfic) by rainshadow1996
Emerald eyes (Raph x reader fanfic)by rainshadow1996
New city new friends and emerald eyes keeping watch.
The Mask of Remnant (RWBY Harem x Male Snake Faunus Reader) by Beanyboy2002
The Mask of Remnant (RWBY Harem x...by Oliver Bean
This is a replacement to my previous RWBY fanfiction titled The Dark Dragon of Remnant. I decided that I would rather use this approach to my RWBY story than my previous...
Grimm Life by lonegamer2020
Grimm Lifeby hugh mungus 69
What separates man from beast? If a man can be both where does one begin and where does the other end? If a man can take the form of a beast will he lose himself to his...
The mafia and his thief DekuBaku by Glitchy_Misfit
The mafia and his thief DekuBakuby Glitchy
The very famous mafia gang the Emeralds, which has the Midoriya family and the Todorkoi family as leaders, will have to work together with a well-hidden group of profess...
Love Bite (Book 2 of the His Alpha Her Omega Series) *being edited' by Rose_Wolf_
Love Bite (Book 2 of the His Alpha...by Rose_Wolf_
(If you haven't read His Alpha Her Omega then go ahead and do so, it will save you a lot of confusion) Highest ranking #358 Werewolf 9/23/2016 A year and ten months aft...
I'm The What Now?(Male Avatar reader x RWBY Harem) by MEMEmasterr420
I'm The What Now?(Male Avatar read...by .
You were asleep in a giant iceberg only to wake up in a new world.